Published in Cavan, county Cavan
June 4 1847

The Freeman's Journal ccontains the following account of the funeral ceremonies observed at Genoa:--


The obsequies at Genoa, on the 19th instant, were attended by multitudes who seemed deeply affected. The governor, the clergy, the nobility, the foreign consuls, and other distinguished personages were present and The Rev. Dr. MILEY and the member for Dundalk were accommodated in a private tribune, specifically prepared for their reception. In the absence of his Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop, his vicar general, who is also a prelate, officiated. The requiem was strictly grand. Nothing could be more solemn or more characterized by that sublimity with which Catholicity alone knows how to invest her offices--whether we regard the throngs of every rank that surrounded the lofty bier, and filled all parts of the stately temple--the magnificence of the temple--itself one of the finest in these countries--the crowds of the clergy of every order who were marshalled according to their respective dignities in the choir, and around the altar, or the divine and imposing spectacle of four and twenty priests all lighting up the host of propitiation at the same moment, and while the "Requiem enternum dona et Dominae," "Eternal rest give to him O Lord, and upon him be they smile of light for ever," resounded not only throughout the gorgeous edifice, but through the sorrowing hearts of the admirers and friends, at the mighty dead--few spectacles more solemn, dignified, or imposing, were ever witnessed even in Italy.

EMIGRATION--From the port of Londonderry, from the 15th to the 28th of the present month, the passengers returned by the emigration agent amount to the large number of 1,812, and the entire who have left from the 1st till the present date exceed 3,200.

In the Kingscourt division a gross fraud has been attempted on the Committee. The relief cards have been forged to perfection. The Committee detected the fraud on finding too many on the tray at night.

The Rev. Michael BRADY, P.P., Upper Larah, thankfully acknowledges the receipt of £ 0 worth of Indian Mean and Rice, to be added to the relief fund of his parish..... Mrs. PRESTON thankfully acknowledges the receipt of half a ton of meal from the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends, Dublin...

KELLS RELIEF COMMITTEE--Upwards of 2,236 rations of good, substantial stirabout, biscuit, and meal, are being distributed daily at an average of 2d. each per day.


On the 2nd inst., at Lisnamandra, the lady of George L'ESTRANGE, Esq., of a daughter.


May 27th in Athboy Church, by the Rev. Henry HUGH, Rector of Munterconnaught, county Cavan, Ferdinand M'VEAGH, only son of Ferdinand Meath M'VEIGH, of Drewstown, County Meath, Esq., to Marie, only daughter of Thomas ROTHERAM, of Triermore, in same county, Esq.

The bride and groom were attended to the altar by a numerous circle of their mutual friends, who, cordially participated in their happiness. After the ceremony the bridal party returned to Friermore, where, after partaking of a splendid dejenner, the evening was concluded with a dance. Amongst the company were-- Mr. and Mrs. NANER, of Loughcrew, and Miss SMITH; Lady and Sir Montague CHAPMAN, and Miss FETHERSTONE; Mr. and Mrs. ROTHERAM, of Crossdrum, Miss PARKER and Miss Fanny BATTERSBY, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Francis SADLIER and Mrs. James STONFORD, Mr. and Mrs. William CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. BOR, Mr. and Mrs. ROBERTS, Mr. GREENHILLS, &c., &c. The poor were not fogotten on this happy occasion, a substantial dinner being provided for them by Mr. ROTHERAM; and in the evening, exhilarated by hearty good cheer, they danced by the blaze of bonfires to the music of bagpipes and violin, and in many a hearty bumper pledged the health of the young couple and their families, who, during the whole of the late trying season were most active and unremitting in their exertions to employ and alleviate the miseries of the people in their neighbourhood.


At Navan, on the 21st ultimo, after an illness of ten days, Helen Frances, the beloved wife of Duncan ROBERTSON, Esq.

On the 1st of June in Belturbet, aged 44 years, Mr. James FINLAY, Agent to the Ulster Canal Company, of typhus fever, deeply and deservedly regretted. In the death of Mr. FINLAY, Belturbet has lost an honest, industrious Merchant; the poor, a zealous and uncompromising advocate; and society, an intelligent and warm-hearted citizen. He was foremost in effecting many local improvements, among which we may mention the establishment of the monthly fairs in that town.

The recollection of his many excellent qualities will remain engraven on the minds of all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance; and cut off as he has been in the prime of life, his sudden demise is a source of the greatest sorrow to his family and immediate friends.

