Published in Cavan, county Cavan
June 2, 1848

ABSENTEEISM--The Londonderry Standard states, the Marquis of Headfort draws about £80,000, yearly, from his Irish estates, and of which sum about £300 may be spent in Ireland. Who can wonder at the cry, "Tax your absentees!"


On Wednesday evening an order was received in Cavan from the Castle of Dublin by the Governor of Cavan Jail for the discharge of Mr. MAGUIRE, of Kilsub, who was charged with a violation of the Crown and Government Security Bill....

(Before the Lord Chief Baron and Baron PENNEFATHER.)

Sir Colman O'LOGHLEN applied for a write of habeas corpus to be directed to the Governor of Cavan jail to bring up the body of Mr. Hugh MAGUIRE, of Kilsub, in the county of Cavan, then confined in that jail.

Baron PENNEFATHER enquired why the application was not made in the Queen's Bench?

Sir C. O'LOGHLEN said they preferred doing it in that court.

The Chief Baron asked the warrant of committal to be read.

Sir C. O'LOGHLEN read the warant, and contended that it was illegal--that the possession of Smith O'BRIEN's speech or the National Guard list, was not an offence at law.

Baron PENNEFATHER said that several cases had occurred of men being punished for circulating speeches made in the legislature.

After some further discussion, the Chief Baron postponed the further hearing of the case until Tuesday next (June 6th).


At a meeting of the judges on Wednesday the following regulations were entered into by their lordships relative to the circuits which they should go.
North East Circuit--Chief-Justice BLACKBURN and Chief-Justice DOHERTY.
Home Circuit--The Chief Baron and Mr. Justice TORRENS.
Leinster Circuit--Barons PENNEFATHER and RICHARDS.
North West Circuit--Justices CRAMPTON and PERRIN.
Munster Circuit--Justices BALL and MOORE.
Connaught Circuit--Baron LEFROY and Mr. Justice JACKSON.


At Cavan, on the 1st June, the lady of Major FENWICK, 13th Light Infantry, of a son.

May 30, at the Archdeaconry, Kells, county Meath, the lady of the Archdeacon of Meath, of a daughter.

May 24, the lady of J. STRATTON, Esq., of Dundalk, of a son.

March 28, at Kirkee, Bombay, the lady of R. Everard BLAKE, Esq., of the 19th Hussars, of a son.

At St. Lucia, the lady of the Hon. John GREY PORTER, Atthill, her Majesty's Attorney for that Island of a son.


May 23, at Carrick-on-Suir, by the Very Rev. D. CONNOLLY, V. G., Margaret, daughter of the late John O'NEILL, Esq., to James O'DONNELL, Esq., of Ballybo, county of Tipperary.

On the 25th instant, in St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Thomas DREW, D. D., Norman CHEVERS, Esq., M.D., to Emily Anne, fourth daughter of the late John George VICTOR, Esq., Lieutenant, R.N., and grand-niece of the late Forbes Macbean CHEVERS, Esq.


May 26, at Upper Charlemont-street, Ellen Caroline, second daughter of Charles COOTE, Esq., M.D., aged nine months.

May 22, at Kilmallock, D. HARNETT, Esq. May 22, in Carlow, in the prime of life, of malignant fever, caught in the discharge of his very laborious duties, as Catholic Chaplain to the Fever Hospital, the Rev. Mr. JOYCE.

May 28, at Halverstown, county Kildare, after an illness of two days, Elizabeth PURCELL, aged 57 years, daughter of the late John PURCELL, of Dublin, Esq., M.D.

May 29, at the residence of her father, Richard KING, Esq. Bunbresna, county Westmeath, in the prime of life, Isabella BABINGTON, wife of George A. ALLEY, Esq.

COUNTY OF CAVAN DIVISION OF CAVAN A LIST of Applications received by the Clerk of the Peace, from persons seeking Excise Licenses for sale of Beer, Spirits, &c. by Retail within said county, pursuant to 3rd and 4th William IV; chap. 68, and 6th & 7th William IV., chapter 38, to be heard and enquired into at Cavan, on Wednesday, the 21st of June instant, immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn:

No. Name Residence
1. BOYLAN, Mathew, jun., Kilnaleck
2. DONOHOE, John, Arva
3. HUGGINS, Thomas, Killishandra
4. MURRAY, Elizabeth, Ballinagh
5. MAGAURAN, Francis, Moneengaghagh
6. REILLY, James, jun., Cavan
7. REILLY, Patt, Ballyconnell
8. SMITH, Phill, Cavan

GUSTAVUS TUITE DALTON, Clerk of the Peace, County Cavan
Cavan, 1st June 1848

June 9, 1848

FATAL ACCIDENT--As Mr. Robert BEST, plumber, of Mr. Shekleton's factory, Dundalk, was repairing a part of the roof of the residence of Mr. Thomas FORTESCUE, Ravensdale Park, on Monday last, he fell from a wall or ladder, 15 feet high, into a yard, on the back of his head. He was immediately taken up senseless, and sent to the Louth hospital in a car of Mr. FORTESCUE's. He lingered only a few hours, and never spoke after the fall.--Dundalk Patriot

A FALSE STATEMENT--Last week a paragraph appeared in this journal, copied from the Londonderry Standard, reflecting on the Marquis of Headford, an English peer, who has estates in the lower part of the North. The paragraph stated that he derives £80,000 a year from his Irish property, and does not expend £300 yearly in the country. Upon enquiry we have learned that this is an utter falsehood; his Irish property is not worth half the sum named, and within the last year, the Very Rev. Dean STANNUS expended between £11,000 and 12,000 for him amongst the poor. BIRTHS June 4, the lady of Major TURNER, R.A., and Master of the Horse to the Lord Lieutenant, of a son. June 3, at Hazlewood Castle, the Honorable Mrs. VAVASOUR, of a son. June 1, at Rathbally, the lady of the Rev. Augustus W. WEST, of a son.


