Published in Cavan, county Cavan

August 3, 1849

ROBBERY IN CAVAN. - On Monday night, the 27th instant, Dr. ROE's garden was visited by some of the "light-fingered gentry," who, after having ransacked the place, and not finding booty in accordance to their expectations, gave vent to their malicious design by carrying away the gardening implements, a bee-hive, and a basket which it is supposed they filled with the fruit they missed. On their departure they met with a Cactus of which, in their haste, they took a ravenous mouthful, but to their sad disappointment it proved rather noxious to be palatable. We are inclined to think, however, that pills like this would serve such gentlemen, and make them dutiful subjects of the law---"touch not, taste not," - for it was pronounced poisonous by that eminent and charitable gentleman, (Dr. Roe,) on whom this disgraceful and cowardly act was perpetrated. If such deeds as we have noticed recently, and this are allowed to pass with impunity, we fear the havoc on the new crops will be serious. On a former occasion we adverted to polite exertion, which has since become more vigilant, for the streets has the honour of their presence till a late hour. We are inclined to think that late patrolling is the only way to prevent such thefts.

USE OF CHLOROFORM. - We have pleasure in recording an instance of the successful use of chloroform as an anesthetic agent, which has occurred in the infirmary of

Cavan workhouse this week. The patient, a girl of 20 years of age, on whom amputation of the thigh had been performed, while under the influence of this powerful agent, remained perfectly passive during every stage of the operation, and when about to be carried to her bed from the operation-room, having awakened from the trance, asked the Surgeon whether he had begun to cut. The poor girl still prerseveres (sic) to say that she had no feeling of pain whatever during any part of the process.

MARRIED. - August 1st, at Keady Church, by the Rev. S. SIMPSON, James SHARPE, Esq., M.D., of Cootehill, to Jane, eldest daughter of Alexander McCOMBE, Esq., Solicitor, of Darley House, county Armagh.

August 10, 1849


August 5, at Florence Court, the Countess of Enniskillen, of a daughter.

August 10, in Main-street, Cavan, the lady of Edward KENNEDY, Esq., Merchant, of a daughter.

August 3, at the Chief Baron's Guilford-street, London, Lady POLLOCK, of a daughter, still-born.


August 2, at Alton Towers, Staffordshire, the seat of the Earl of Shrewsbury, William TALBOT, Esq., He was father of the Countess of Shrewsbury, and grandfather of the PRINCESS DORIS, Pamphill.

August 3,at his father's residence, Richard, second son of Richard MAGUIRE, Esq., J.P., Newgrange, county Meath.

Aug. 3, at Pentonville, Pierce EGAN, Esq., the veteran historian, aged 77 years.

At half-past eleven on Saturday morning, a party of from fifteen to twenty detectives, with Superintendent GUY at their head, assembled opposite Mr. Michael O'REILLY's South Great George's-street. Some of them made a forcible entrance, and went up to the top of the house, from which a large black banner, with a harp on it, was suspended; they tore it down, and afterwards got ladders for the purpose of pulling down the black curtains which he had in his windows, with the words, "pestilence and "famine" on them. Mr. O'Reilly was standing at his own door all the time with some friends. The police did not then attempt to arrest him, but in two hours afterwards, while walking with his wife, he was taken to the Castle-yard and there detained. We know not at present in what gaol he is. - Freeman

A BAD SPECULATION. - The People - The paper started by Thomas Devin REILLY, and some other Irish Confederates in New York - has ceased to exist. Mr. Reilly gives this melancholy history of his enterprize; - 'For six months we have toiled hard, night and day, and received no one cent for our labour. Agents, carriers, and subscribers owe us money and will not pay.

ILLEGAL MARRIAGES. - At an early hour on Monday morning, the celebrated FATHER GOULDING, against whom a warrant was issued some time since, and true bills found against him at our last assizes, for celebrating an illegal marriage, was apprehended near Belturbet, by an active member of the constabulary force from Lisinaskea, and lodged in this gaol. - Impartial Reporter.


The Greek Language - Rev. Frederick H. RINGWOOD, formerly Sscholar of Trinity College, Dublin; Senior Moderator in Classics and Ethics at the Degree Examination in 1837; Berkley Professor of Greek in the University of Dublin; Editor of 'A Selection from the Remains of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus.'