On the 2nd instant, in Bailieborough, Mary, wife of Mr. Henry ADAMS, in the 48th year of her age, sincerely and deservedly regretted by an afflicted family and a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, to whom she had endeared herself by her gentleness of manners, mildness of temper, and benevolence of heart. In the domestic circle, she was characterised by prudence, industry and intelligence; on her deathbed she rested for salvation on Christ, the rock of ages. Though dead, she lives in the hearts of the poor and all with whom she was intimately acquainted.

On the 26th ult., of typhus fever, caught in the discharge of his sacred duty, the Rev. George LEWIS, the zealous and faithful Curate of Clontbret, co Monaghan.

On the 22d ult., in Enniskillen, Doctor Hugh COLLLUM universally regretted. His remains were conveyed to Derryoland, the family burial place, on Monday, for interment; and the funeral was accompanied in regular procession, by the Town Commissioners, the Clergymen of each denomination, all the Doctors in town, the merchants, traders, &c., and a great number of the gentry and farmers of the county.

On the 30th of May in Armagh, of bronchitis and dysentery, Mr. Joseph SODEN, Editor of the "Armagh Sporting Chronicle", aged 49 years.

ENNISKILLEN--The skeleton of a female ws found in one of the back streets of this town on Tuesday last, by some labouring men, who were engaged in repairing the road. The skull was fractured in several places, and from all appearance it is quite evident that the unfortunate woman had been murdered, and the body secreted under the surface of the earth, at some remote period.--Erne Packet

COUNTY OF CAVAN An Alphabetical List of Applications for THE REGISTRY OF VOTERS Lodged with the Clerk of the Peace, Pursuant to 2 & 3 Wm. IV, CAP 88, FOR To be heard and inquired into at CAVAN on WEDNESDAY, the 24TH day of JUNE inst., at the hour of 9 o'Clock, A.M., by and before P. M. MURPHY, Q.C., Assistant-Barrister for said County.

No. Name, Description and Residence of Applicant Description of Property Where Freehold situate Right in which Registry claimed Barony Value Yearly (£).
1. BENNETT, W., farmer, Drumheckna House and Land(s) Drumheckna Freeholder Up Loughtee £10.
2. KENNY, Charles, do., Tullylock House and Land(s) Tullyloch Freeholder Up. Loughtee £10
3. MONTGOMERY, Oswald, do., Derryheen House and Land(s) Derryheen Freeholder Up. Loughtee £10.
4. NORTON, Wm., mill-owner and farmer, Drumnewall House and Land(s) Drumnewall Freeholder Tullyhunco £20.

Clerk of the Peace, County Cavan Cavan,
4th June 1847

June 11 1847

An Alphabetical List of Applications for
Lodged with the Clerk of the Peace, Pursuant to 2 & 3
Wm. IV, CAP 88, FOR

To be heard and inquired into at BAILIEBORO' on
WEDNESDAY, the 30th of JUNE instant, at the hour of
9 o'Clock, A.M., by and before P. M. MURPHY, Q.C.,
Assistant-Barrister for said County.