June 1, at Ballyboy Church, by the Rev. Mr. Carleton Francis JACKSON, of Killavilla, in the King's County, Esq., to Alicia Jane, only daughter of Richard HASLAM, late of Ballyboy House, Esq., deceased.

June 6, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. N. B. ATKINS, and afterwards by the Rev. T. MALLONEY, P.P. of Drom, Frederick, youngest son of Captain FEGAN, R.N.,, Secretary to Rear-Admiral INGLEFIELD, of Gosport, to Mary Rose Amelia, (illegible) daughter of the late Magrath FOGARTY, Esq., of (illegible) of Tipperary. (Illegible), in Dublin, Patrick J. GREY, Esq., eldest son of the late Dr. James GREY, of Kells, to Harriet Matilda, second daughter of Thomas NORTH, Esq., of Drogheda


In Cootehill on Saturday the 3rd inst., Mr. Ralph NEASON HIGINBOTHAM, (illegible) aged 40 years, deeply and much regretted, by his affectionate wife, and numerous family of young children (illegible) large circle of friends, to whom he was much endeared for his affectionate friendly and social disposition.

On the fourth inst., in Lower Mount-street, the Rev. Charles MOORE ECHLIN, vicar of Killinaugh, in the diocese of Kilmore, eldest son of Daniel MOORE ECHLIN, Esq., late of Fitzwilliam-square.

At Inch, near Downpatrick, John MARTIN, Esq., who had attained to the patriarchial age of 84.

At Tullamore, on the 4th instant, Richard DALY, Esq., Barrister-at-law, aged 50 years.

On the 1st instant, at his residence, Park-street, Grosvener-square, Lieutenant-General SALMON, R.A., in the 85th year.

June 16, 1848

CATHOLIC CHURCH--Rev. John MURRAY, V.P., Crosserlough, most gratefully acknowledges the receipt of £30 from his revered bishop, the Right Rev. Dr. BROWNE, towards the erectionof the new chapel of Drumkilly; the Rev. John O'REILLY, £7; the Earl of Fingall; M. E. CORBALLY, M.P.; Rev. James BRADY, V.P., Denn; Rev. Thomas O'REILLY, V.P., Mullagh; Captain ERSKINE, Cavan; P. O'BRIEN, Esq., Belturbet; Thomas MAHER, Esq., Clownstown; Mr. John O'CONNELL, Liverpool; Mr. John O'REILLY, Derrygara, £1 each. He further begs leave to acknowledge, with many thanks, the sum of 5l. (anonymous) from a benevolent friend and kind landlord; and 10l. from John NESITT, Esq., London, for the same charitable purpose. Mr. NESBITT and Captain ERSKINE (with whom I might join my anonymous friend) rank amongst the first class of kind and indulgent landlords. Should the landlords of this locality imitate their example, most of the evils we complain of would be removed, the Molly Maguires would cease to exist, and our county would be once more prospeous and happy.

Another Death from Starvation!--
Serious Charge Against A Relieving Officer.
(From our own correspondent)

Dr. M'FADEN, one of the coroners for the county of Cavan, held an inquest at Derrylaghan, parish of Crusherlough, in this county, on the 7th and 8th inst., on the body of Anne O'KERNAN, aged fifty years, wife of Thomas M'KERNAN, labourer, having a family of five children, who died from starvation, having had nothing but nettles and water- cresses to subsist upon. The following are briefly the facts of the case, as elicited in evidence on the inquest, which was adjourned from the 7th to the 8th inst. (Wednesday and Thursday se'nnight), to give Thomas FITZPATRICK, the receiving officer for the electoral division of Crosskeys, in the Cavan Poor Law Union, and who is also clerk to the church of that parish in which the deceased and family resided, who was seriously charged with having been instrumental in causing the death of the deceased, an opportunity to attend and rebut same, should he be able so to do.

The deceased's husband, Thomas M'KERNAN, is a cottier tenant of Mr. Thomas M'EVOY, who allowed the family the use of their wretched cabin or hut rent-free for a few months, and their eldest daughter, Kitty, a girl aged about eighteen yeas, had been at service, with a farmer in the neighbourhood for her food, merely receiving no other wages for her services, but had returned home on the 13th May last, and a few days previous to her mother's death she sent her distant relative (Mr. Mathew COYLE, of Killenkere), to solicit him to send them a little meal for food, as the family were literally starving, having nothing to subsist upon but water-cresses and boiled nettles as her father (Thomas M'KERNAN) was out of employment, as appears by the following certificate which was given in evidence, and proved to have been presented by deceased to said Thomas FITZPATRICK, the relieving officer for the district:--

"The bearer Thomas M'KERNAN, of Derrylaghan, is, I believe, without employment, and has a large family in a state of destitution; they ought to be relieved.

"J. O'REILLY, P.P., Crusherlough, Upper."

But notwithstanding which, and that an entry appears in the relieving or registry book of said Thos. FITZPATRICK (which he produced on the second day of the inquest), that 7lb. of meal had been given to deceased on the 26th May last, and which is charged against the vice- guardians of the union, giving himself credit for same; he did not give same to deceased on that day as appears by the following evidence:--

Patrick GAFFNEY, assistant to Thomas FITZPATRICK, relieving officer, deposed, that on the 26th May last he refused meal to deceased, and returned her docket to her, signed by the Rev. M. O'REILLY, and did not see her get any meal on that day.