The Latin Language - C. MACDOUALL, formerly Professor Elect of Oriental Languages in the University of Edinburgh; Author of an 'Inaugural Lecture on the study of the Oriental Languages,' and of a critical essay on a work of Albertus Van Hengel.

History and English Literature - George L. Craik, L.L.D., editor and one of the principal writers of the Pictorial History of England; author of the 'Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties,'; 'The New Zealanders,' 'Sketches of the history of Learning and Literature in England,' 'Spenser and his Poetry,' 'Bacon, his Writings and Philosophy,' 'The Romance of the Peerage,' and other works.

Logic and Metaphysics - Robert BLAKEY, A.M., author of an 'Essay on Logic,' 'A history of the Philosophy of Mind,' and other works.

Mathematics - W. Parkinson WILSON, B.A., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge; Senior Wrangler and Senior Smith's Prizeman at the Degree Examination in 1847.

Natural Philosophy - John STEVALLY, LL.D., M.R.I.A., Science Gold Medalist of Trinity College, Dublin; late Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Royal Belfast Institution; Author of Original Scientific Memoir in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy.

Chemistry - Thomas ANDREWS, M.D.F.R.S., M.R.I.A., Vice President of Quen's College, Belfast.

Anatomy and Physiology - Alexander CARTE, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, late Demonstrator of Anatomy in Trinity College, and Conservator of the Museum in the College of Surgeons in Ireland; author of papers on Anatomical and Surgical Subjects.

Natural History - George DICKIE, M.D., Lecturer on Zoology and Botany in the University and King's College of Aberdeen; author of numerous contributions to Botanical Science, published in various scientific periodicals.

Modern Languages - M. T. FRINGS, Ph.D., formerly Professor of the French Language and Literature in the Grauen Kloster, and Friedrich Wilhelm Gymnasia, at Berlin; author of a grammar of the French Language, for the use of Germans, and of other Educational Works.

Mineralogy and Geology - F. McCOY, author of a work on the Fossils of the carboniferous Limestone of Ireland, and on the Irish Silurian System.

Jurisprudence and Political Ecopnomy - W. Neilson HANCOCK, LL.D., Barrister-at-law, Archbishop Whately's Professor of Political Economy in the University of Dublin, and author of various Lectures and Essays on Political Economy.

English Law - Echlin MOLYNEUX, Barrister-at-law, Professor of Equity to the Dublin Law Institute.

Civil Engineering - John GODWIN, C.E., Engineer to the Ulster, the Belfast and county Down and other Railway Companies.

Agriculture - John F. HODGES, M.D., late Professor of Chemistry to the Royal Belfast Institution; Chemist to the Chemico-Agricultural Society of Ulster; author of a work on the application of Chemistry to Agriculture.

The Irish Language - John O'DONOVAN, M.R.I.A., author of an Irish Grammar and editor of various works published by the Archaeological Society; awarded the Cunningham Medal by the Royal Irish Academy in 1848.

Practice of Medicine - John C. FERGUSON, M.D., late Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine to the King and Queen's College of Physicians; Physician in ordinary to Sir P. DUNN's Hospital; author of contributions to the Literature of Medicine.

Practice of Surgery - Alexander GORDON, M.D., Honorary Member of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh; late Professor of Surgery in the Royal Belfast Institution.

Materia Medica - Thomas O'MEARS, M.D., formerly University Medical Scholar of the University of London.

Midwifery - William BURDEN, M.D., Physician to the Belfast Lying-in-Hospital; late Professor of Midwifery in the Royal Belfast Institution.


The Greek Language - John RYALL, LL.D., Vice President of the Queen's College, Cork.

The Latin Language - Bunnell LEWIS, M.A., Fellow of the University of London; formerly Classical Scholar of the same University; Gold Medalist at the Examination for the Degree of M.A., in 1849.

History and English literature - Rev. Charles DARLEY, A.M., contributor to the Athenaeum and other Literary Journals.

Logic and Metaphysics - George Sydney READ, M.A., Fellow of St. Mary Hall, Oxford.

