Published in Cavan, county Cavan
August 4, 1848

THE IRISH HARP--This instrument so indissolubly wedded with our ancient legends would have been forgotten long ago but for the men of Ulster. Strange to say, the Presbyterians of the North, who had no direct claim upon the olden harp, were the men who fostered and preserved it. We now have very few harpers, and of these Mr. BYRNE now appears the most successful; wherever he goes through Ireland, England, Scotland, he is received with a "cead mille failthe". But while awarding the laurel to Mr. BYRNE, we must not foget the unfortunate. There resides in this county, not far from Virginia, an old woman upwards of seventy years of age, who in her early days played upon this instrument, to the delight of thousands, and who has hereditary claims upon us beside; she is now in a destitute state, but with the pride of her race has hitherto refused to solicit elymosnyary aid. We are not at liberty to mention her name, as we have not got authority to that effect, but if any kind individuals think well of assisting this relic of better times the publisher of the ANGLO-CELT will receive their contributions and transmit them to her for whom they are intended.


On Tuesday last, the 1st instant, one of the largest meetings ever held in Cavan of the magistrates of the county, and the governors and sub- scribers to the County of Cavan Fever Hospital, took place in the Grand Jury room of the Courthouse, pursuant to notice for the purpose of electing a Physician to the above-named institution, in the room of the late Dr. M'DONALD.

Richard FOX, Esq., High Sheriff, presided. On taking the chair, he announced that the candidates for the vacant office were Dr. HALPIN and Dr. MEASE. He did not think it requiste to read the diplomas and testimonials which each of these two medical gentlemen had sent in, as he was sure that all the individuals present were perfectly aware that both candidates were fully qualified to undertake and discharge the duties of the situation for which they were contending.

The Rev. Mr. WILKINS observed that several gentlemen came there that day who kept themselves entirely disengaged from any promise to either candidate, and who were to be guided solely by the relative qualifications and testimonials; he considered it necessary, therefore, that the document should be read to the meeting.

(Discussion followed)

The following was declared the final state of the poll:

FOR DR. HALPIN: Hon. Somerset MAXWELL; Hon. H.C. BUTLER; Right Rev. Dr. BROWNE; Rev. Andrew M'CREIGHT; Rev. H. COTTINGHAM; Captain MOORE; Pierce MORTON; Robert BURROWES; Robert ERSKINE; Wm. BURROWES; Anthony O'REILLY; Joseph STORY; Francis ADAMS; John LOVE; James H. STORY; Wm. HUMPHREYS; Charles J. ADAMS; T. L. CLEMENTS; John FLEMING; Andrew W. BELL; Richard SCOTT; John FINLAY; Michael PHILLIPS; Colonel CLEMENTS; Eyre COOTE; Wm. H. ENERY; Richard NUGENT; George FINLAY; Thomas COOTE; Joseph LYNCH; Wm. THOMPSON.

FOR DR. MEASE: Richard FOX, High Sheriff; Henry T. KILBEE; George M. KNIPE; Henry SARGENT; Rev. Frederick FITZPATRICK; Rev. Charles LESLIE; Rev. W. WILKINS; John GODLEY; Miss SAUNDERSON; John E. VERNON; Robert FITZGERALD; Ferrott THORNTON; Joseph BENNISON; Major BAILLIE; Alexander MAGUIRE; Charles MORTIMER; Samuel SMITH; John THOMPSON; Captain JOHNSTON; Theo. THOMPSON; James BENNISON; Terrence JOHNSTON.

The following proxies were then tendered and received for the present, as suggested, by the Hon. Mr. MAXWELL:

FOR DR. HALPIN: Marquis of Headford; Hon. Richard MAXWELL; Sir Thomas FINLAY; Joseph PRATT; Very Rev. Samuel ADAMS; Maxwell BOYLE; Gerald DEASE; John GUMLEY; Francis HASSARD; John R. PEYTON.

FOR DR. MEASE: Earl BECTIVE; Earl of Enniskillen; Lord Primate; Lord Bishop of Kilmor; Colonel SAUNDERSON; John A. KNIPE; Joseph DICKSON; John BAKER; Francis N. CULLEN; George W. VESEY; Rev. Dr. CARSON; Mrs. DELAP; Richard ELLIS.

The High Sheriff having declared Dr. HALPIN duly elected, the business of the election terminated, and those who were most interested in it left the room, including all, we believe, except the magistrates.