George NIXON, Esq., L.R.C.S.I., deposed that deceased's death was accelerated by insuficiency of food, combined with th use of improper vegatable diet--water-cresses and boiled nettles.

The Rev. John O'REILLY, P.P., of Crusherlough, deposed that a part of his parish is attached to the Cavan, and a part to the Oldcastle Unions, in the proportion of 17 townlands to the former, and 10 to the latter, and from his observations, is of opinion that the poor-law system is worked much better in the Oldcastle than in the Cavan union.

After considerable discussion, the jury (some of whom were for finding a verdict of wilful murder against the relieving officer) returned the following verdit:--"We find that the deceased, Anne M'KIERNAN, died on the 5th June, 1848, from the effects of an improper vegatable diet, she being in a delicate state of health for some time previous from want and destitution. And we are of opinion that Thomas FITZPATRICK, relieving officer for the electoral division of Crosskeys, is guilty of gross neglect in not giving meal on the 26th May, 1848, to deceased, altho his registry book contains an entry for that day, of 7lb., being given, whereby she and her family suffered great distress."


On the 8th inst., at Glenbank, Belfast, the wife of James SHAW, Esq., of a son.

June 12, at Stanley Terrace, Dublin, the lady of Captain William Edward STANLEY, of a son and heir.

June 7, at 3. Portman-square, London, Mrs. E. Heron MAXWELL, of a son, still-born.


On the 8th inst., in St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Thomas MILLER, Vicar, Mr. Allexander M'VICKER, Londonderry; to Agnes, third daughter of James COEY, Esq., Donegall-place.

On the 8th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Portaferry, by the Rev. John ORR, Thomas CHERMSIDE, jr., Esq., M.D., to Margaretta, daughter of Hugh BOWDEN, Esq. On the 13th inst., at St. Anne's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. William Ruxton NASH, Rector of Kilbonane, Harmer DEVER ux SPRATT, of Pencil Hill, in the county of Cork, Esq., to Eliza Louise, only daughter of Edward TOWNSEND WARREN, of Belleville, same county, Esq., and grand-niece to the late Sir Augustus WARREN, Bart., of Warrens- court, county of Cork.


On Monday, the 12th instant, in Cavan, at the residence of his son, Doctor O'CONNOR, Mr. John O'CONNOR, at the advanced age of eighty-six years. The many excellent qualities he displayed during his long and truly exemplary life secured for him the respect and esteem of all who knew him. His remains were conveyed to Killoughter for interment on Wednesday, accompanied by a large concourse of his relatives and friends.

On the 9th inst., Jane, relict of the late S. PARKER, Esq., of Jennyfield, near Armagh, aged 64 years.

May 22, at Bale, in Switzerland, Anne, eldest daughter of the late John HELSHAM, Esq., of Kilkenny, and relict of Major CANE, 5th Dragoon Guards.

June 23, 1848

ASSAULT ON JOHN M'MANUS, ESQ., of CORMEEN--We regret to learn that our esteemed friend, Mr. M'MANUS, of Cormeen, was waylaid and brutally assaulted on the evening of the 10th inst., while returning from the fair of Oldcastle. The cause of this atrocious act, we have heard, originated in a dispute arising out of the recent election of Poor Law Guardians for that union. The offenders are known, and some of them have been arrested. Mr. M'MANUS's life is not in imminent danger.


Robert ANDREWS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, (the locum tenens of Wm. Henry CURRAN, Esq., one of the Commissioners of the Insolvent Debtors' Court, who was prevented by indisposition from attending), sat on Monday, the 19th inst., in the Court-house, Cavan, for the discharge of Insolvent Debtors.--There being no less than 47 debtors whose petitions had been filed in the Insolvent Debtors' Court office, Dublin, praying to be disharged from their liabilities.

The trial of Patrick CONNELL, of Cliffergoole, near Virginia, occupied the court for two hours, and after the most searching investigation, his Honor said that he considered the case made out for him very unsatisfac- tory, as the conduct of the insolvent was very reprehensible, particularly on account of the manner in which he replied to the questions put to him, and the vague and unsatisfactory account he gave of the £500 odd which he obtained from the Kells branches of the London and Dublin and the Hibernian Banks for his two sons, Richard O'CONNELL, late of Kingscourt and Bailieborough, but now in America, and Nicholas O'CONNELL, also late of Bailieborough, but now in England, who had carried on business extensively in said town in the spirits and grocery trade. He therefore ordered him to be remanded for six months at the suit of the directors of said banks.

The trial of the case of Edward M'CABE, farmer, of Cran, between Cootehill and Bailieborough, who had been rate collector for the electoral divisions of Knockbride and Dromgoon in the Cootehill Poor Law Union, also occupied upwards of two hours; at the termination of which he was remanded for eighteen months at the suit of the Vice Guardians of that union for £189, the amount of verdict which they had obtained against him in the Court of Queen's Bench.

The petitions of the following persons were dismissed: --James NICHOLSON, James M'DERMOTT, Thomas CAMPELL, Thomas MULIVANY, and Patrick CLARKE.

The cases of Edward REILLY,Henry NICHOLSON, and Peter CLARKE stand adjourned.