Mathematics - George BOOLE, author of numerous Memoirs on Mathematical Subjects published in the 'Cambridge Mathematical Journal,' the 'Philosophical Transactions and the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy.' Obtained in 1845 the Royal Medal in Mathematics from the Royal Society for a paper which appeared in 'Philosophical Transactions' for the year 1844.

Natural Philosophy - George Frederic SHAW, A.M., Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin.

Chemistry - J. BLYTH, M.D., late Professor of Chemistry in the Royal Agricultural college, Cirencester; author of a work on Chemical Analysis for the use of Agricultural Students, and of Original memoirs on Chemical Subjects, published in the Scientific Journals of Germany and England.

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Natural History - William HINKS, LL.D., formerly Professor in the Manchester College, York; author of Original Papers in Botanical Science.

Modern Languagews - Raymond De VERICOUR, formerly Proefessor in the University of Paris; author of 'Milton et la Posie Epique,' 'Rapport surles' Institus de Fellenberg,' a work 'On Modern French Literature,' Translation of Guizot's 'Civilization of Europe,' and other works.

Mineralogy and Geology - James NICOL, Secretary to the Geological Society of London; author of Prize Essays on the Geology of Peebleshire and Roxburghashire, of a 'History of Iceland, Greenland, and the Feroe Islands, with an Account of their Natural History,' a 'Treatise on Mineralogy,' and other works.

Jurisprudence and Political Economy - R. Horner MILLS, A.B., late Professor of Political Economy in the Glasgow Commercial College.

English Law - Francis A. WALSH, Barrister-at-Law.

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The Irish Language - Owen CONNELLAN, Translator of 'The Annals of the Four Masters;' author of an Irish Grammar, and of other works on the Irish Language.

Practice of Medicine - D. C. O'CONNOR, M.D., Physician to the Workhouse, Cork.

Surgery - Denis B. BULLEN, M.D., one of the Surgeons to the North Infirmary, Cork; author of a work on Cholera, and of Communications to the Medical Journals.

Materia Medica - A. FLEMING, M.D., author of a Treatise on the 'Aconitum Napellus,' and Communications to the "Monthly Journal of Medical Science.'

Midwifery - J. A. HARVEY, M.D., Physician to the South Charitable Infirmary, Cork.


The Greek Language - William Edward HEARN, Scholar of T.C.D.; First Senior Classical Moderator at the Degree Examination, 1846.

He Latin Language - Wm. NESBITT, formerly Scholar of T.C.D.; First Seignior Classical Moderator at the Degree Examination, 1844.

History and English Literature - Edward BERWICK, Vice-President of Queen's College, Galway.

Logic and Metaphysics - Thomas William MOFFETT, Head Master of the Classical Department of the Royal Academical Institution, Belfast; author of 'Selections from the works of Lord Bacon.'

Mathematics - Michael ROBERTS, Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Dublin; author of 'Mathematical Memoirs communicated toe the Academy of Science of Paris.'

Natural Philosophy - John MULCAHY, A.B., of the University of Dublin; obtained the Gold Medal in 1829.

Chemistry - E. RONALDS, M.D.; Lecturer on Chemistry in the Middlesex Hospital; editor of 'Kanpp's Applied Chemistry,' and of the 'Journal of the Chemical Society."

Anatomy and Physiology - Croker KING, M.D., M.R.I.A.; Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, Professor of Anatomy to the Royal Dublin Society, and Demonstrator of Anatomy to the University.

Natural History - A. G. MELVILLE, M.D.; formerly Demonstrator of Anatomy to the University of Edinburgh; author of a work on the Dodo and its kindred, and of several papers on subjects of Anatomy, &c.

Modern Languages - A. BENSBACH, Graduate in Medicine of the University of Heidelberg; author of a Sketch of German Literature, &c.

Mineralogy and Geology - William KING, late Curator of the Newcastle Museum and Lecturer on geology; author of several Memoirs on Paleontology and Geology.

Jurisprudence and Political Economy - Denis Caulfield HERON, Barrister-at-Law; author of "The constitutional history of the University of Dublin,' and other Publications.

English Law - Hugh LAW, Barrister-at-Law.

Civil Engineering - Thomas DRANE, of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, formerly Engineer to the Ceylon Railway Company.

Agriculture - Thomas SKILLING, formerly Agriculturist to the Board of education, Principal and Manger of a School of Agriculture at Ardfry, near Galway.