A public meeting was held to-day in the Farnham School-house, Cavan, on behalf of the Ulster Society for promoting the eduction of the deaf and dumb and the blind. The attendance was very large and highly respectable. The chair was taken at a quarter past one by the Rev. Mr. PRESTON, who spoke at great length of the humane and beneficial effects resulting from the efforts of the society. A member of the deuptation then put forward a blind boy about ten years of age, who has been but two years under tuition; by means of his cultivated sense of feeling, he read several extracts from the bible, and also answered correctly every question put to him by the Chairman. A deaf and dumb boy was next questioned in writing, and his answers were rather intelligent, while the writing in which they were conveyed was highly creditable. The Rev. Mr. PRICE then addressed the meeting in a very eloquesnt strain, and a collection was immediately entered into for the support of the institution.

Arthur PATTERSON was fined one pound by the Magistrates assembled at Cavan Petty Sessions, for assaulting a policeman on the 12th of July.

ATTEMPTED HIGHWAY ROBBERY.--On Tuesday evening last a most daring attempt was made to rob Mr. Mark DOOGAN, butter merchant, by three fellows who met him at the Commons, as he was going into Belturbet. They pulled him off his cart, threw him upon the ground, and commence to rifle his pockets; but they failed to effect their purpose so speedily as they expected. Upon the approach of some person, the villains decamped, leaving Mr. DOOGAN in the joyful and undisturbed possession of his life, about £110 in bank notes and nearly same amount in cheques. Before Mr. D. became overpowered he used his loaded whip with good effect. One of the ruffians received a very severe stroke on the side of the head, which it is hoped, will lead to his detection.


On Friday the 28th ult., at Ushers Quay, in the city of Dublin, the lady of George J. MALONE, Esq., of a son.

August 2, at Herbert-street, the lady of Henry BARRY, Esq., of a son.


On the 30th inst., M. BOYLAN, Esq., Blakestown, county Louth, to Fanny, eldest daughter of P. DANIEL, Esq.

On the 31st inst., in the Parish Church of Julianstown, by the Rev. Henry MOORE, Rector, the Rev. Samuel PARSONS, A.M., Curate of Navan, to Blanche, eldest daughter of William LEGGE, Esq., of Navan.


On the 30th inst., at the Blebe, Tashinny, county Longford, in his 71st year, the Rev. Nicholas GOSSELIN, Rector of that Parish.

At Glasnevin, Henry Maxwell PURCELL, Esq., of the commissariat Deprtment, second son of the late William PURCELL, Esq., of her Majesty's customs, a young man of great promise.

August 11, 1848

THE GRIPPER GRIPPED--A few days ago, a bailiff who rejoices in the euphonious cognomen of Munyer SMITH arrested a man of the name of Hugh M'MAHON, a carpenter of the employment of Mr. Richard COOTE, of Bellamont Forest, under a civil bill decree at the suit of a man named Stephen RONALDSON, for the sum of £2 17 s. 6d. Mr. COOTE having been apprized of the capture of his workman, at which he felt annoyed, and having a civil bill decree himself for a larger sum against said Munyer SMITH, gave instructions to Alexander TURNER, another bailiff, to execute same upon him, and procure the discharge of M'MAHON by the payment of RONALDSON's decree. Accordingly TURNER proceeded to manage the affair, which he did so adroitly, that he procured a seat on the same car with Munyer and his prisoner, and proceeded with them from Cootehill to Cavan. As soon as Munyer handed M'MAHON into the custody of the officer of the gaol of Cavan, TURNER also handed him the decree against Munyer at the suit of Mr. COOTE; he then paid the amount of the decree against M'MAHON, who returned with him on the same car to Cootehill, leaving poor Munyer in the gaol, where he still remains in durance vile--a fate to which he himself consigned many a luckless wight.


August 4, at Killucan, the lady of the late Rev. Henry FERRIS, of a daughter.

August 7, at the Dowager Lady ARUNDELL's, Dover-street, London, the Hon. Lady NEAVE, of a son.

At Newport, Isle of Wight, the lady of Lieutenant WOOD, of the 20th Regiment, of a son.


In Limerick, Cornelius HOGAN, jun., Esq., of Newport, county Tipperary, to Kate, sister of Jonas BLACKALL, Esq., solicitor.

August 2, at Monasterevan Church, by the Rev. Charles MOORE, John FITZMAURICE, Esq., Monasterevan, late of Carlow, to Mary F., only daughter of the late Christopher Johnston ALLINGHAM, Port-nassau, county Donegal, Esq.


August 6, at Boyle, after a few day's illness, in his 55th year, John CONRY, Esq. August 3, aged 74, Edward BAINES, Esq., of Leeds, formerly member of parliament for that borough in three successive parliaments and senior proprietor of the "Leeds Mercury," of which he had been proprietor more than 47 years.