The following insolvents were then discharged:-- Thomas WILTON, Owen M'CULLEN, Patrick MALLON, Thomas GREY, Thomas ARGUE (not Mr. Thomas ARGUE, the spirited and respectable proprietor of the Dalton Arms, Bailieborough), Michael CAMPBELL, Bernard REILLY, Catherine REILLY, John WEIR, Eliza WEIR, Francis GOLERICK, Thomas FLOOD, John M'EVINEW, Thomas CUSACK, Andrew M'GUIRE, Terence M'GUIRE, Daniel HARE, Bernard BEGGAN, James CONNAGHTY, Michael SMITH, Richard BRADY, Joseph SMITH, Robert FLEMMING, Edward SMITH, Philip SMITH, Daniel COBEY, Michael SMITH, Jas. DALE, Patrick FITZPATRICK, Edward DONOHOE, Michael HANNIGAN, Mark M'GRATH, Patrick COYLE, and David M'MINN.


These Sessions commenced on Wednesday, the 21st instant, before Charles GRANBY BURKE, Esq.

Magistrates present--Henry T. KILBEE, Theophilus THOMPSON, Robert ERSKINE, B. W. HOLMES, J. B. GRAVES, J. WILCOCKS, A BRUSH, M. PHILLIPS, Thomas JOHNSTON, James BAILIE.

The following grand jury was sworn:--Thomas HARTLEY, Wm. SMITH, Wm. MOORE BLACK, Henry HUMPRHRYS, Robert FITZGERALD, Henry MAXWELL, Wm. FARIS, John Alexander FARIS, Thomas BLIGH, John CLEMENGER, James REILLY, Francis M'CABE, Mathew LOUGH, James FAY, F. CLINTON, Frederick Augustus MALCOMSON, John MORROW, Hugh PORTER, John WARREN, Esqrs.


The Right Hon. Henry Lord Baron FARNHAM, appellant; the Guardians of the poor of Oldcastle Union, respondents--Ordered that the rate be struck out of the rate-book as against the appellant, and 20s. costs against the guardians.

Robert BLEAKLY, appellant, the Vice-Guardian of the poor of the Cavan Union, respondents--Like rule.

John BOYD, appellant; the Vice-Guardians of the poor of the Cavan Union, respondents--Like rule.

Michael KEIRNAN, appellant; the vice Guardians of the poor of the Cavan Union, respondents--Rate affirmed, with 10s., 6d. costs against the appellant.

Samuel KENNEDY, appellant; the Guardians of the poor of the Oldcastle Union, respondents--Rule affirmed.

Henry TRSLFORD (sic), appellant; William FITZPATRICK, respondant-- Appeal to conviction for wages affirmed without costs.

Twenty-six pauper debtors were brought forward to be discharged-- twelve were only discharged, fourteen remanded.


George FAGAN and Owen CURRAN were indicted for having on the 23d January last, at eleven o'clock at night broken into the dwelling house of Mary DOHERTY, and feloniously taken therefrom a sum of £1 18s. 6d. The prisoners pleaded "Guilty."

The prosecutor detailed the circustances and that FEGAN was armed with a pistol. The money was never restored to her. James M'CLELLAND was examined to give FAGAN a character, and stated he was in great want.

The Assistant Barrister, in passing sentence, told the prisoners they had pleaded guilty to a very serious offence; and after commenting on the enormity of their offence, robbing a poor woman, almost as poor as themselves, said it was impossible he could allow them to remain in the country, and ordered them to be transported for ten years each.

Terence SMITH, for stealing a pair of trowsers from Cavan workhouse on 11th My, pleaded guilty, and sentended to one fortnight's imprison- ment and hard labour.

Catherine M'CABE pleaded guilty to a similar charge for stealing female apparel from some workhouse-Like sentence.

Patt SHERIDAN, like offence, pleaded guilty.--Like sentence.

James KELLY and James MURPHY were indicted, for having on the 21st of February, 1847, committed a burglarly on the house of Mathew DUNNE, and taken therefrom the sum of £19 2s. 6d, and some wedding apparel. Prisoners pleaded "Not Guilty."

Mathew DUNNE, the prosecutor, detailed the circumstances of the robbery, and stated that the prisoners were armed with a fork and spade, the prisoner REILLY knocked him down with the pitchfork three times; and MURPHY struck him with his shoes whne down, and leaped on him, and then said, "I think he'll not rise any more;" prisoners were not arrested till May, '48.

Head Constable GRAINGER deposed that prosecutor gave him information of the outrage on the following day.

Mr. John ARMSTRONG addressed the jury on behalf of the prisoners, in an able speech, but did not examine any witness. The jury returned a verdict of guilty.

The Assistant Barrister addressed the prisoners stating that they had been found guilty upon clear, positive evidence which must have satisfied all who heard it, of your atrocious guilt. It is very difficult to conceive an offence more dangerous to society or perpetrated under circumstances of greater atrocity. You went into that house at the dead hour of the night, and you are not content with robbing that poor man of the savings of his poor and wretched sons, who died shortly before, but you beat him to death. It is perfectly impossible you can be allowed to remain in the country, and it is necessary to demonstrate to the poor people that they will be protected equally with the rich and opulent. The sentence of the court is, that you, and each of you, be transported beyond the seas for the terms of your natural lives.

Patrick DOWD and Anne DOWD were charged, the former with stealing beef, value 4s., from John M'CAFFREY, and the latter for having it in his possession, knowing it to have been stolen. Pat. pleaded "Guilty," and Anne "Not Guilty," and was discharged.--Patrick DOWD was sentenced to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for twelve calendar months

Thomas and James M'CAHILL, and Phill REILLY, were charged with a riotous assembling on the 7th of June, 1848. Verdict--Not guilty.