Irish Language - Cornelius MAHONY.

Practice of Medicine - N. COLAHAN, M.D.

Surgery - James V. BROWNE, M.D., Member of the College of Surgeons or Ireland, A.B., T.C.D.

Materia Medica - Simon McCOY, M.D., Lecturer on the Theory and Practice of Surgery, and Examiner in Materia Medica in the Royal College of Surgeons, Author of Notes of Dr. COLLE's Surgical Lectures, and of Papers on Medical and Surgical Subjects.


Queen's College, Belfast.
Registrar - W. T. C. ALLEN.
Librarian - Mames M'ADAM.
Bursar - Alexander DICKEY.

Queen's College, Cork.
Registrar - Francis ALBANI.
Librarian - Henry HENNESSY.
Bursar - Edward FITZGERALD.

Queen's College, Galway.
Registrar - Bernard O'FLAHERTY.
Librarian - James HARDMAN.

August 17, 1849


The Vice-Guardians of the Granard Union, will on THURSDAY, the 23rd instant, appoint an Assistant SCHOOLMASTER to the Workhouse, Salary fixed at £12 per annum, with an Apartments and Rations.

None need apply that is not conversant with the National System of Education, and be well recommended.

Applications accompanied with Testimonials of Character, will be received by me up to 11 o'clock on the above-named day. Candidates are to be in attendance.

(By order.)
B. M'MANUS, Clerk of the Union
Board-room, August 10, 1849.


In consequence of the resignation of the PORTER, the VICE-GUARDIANS of the above Union, will appoint a PORTER to the Workhouse at a Salary of £12 per annum, with One Suit of Clothes, per annum, an Apartment and Rations.

Applications for the above Situation, accompanied with Testimonials of Character, will be received by me up to 11 o'clock on THURSDAY the 30th instant, when the appointment will be made. Candidates are to be in attendance.

(By order.)
B. M'MANUS, Clerk of the Union
Board-room, August 15, 1849


On Friday, 24th August, 1849, the Guardians will receive Tenders for SIXTY IRON BEDSTEADS FOR INFIRMARY, the same as those in the Fever Hospital.

(By order.)
JAMES JOHNSTON, Clerk of the Union
30th July, 1849


TO BE LET, on Lease only, from the 1st day of NOVEMBER next, All That and Those, that part of the LANDS OF RAHARD, situate in the COUNTY OF MEATH, late in the occupation of Mr. John CARROLL and his Representatives, containing 37 acres, 1 rood, and 6 perches, late Irish plantation measure, or thereabouts.

These Lands are situate within a short distance of the Town of OLDCASTLE, in which there is a weekly market; and a convenient distance from the Towns of Virginia and Kells, in which there are also weekly markets. They form part of the estate of ROBERT BRENNAN, Esq., who grants Leases for terms of 31 years, 61 years, 99 years, and 999 years, and the Land will be let for any of these terms: but in case any term beyond 31 years should be desired, a Fine will be required. The usual Covenants against Alienation or Sub-letting, and the several other Covenants in the Leases granted by Mr. Brennan, will be insisted on.

None but a person perfectly solvent need apply.
Mr. MICHAEL HARTE, at Rahard, will show the Lands.
Application (if by letter, prepaid) to be made to Mr. William FORD, ________-street, Dublin.
The Crop on the Land can be had as a valuation.
August 1849.

August 24, 1849

Mary Ann GEARING, who was convicted at the Lewes assizes for poisoning her husband, has confessed the murder of her sons in a similar manner.


A grand Archery Meeting was held at Mr. Naper's, Loughcrew, county of Meath, on Thursday week. It was most fashionably attended. The band of the 35th regiment, from Mullingar, played during dinner, which was served in the ornamental grounds attached to the splendid mansion, in a spacious marquee. The shooting took place in the lawn in front of the house. In the evening there was a ball in the mansion-house, where dancing was kept up with unabated spirit till daylight, to the music of Hanlon's band.

Miss CORNWALL - First prize, and Lady Bective's Challenge Prize (won for ever). - Scoring 223 within the outer circles.

Miss DILLON - Second prize, 51 hits, 210 scored.