August 7, at his residence, Loughry, in the county of Tyrone, John LINDESAY, Esq., J.P., and D.L., for said county

James S. MOORE, postmaster of Newry, was killed on Friday evening last, by the upsetting of a car.

August 18, 1848

COUNTY OF DONEGAL--AMERICAN SYMPATHIES--There cannot be a doubt that many restless spirits, anxious to take a part in the projected outbreak, have lately arrived in this peaceable county from American; they are, however, known, and every movement on their part watched by a vigilant magistracy. Two of the number, Andrew M'DAID and Hugh M'MENAMIN, were arrested a few days since, and committed to the gaol.

The wretched culprit, Phillip FITZPATRICK, sentenced to death at the late Armagh Assizes, for the murder of John and William HENDERSON, at Lurgan, on the 20th of May last, was executed on Satruday, at noon, in front of the jail at Armagh.


At Arva, on the 12th instant, after a protracted illness, Anne, wife of J. B. GRAVES, Esq., Resident Magistrate for this County, and only daughter of the late James HOWLIN, Esq., of Ballycronigan, co. Wexford.

At her residence, Northgate-street House, Chester, Anne, relict of the late John CHAMBERLAINE, Esq., and mother of Mrs. O'REILLY, of Annagh, of this county. (Mr. CHAMBERLAINE was a man of the most exalted views; he was honored by a public procession into the city of Chester; and it was he who suggested to Selford that Liverpool was built on the wrong side of the Mersey.)

August 14, at Ballyconnell, Master Joseph COCHRANE. This excellent, amiable, and lamented young man, who has at an early age of 16 years, fallen a victim to the prevailing epidemic, was youngest son of Thomas COCHRANE, Esq. His afficted friends have indeed the soothing con- solation of a general participation in their sorrow, as we have seldom heard of so deep an impression of sympathy attending the loss of individual worth.

At the Glebe House of Aghera, Co. Meath, the Rev. John KELLETT, for many years the esteemed rector of that parish.

On the 12th inst., at Broomfield, Ballyhaise, the residence of her son, Rev. Arthur MONYPENY, in the 88th year of her age, Letitia, relict of the late Arthur MONYPENY, Esq., of Killeshandra.

SUDDEN DEATH--A man named James GILLASPIE, was killed on last Saturday, on the lands of Peru, near Moynalty, by the kick of a horse, while adjusting some tackle on him, while ploughing for his master, Pat BRIEN. He has left a wife and two children. His death was instantaneous.

August 26, 1848

INTERMENT OF MRS. CHAMBERLAINE--On Tuesday last, the mortal remains of Mrs. CHAMBERLAINE, mother of George John CHAMBERLAINE, Esq., of the Dee House, and of Mrs. O'REILLY, of Annagh, were deposited in the family vault, at Birkenhead, of which town her husband had been the real founder. As Mr. CHAMBERLAINE, during a life prolonged, to his 80th year, had ever been a true Mason, several of the most distinguished of "The Brethern" in the "Old City" of Chester, assisted in depositing the loved partner of his life with the body of her husband. The Rev. Dr. KNOX efficiently went through the service for the dead, according to the Anglican rite, in the most impressive manner.


On the 14th inst., at Drumheel House, co. Cavan, the lady of Wm. SMITH, Esq., of a son.

On the 21st inst., at Larkhill, Coolock, the lady of Connelly NORMAN, Esq., of twins, a boy and a girl.

At Daly's Grove, co. Galway, the lady of P. P. DALY, Esq., of a son.


On the 17th inst., in Killinagh church, county Cavan, by the Rev. James ARMSTRONG, John THOMPSON, Esq., Proprietor of the "Armagh Guardian", to Eliza, only daughter of Hugh Bracklin, Esq., of Tuam, near Black Lyon, in said county.

On the 13th, by the Rev., C. P. REICHEL, in St. Mary's Church, Thomas W. REILLY, Esq., Barrister-at-law, to Anna Sophia, third daughter of the late William HARRICKS, Esq., of Onagh, county of Wicklow.


At Glenavy, on the 4th inst., Mr. Edward ADDY, who, for more than 30 years, laboured as a Preacher of the Gospel, in the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Connexion.

At Coolafinny, on the 14th inst., the Rev. Marshall MOORE, Presbyterian Minister of Fanghanvale, in the 50th year of his age, and the 29th year of his ministery.

August 20, George TAAFFE, Esq., Smarmore, county Louth.

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