Robert RAINEY was charged with stealing a quantity of meal, value 4s, from Mr. DICKSON, on 5th May, '48. Prisoner pleaded Guilty, and produced witness as to character--Sentence two month's imprisonment with hard labour, and the last week in solitary confinement.

Michael REILLY pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing a beehive on the 25th March--One week's imprisonment.

Edward SMITH pleaded guilty to a charge of having in his possession a quantity of hay, knowing same to be stolen--One week's improson- ment and hard labour.

Patrick MULLAVY pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing an ass and foal on the 13th June. Prisoner got a very bad character, and was sentenced to be transported for seven years.

Thomas MULLAVY (brother to the foregoing) pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing bread--Got a bad character, and sentenced to be transported for seven years.

Hugh GIBMAN pleaded guilty to a charge of having in his possession a gun, after the proclamation that arms should be delivered up.

Patt SMITH, a boy about thirteen years of age, pleaded guilty to a like offence; he stated he stole it out to shoot a magpie.

Edward SUNNY pleaded guilty to a like offence; he had but purchased the gun, and sent a notification thereof to the police constable.

John EBBITT pleaded guilty to a like charge Patt SMITH pleaded guilty to a charge of having a quantity of gunpowder in his possession.

Peter SMITH pleaded guilty to a like charge, but was unwell, and could not attend on the day of registry. In these cases the Assistant Barrister stated that the prisoners should not have violated the law by keeping arms after his Excellency's proclamation, but should have complied with same; he sentenced each to twenty-four hours' imprisonment.

Elizabeth MAGOVERN, Bridget MAGOVERN, and R. MAGUIRE pleaded guilty to the larceny of six hens, on 28th Arpil--Elizabeth and Bridge MAGOVERN got a bad character, and were sentenced to seven years transportation, MAGUIRE to twelve months' imprisonment with hard labour.

James LACKEY pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing five iron bars on 29th April--Sentence one fortnight's imprisonment and to be whipped.

Anne MORAN pleaded guilty to stealing oats--one month's improsonment. Dan BOWES pleaded 'not guilty' to a charge of receiving said oats, knowing it to have been stolen--Not guilty.

Honora GAFFNEY was charged with stealing 3 hens on 11th April, and in another count, with having them in her possession, knowing them to be stolen. Verdict--'guilty of the receiving'--imprisonment for 3 weeks, with hard labour.

Catherine REILLY pleaded guilty to stealing a hen on 28th April-- one week's hard labour.

Catherine M'CALL pleaded guilty to a like charge on 19th April--One month's imprisonment.

Thomas BAXTER and Mary BRADY were charged with stealing a heifer on 10th April. Guilty--Mary BRADY, one month's hard labour, Thomas BAXTER, 6 months' hard labour, and to be once whipped.

Terence FITZPATRICK was charged with stealing a quantity of Bread, value 1s. on 16th April. Verdict--'not guilty'

Francis SMYLEY, John SYTLE, and John SYTLE, jr., were charged with an assault and rescue--Not guilty.

Andrew and Michael DONOHOE pleaded guilty to a charge of having taken forcible possession of a farm--One fortnight's imprisonment.

Charles M'CARTIN was charged with committing an assault on James ROE, so as to inflict grievous bodily harm. Virdict(sic)guilty--8 weeks' hard labour, last week solitary confinement.

John BRADY pleaded guilty to the stealing of two geese on 30th May-- Same sentence.

Francis, Joseph, and John LEE, for an assault and rescue--Not guilty.

James FITZPATRICK pleaded guilty to having stolen a cow on the 23d May--Six months' hard labour, and to be once whipped.

William KELL was found guilty of a common assault on Letitia DOHERTY--3 days' imprisonment

Rachel HAGUE, for an assault on John LEATHERS--Not Guilty.

Patrick MURRAY pleaded guilty to stealing a shirt on 6th June--one month's hard labour.

John MUILLIGAN was found guilty of stealing a gun and pair of socks on 3d June--Six weeks' hard labour.

James REILLY was found guilty of stealing a lamb on the 6th June-- Three months' hard labour, and to be whipped.

Bridget REILLY sen. and jun., and Catherine BRADY pleaded guilty to an assault on Constantine BRENNAN--One week's imprisonment.

Rose DEVITT, Rose MAGUIRE, and Margaret BRACKEN pleaded guilty to stealing a quantity of turnips--Three days' imprisonment.

Patrick CASSIDY, for stealing a heifer--Not guilty.

Mary CONNOLLY, receiving stolen property. Guilty--Three weeks' imprisonment.

Rose BANNON, larceny--One month's hard labour, last week solitary confinement.

Charles M'CABE, breaking into a dwelling-house on the 21st March, and committing a felony therein. Guilty--15 years' transportation.

Peter M'MAHON, for an assault and rescue--One week's hard labour.

Thomas and Michael CRAMER pleaded guilty to having stolen a cow on the 30th of June. As this was a transaction arising out of a family settlement, the Barrister only sentenced them to four months' imprisonment and hard labour.


June 15, at Torboy, county Longford, the lady of Philip M'CUTCHAN, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 13th instant, in Charles-street, St. Jame'es (sic), London, at the residence of his Grace the Lord Primate of Ireland, the lady of George DUNBAR, Esq., of a son and heir.

On the 14th instant, at Lord DENMAN's in Portland-place, London, the Hon. Mrs. John BERESFORD, of a daughter.

On the 19th instant, at Stephen's-green the lady of Doctor IRELAND of a son, still-born. On the 8th instant, at Turin, the Countess Henri di San Danis(?), youngest daughter of Viscount and Viscountess SOUTHWELL, of a son and heir.