Miss RADCLIFFE - Third prize, for most central golds.

Mrs. A. RADCLIFFE - For most golds.

Mrs. LONG - For worst shooting, salad spoon and fork; though scoring q40, which has heretofore carried off a first prize.

Mr. O'CONNOR - First prize, scored 1q58.

Mr. A. RADCLIFFE - Second prize, (challenge), for hits, 27.

Mr. A. O'REILLY - Third prize, for best gold

Mr. Thomas RADCLIFFE - Fourth prize, most golds.

Mr. Thomas BETTERSBY - For worst shooting, wooden spoon.

The following were amongst the company:-

The Earl and Countess of Fingal, Lord KILLEEN, Lady PLUNKET, Lady E. PLUNKET, Lord John TAYLUOR, Lady KARANAGH, Lady Harriat KAVANAGH, Sir John DUCKWORTH, Sir W. MORSHED, 6th Dragoons; Colonel TAYLOUR, M.P.; Archdeacon, Mrs., and the Misses BERESFORD; Colonel MOORE, 6th Dragoons; Colonel JACKSON; Mrs. Lambert DISNEY, Mr. and Mrs. NAPER, Mr. NAPER, jun.; Colonel WILSON, Mr., Mrs., and Miss WINTER; Mr., Mrs., and Miss BATTERSBY, Loughbawn; Mr. T. BATTERSBY, Mrs. J. G. BATTERSBY, Miss BATTERSBY, Mr. L'ESTRANGE, Mr. Paget L'ESTRANGE, Mr. and the Misses M'EVOY, Mr. ROTHERAM, Crossdrum; Miss RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. REYNELL, Archerstown; Miss CROSSWELL, Mr. W. REYNELL, Miss ROBINSON, Mrs. R. CORNWall, Miss CORNWALL, Mrs. LONG, Miss Poe, Mr. SMITH, London; Mr. and Misses SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. O"REILLY, Mr. and Miss DILLON, Mr. and Mrs. DALTON, Mr. MIDDLETON BARRY, Mr. and Mrs. A. RADCLIFFE, Mrs. And Miss RADCLIFFE, and Mr. Thomas RADCLIFFE, Wilmount; Mr., and Mrs., and the Misses SMITH; Messrs. BLYTH, SHARMAN, and DEWKINS, 35th regiment; Mrs. FORTESQUE, Mr. M. O'CONNOR, Miss Barbara BUTLER, Mrs. And Miss HOPKINS, Mr. Trench NUGENT, Mr. and Mrs. William CHAPMAN, Mr. ROTHERAM, Mr. HEYWOOD, Carbineers; Mr. lSMITH, Mr. Richard RADCLIFFE, &c. (We were obliged to hold this over from last week.-Ed. A.C.)

DIED. - On the 21st instant at Bell's-grove, Mountnugent; Charlotte, the beloved wife of the late Andrew Bell SOOTH, Esq., aged 44 years.

MARRIED. - On the 16th inst. by the Reverend Manosus O'KANE, P.P., Crumrow; John M'CROSSAN of Gortmore, Esq., Solicitor, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. Edward MOSS of Amagh (sic), Merchant.

Presbyterian Church - On the 7th instant, Mr. William WHITE, nephew to the Rev. P. White, Bailieborough, was by the Presbytery of Bailieborough, licensed to preach the gospel.

August 31, 1849


In Cavan on the 28th instant, Miss Catherine BROWNE of Mulrankin, county Wexford, who resided for the last twenty years with her relative the Right Rev. James BROWNE.

At Belturbet, of decline, on the 29th instant, in the 19th year of his age, Master Edward O'REILLY, youngest son of Mr. Luke O'Reilly was a young man of high literary _________; and for some years back a student in the Irish College of Paris where he distinguished himself, as well by his proficiency in every branch of literature, as by his religious and gentlemanly deportment. He was universally esteemed; and if the vital spark had not so early fled, he would, no doubt, prove an ornament (?) to religion and the Church to which he aspired. His departure from this world has been a heavy blow to his numerous sorrowing friends; and a matter of deep regret to all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

On the 21st instant, at Bell-a-grove, Mountnugent; Charlotta, the beloved wife of Andrew Bell BOOTH, Esq., aged 44 years.

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