On the 15th instant, at Saintfield, by the Rev. G. BLACKWOOD PRICE, the Rev. Henry M. ARCHDALL, Incumbent of Ivory, county Fermanagh, to Sarah Elizabeth BLACKWOOD PRICE, second daughter of James PRICE, Esq., of Saintfield House, county Down.

On the 14th instant, at St. Anne's, Shandon, George NEWENHAM, Esq., of Summerhill House, to Susan, youngest daughter of the late Pierce GALLWEY, Esq., Captain 37th Regiment.

On the 17th instant, by special license, in Camia Vale, county of Monaghan, the residence of the Hon. Colonel WESTENRA, uncle to the bride, William FITZWILLIAM BURTON, Esq., of Burton Hall, county of Carlow, to Coralie, youngest daughter of Henry LLOYD FARRENRONY, county of Tipperary, and grand-daughter of the late Sir John CRAVEN CARDEN, Bart., of the Priory and Templemore. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. William ROPER, Rector of Monaghan. Shortly after Mr. and Mrs. BURTON started for Churchill, the residence of Sir William VERNE, Bart., M.P.


May 16, drowned at sea, aged seventeen years, Frederick CAULFIELD, third son of the Hon. and Rev. Francis HOWARD.

On the 12th instant, at Tullyvin, in the county of Cavan, Lydia Anne, wife of Maxwell James BOYLE, Esq., J.P.

On the 17th instant, at Fitzwilliam-square, North, Mary, wife of Admiral OLIVER.

The Orangemen of this neighbourhood, consisting of five lodges, accompanied the remains of their esteemed brother, Mr. Robert TWEEDY, Drumcalpin, to Ballyhaise church-yard, on Monday. They buried him with all the honors of the brotherhood--colours, muffled drums, the fifes playing the "dead march in Saul." No bad feeling was evinced by any one, though attended by a large number of Roman Catholics.

DIVISION OF COOTEHILL A LIST of Applications received by the Clerk of the Peace, from persons seeking Excise Licenses for sale of Beer, Spirits &c., by Retail within said county, pursuant to 3rd and 4th William IV., chap. 68, and 6th & 7th William IV., chap. 38, to be heard and enquired into at Bailieboro, on Wednesday, the 28th June inst., immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn:--

No., Name, Residence
1, HALL, Edward, Shercock
2, MARTIN, Andrew, Cootehill
3, M'Eneny, John, Kingscourt
4, NICHOLL, John, Same
5, REILLY, Thomas ,Ballyjamesduff

At Nenagh petty session, on Monday, a tall young athletic man, summoned Pat. HANRAHAN for the sum of two shillings, due by defendant to plaintiff for twelve days hire, at the rate of two pence per diem! The presiding magistrate (Mr. PLUNKET, R.M.) asked the complainant (Michael COSTELLOE), if that was all he claimed, and he replied that he did not demand any more--that his agreement was two pence a-day, and that he was even glad to obtain employment at that rate of wages! He was asked then did he get diet along with the two pence a-day? To this interrogatory he seemed doubtful as to reply, but on being pressed the poor fellow shook his head, and with a sigh replied that "he got something to eat at dinner time." This case speak for the miserable condition of the Irish peasant labourer.

June 30, 1848


H. T. KILBEE, Esq., of Drumkeen--We are happy in being enabled to - inform the numerous friends of this much-respected gentleman, that he is steadily recovering from the effects of the severe indisposition under which he has been labouring for the last week.

We regret exceedingly to have to state that our eminent and esteemed fellow townsmen, Dr. M'DONALD and Dr. HALPIN, are suffering from severe illness for the last few days. There are good hopes entertained for the recovery of the latter; but the former, we regret to add, is dangerously ill.

We are glad to learn that Dr. MYLES of Lough-Sheelan, who has been suffering from severe typhus fever for some time past is convalescent.

INQUEST--In consequence of information received from Drum, Tullyvin and Cootehill Constabulary, the body of Margaret M'PHILLIPS, aged 14 years, was exhumed on the 31st instant, at Magheratemple graveyard, who, with others, it was alleged had been fired at by Pat BOYLAN, on the night of the 28th ult., when stealing from his garden. Deceased was daughter to a tenant of Lord CREMORNE's holding 14 acres of land; she was buried in a clandestine manner on the 9th instant--her ilness not being heard of; and her sister, aged 18 years, having disappeared from home, it not being known where she went, nor any account of her since, led to the supposition that these were the parties fired at by BOYLAN. Verdict--"That Margaret M'PHILLIPS died from natural causes, and not from the effects of a gun shot wound, by Patt BOYLAN, of Sec, as was alleged."


These sessions commenced at ten o'clock on last Wednesday morning before Charles GRANBY BURKE, Esq., the locum tenens of P. M. MURPHY, Esq., Q.C., Assistant Barrister for the county of Cavan (who is professionally engaged in London on the Dublin election petition); and contrary to expectation, the business to be disposed of was unusually heavy, as will appear by the following synopsis:--107 crown numbers, 930 civil processes, 133 ejectments, and 5 applications for spirit licenses--only three of the latter were granted.


Richard CLARKE, foreman; John WILLIAMSON, Henry JAMES, Cartney JAMES, Robert TAYLOR, Thomas HALL, Wm. WAHOP, Joshua WAHOP, James NIBLOCK, David M'CULLAGH, John RUSK, Edward GILMORE, Henry GIBSON, Moses COX, Ewd. MOORE, Thomas CRANSTON, James CRANSTON, James McCULLAGH, Samuel PARR, and Wm. ENGLISH.

His Worship then addressed them in the following terms:--

Mr. Foreman and Gentlemen of the Grand Jury of the County of Cavan-- The court is greatly indebted to you for your punctual attendance......

In the course of the day, the following gentlemen appeared in court, and took their seats on the bench--viz., Charles James ADAMS, Esq., J.P., John WILCOX, Esq., R.M., the Rev. Fredk. FITZPATRICK, J.P., and Joseph DIXON, Esq., J.P.

After the Grand Jury had retired,

Mr. James FORD, Attorney, applied to the court for liberty to send up bills of indictment to the Grand Jury, at the suit of Mrs. Jane Henrietta HASSARD, and her husband, Mr. Richard Major HASSARD, against W. COOTE, John HARRISON, of Dromore, Robert JOHNSTON and Wm. WILSON, of Druntony, Joseph WILSON and Houston BEVENS, of Drumacarrow, Samuel LOVE and Wm. LOVE, of Carnalynch, for an outrage that had been recently committed uon his clients.

The Barrister enquired if the local crown solicitor had any objection to the bills being sent up?

Mr. ARMSTRONG replied that he had none.

The bills were then ordered to be sent up to the Grand Jury.

Mr. BAILEY, S.I., stated to the Barrister that the complaint of Mr. and Mrs. HASSARD had been fully investigated by the Magistrate at Petty Sessions in Bailieborough.

His Worship, notwithstanding, declined to vary his decision.

The bills subsequently came down ignored; and on the announcement of the fact by the Clerk of the Peace, Mr. FORD stated that the Grand Jury had declined to examine all the witnesses endorsed on the indictments.

The Barrister directed the Grand Jury to be called into court, and enquired from them if it was the fact that they had not examined all the witnesses?

Mr. R. CLARKE, the foreman, stated that Mrs. HASSARD, one of the persons whose names were endorsed on the bills, refused to be examined before them.

Mrs. HASSARD, who was in court, stated that she had an objection to being examined before certain members of the Grand Jury, who were hostilely disposed towards her, and that Mr. CLARKE was one of them.

The Barrister then directed that the bills be again sent up to the Grand Jury, and that Mrs. HASSARD and the other witnesses be examined before them.

This having been done, the Grand Jury again ignored the bills.

The following trials were then proceeded with:

John M'CLUSKY, Peter M'CLUSKY, and Patrick CASSIDY, jun., were indicted for having committed a riot, for assaulting Constable FLOOD, and obstructing him in the discharge of his duty at Shercock.--John M'CLUSKY, guilty of the riot and assault; Peter M'CLUSKY, guilty of the riot only; and Patk. CASSIDY, not guilty: the first to be imprisioned for six months, the second for one month, both at hard labour.

Patrick LYNCH, indicted for an assault on Patrick FARRELLY, and rescuing goods seized by him for rent due to Mrs. Jane Henrietta HASSARD on the lands of Drutomy, on the 30th of November last. Not guilty.

Patrick KELLETT, indicted for having, at Shercock, on the 1st March last, stolen a watch from the person of James HAND.--Not guilty, the police having sworn that the prosecutor was so drunk that he did not know what happened to him.

James SMITH, indicted for having, at Artons, on the 18th of March last, assaulted Michael MARTIN, and escaping from his custody and that of John REILLY, he having been arrested by them under a writ of capeas ad satisfaciendum issued from the Court of Queen's Bench against the said James SMITH, at the suit of Mr. John ROGERS, of Belturbet, for the sum of £185 10s. 6d.--Verdict, not guilty.

After the prisoner had been discharged from the dock, he was arrested under the execution from which it was alleged he had before rescued himself, when

Messrs. Thos. COCHRANE and Edward M'GUAURAN, attorneys for the prisoner, applied to the court, to have him brought in to make an affidavit of the fact.

The Barrister ordered him to be brought in accordingly, but doubted his authority to discharge a person who was attending to be tried on a criminal charge, though he could a prosecutor.

The affidavit having been sworn,

Mr. COCHRANE moved the prison's discharge, and that he be also privileged from arrest during his return home; and referred the court to the cases of FITZGERALD, Irish circuit, Reports, p. 690; COLLINS v. SHERRY, ALCOCK and NAPIER, 125; KELLY v. BARNEWALL, manuscript reports, King's Bench, Hilary, 1834.

Mr. James ARMSTRONG, attorney for Mr. ROGERS, opposed the discharge of the prisoner; and after considerable discussion, The Barrister ordered the prisoner to be discharaged, and a reasonable time allowed him to return home.

Catherine M'CAHILL was indicted for stealing potatoes from Thomas ARGUE, at Balbolly, and having pleaded guilty, and stated that she had been six months in jail already for taking about a dozen potatoes when she and her children were starving. And the Clerk of the Peace having stated that she was in fever and could not be tried at the last sessions. In consideration there the prisoner was sentenced to imprisonment for forty-eight hours from the first day of the sessions.

Martin ARMSTRONG, sen., and Martin ARMSTRONG, jun., was indicted, for having on the 23d November last, at Teeveenaman, rescued oats from Thomas M'CABE, which he had seized, as special bailiff in a sessions decree--Not Guilty.

John HORAN, a little boy, having a curious excrescence on his nose, pleaded guilty to an indictment which charged him with having run away out of the Cootehill workhouse with a suit of the Union clothes on him-- To be imprisoned for one week at hard labour.

John M'FADDEN and James M'FADDEN were indicted, for having at Mullagh, on the 25th May last, rescued a cow from Denis SMITH (process-officer), under a sessions decree, at the suit of the London and Dublin Bank against Patrick M'FADDEN and another.--Not Guilty.

On it having been stated that Mr. MURPHY had made a rule that process-offers should not be engaged in the execution of civil bill decrees,

His Worship (Mr. BURKE) stated that it was a most salutary rule, as process-officers had quite sufficient to do without interfering in the execution of decrees, and that rule should be enforced by the dismissal of such process-officers as would transgress against it; and he embraced this opportunity to denouce the cowardly conduct of the persons who acted at bailiffs in the execution of decrees in the county of Cavan, and added that they would make bad Connaught Rangers (laughter).

Thomas BRIANS and Patrick MURPHY were indicted, for an assault upon, and taking forcible possession of a house from Rose M'DERMOTT, at Cornaman, on the 1st May last. Traversed in prox. to next sessions. James MAGUIRE, for an assault upon James TULLY and ______ CARROLAN, collectors of poor-rate for the electoral division of Kings- court, in the Bailieborough Union, and rescueing goods from them, which they had seized for poor-rate, alleged to be due by him at Kingscourt on the 7th June inst., also traversed in prox. until next quarter sessions of Cootehill.

RIOT IN ENNISKILLEN--On Friday eveing a number of the lowest class of our population congregated together, and having procured some tar barrels, lighted them, and commenced parading the town, shouting for Mitchel and Repeal. A few young men, feeling indignant at what they considered an insult to their feelings, rushed forward, and seizing the burning barrels dashed them on the street and broke them in pieces, this led to an attack which at one time threatened rather serious conse- quences. By the activity of the police, however, under the direction of Dr. FRITH and Captain CORRY, the magistrates, no serious injury was sustained by either party. Several stones were thrown and we regret to state that both magistrates were struck with them, but not badly hurt. We believe there had been no similar exhibition in this town since 1829, when it led to the loss of several lives. The same year, for Macken fight one individual was hung, and a number transported. We hope it will not be repeated. We understand the parish priest lectured his flock pretty severely, on Sunday evening on the impropriety of such proceedings.-- Fermanagh Reporter.


Mary Anne BRADY, widow, Plaintiff.
Joseph M'CARTHY and others, Defendant

PURSUANT to this Cause, bearing date the 20th day of April, 1848, I hereby require all persons having Charges or Incumbrances affecting the Lands and Premises in the Mortgage, bearing date of 19th day of August, 1835, in the Pleadings in this Cause mentioned, that is to say, the Towns and Lands of Drumcroe, otherwise Drumcrow, otheriwse Laghan Drumcrow, otherwise that part or subdenomination of the Lands of Laglin, otherwise Laghan, otherwise called Drumcrowe; and also the Town and Lands of Killegarman, otherwise Killigerrinan, otherwise Killigorman, and Derlanlaster, otherwise Derhanlaster, otherwise Derinlester, otherwise Derrenlester, otherwise Darrylanlester, other- wise Derrylester, in the County of Cavan, to come in before me at my Chambers on the Inns-quay, in the City of Dublin, orn or before MONDAY, the 10th Day of JULY Next, and prove the same, otherwise they will be precluded the benefit of said Decree.

Dated this 2nd Day of June 1848.
KERNAN and TREACY, Solicitors for the Plaintiff, 38,
Lower Dominick-street, Dublin


June 18th, at Oatlands, county of Meath, the lady of G. A. POLLOCK, Esq., of a son.

At Doory Hall, county Longford, the lady of Frederick T. JESSOP, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 22dn inst, at Croghan House, county Cavan, the lady of Robert D. ALLAN, Esq., of a son.

On the 23 inst., at Aughavass cottage, county Leitrim, the lady of the Rev. John Thomas WARREN, of a son and heir.

On the 27th instant, at Kells, county Meath, the lady of C. G. TEELING. Esq., of a son


On the 22nd inst., at Watford, by the Hon. and Rev. John GIFFORD, Captain Richard Henry CROFTON, Royal Artillery, fourth son of the late Duke CROFTON, Esq., of Lakefield, county of Leitrim, to Frances Mary, second daughter of Arthur C. MARSH, Esq., of Eastbury, near Watford, Herts.

On the 21s instant, at Granard Church, James Alexander JOHNSTON, Esq., of Killefasey, county of Cavan, to Jane ELLIS, only daughter of the late Michael QUINAN, esq., of Granard, county Longford.

On the 22nd inst., in St. George's Church, Hanover-square, London, Sir Percy Florence SHELLY, Bart., of Field-place, Sussex, only son of the late Percy Bysshe SHELLY, to Jane, widow of the late Hon. Mr. St. JOHN.


On the 24th instant, in Ballyjamesduff, Dr. FITZPATRICK, of typhus fever, caught while discharging the duties of his profession. His death is a source of the greatest sorrow to his numerous friends, and his loss will be deeply felt by the poor of the town and neighbourhood, for he was truly their comforter and mediator as well as physician. His remains were conveyed to their last resting place at Castleraghan, on Monday, accompanied by one of the largest concourses ever witnessed there on a similar occasion, and including persons of all ranks and persuasions.

On the 18th instant, at Cootehill, of decline, in the 32nd year of her age, Marcella, wife of Mr. Richard BROWN, Merchant, and daughter of James BERRY, Croghan, Esq. She was a truly pious and devoted christian, and was sustained during her illness, by the precious promises of God's blessed word.

On the 23rd inst., at Maryborough, Mrs. CROOKE, wife of the Rev. W. CROCK (sic), Welseyan Minister.

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