No. Name, Description and Residence of Applicant Description of Property Where Freehold situate Right in which Registry claimed Barony Value Yearly (£).
1. ADAMS, Benj. Wm., Esq., Northlands Lands Kinnea Rent Charger Clonkee £20.
2. ADAMS, Chas. Steward, gent., do. Lands Derry Rent Charger Clonkee £20.
3. ADAMS, John Harvey, bar.-at-law do. Lands Corlattylannon Rent Charger Clonkee £20.
4. ADAMS, Very Rev. Sam,, Dean of Cashel Lands Closnabraden Freeholder Clonkee £50.
5. ARGUE, William, yeoman, Tullybrick House & Land(s) Tullybrick Freeholder Clonkee £10.
6. ADAMS, Samuel, gent., Killaliss.. Lands Kilialiss Freeholder Clonkee £50.
7. ADAMS, Chas. Js., Esq., Shinan House Lands Bunno Freeholder Tullygarvey £50.
8. BRANNAN, James, farm., Corlattylannon House & Land(s) Corlatty-lannon and Curraghey Freeholder Clonkee £10.
9. BELCH, Wm. do., Kilcrosbeg... House & Land(s) Kilcrosbeg Free-holder Clonkee £10.
10. BRADY, John, do., Glasleck... House & Land(s) Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
11. CARNEY, Bernard, do., Derry... House & Land(s) Derry Freeholder Clonkee £10.
12. CRANSTON, Obad., do., Tullybrick House & Land(s) Tullybrick Freeholder Clonkee £10.
13. CLARKE, Michael, do., Corravilla... House & Land(s) Corvilla Freeholder Clonkee £10.
14. CLARKE, Michael, do, Crosmakeelan House & Land(s) Crosmakeelan Freeholder Clonkee £10.
15. CLARKE, Philip, do., Nolagh... House & Land(s) Nolagh Freeholder Clonkee £10.
16 CLARKE, John, do., Knappa House & Land(s) Knappa Freeholder Clonkee £10.
17. CADDEN, Patrick, do., do.... House & Land(s) Knappa Freeholder Clonkee £10.
18. CLARKE, Peter, do., Annaherin... House & Land(s) Annaherin Freeholder Clonkee £10.
19. CUMMINS, Edw., yeoman, Kilmackeran House & Land(s) Kilmackeran Freeholder Clonkee £10.
20. CONNOR, Thos., farmer, Glasleck... House & Land(s) Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
21. CONNOR, Michl., do., do... House & Land(s) Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
22. DONOVAN, Wm., yeoman, Closnabraden House & Land(s) Closnabraden Freeholder Clonkee £10.
23. DAVISON, Thomas, farmer, Drumod... House & Land(s) Drumod Freeholder Clonkee £10.
24. FITZSIMONS, John, do., Derry... House & Land(s) Derry & Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
25. GRAY, Robert, do., do... House & Land(s) do.&Curquish Freeholder Clonkee £10.
26. HALFPENNY, Thomas, do., Ralaghan... House & Land(s) Ralaghan Freeholder Clonkee £10.
27. HAGAN, James, do., Shina... House & Land(s) Shinan Freeholder Clonkee £10.
28. JONES, Wm., yeoman, Annaherin House & Land(s) Annaherin Freeholder Clonkee £10.
29. JONES, James, do., do. ... House & Land(s) Annaherin Freeholder Clonkee £10.
30. IRWIN, Wm., do., Barnagrove... House & Land(s) Barnagrove Freeholder Clonkee £10.
31. LYNCH, Michael, do., Glasleck... House & Land(s) Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
32. LINDSAY, Robt., do, Closnabraden House & Land(s) Closnabraden & Kilcrosbeg Freeholder Clonkee £10.
33. MEWHIDD, Geo., do, Kinnea... House & Land(s) Kinnea Freeholder Clonkee £10.
34. MEWHIDD, John, do., Tullylurken House & Land(s) Tullylurken Freeholder Clonkee £10.
35. MARTIN, James, do., Glasleck... House & Land(s) Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
36. M'GORRY, Th., do, Barnagrove... House & Land(s) Barnagrove Freeholder Clonkee £10.
37. MIDDLETON, Wm., do., Curraghy House & Land(s) Curraghy Freeholder Clonkee £10.
38. M'CULLAGH, Dav. do., do.... House & Land(s) Curraghy Freeholder Clonkee £10.
39. M'QUAID, Chas., do., Lisdough... House & Land(s) Lisdough Freeholder Clonkee £10.
40. M'ENTEE, Michl, do., Annaherin... House & Land(s) Annaherin Freeholder Clonkee £10.
41. NEBLOCK, John, land surveyor, Derry House & Land(s) Derry Freeholder Clonkee £10.
42. NEBLOCK, James, do. House & Land(s) Derry Freeholder Clonkee £10.
43. NEBLOCK, William, farmer, do House & Land(s) Derry Freeholder Clonkee £10.
44. PARKER, A., do., Druminick alias Curraghy House & Land(s) Curraghey Freeholder Clonkee £10.
45. RICE, Thomas, farmer, Knappa... House & Land(s) Kilcrossduff Freeholder Clonkee £10.
46. REILLY, John, do., Corlattylannon House & Land(s) Corlatty-lannon Freeholder Clonkee £10.
47. RICHEY, Thomas, do., Cullies House & Land(s) Cullies [laghan Freeholder Clonkee £10.
48. ROGERS, Lau., do., Nolagh... House & Land(s) Nolagh and Ra- Freeholder Clonkee £10.
49. RUSK, John, do., Drumium House & Land(s) Drumlum Freeholder Clonkee £10.
50. REILLY, Patrick, do., Glasleck House & Land(s) Glasleck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
51. STEWARDT Thos., do., Killaclear... House & Land(s) Killaclear Freeholder Clonkee £10.
52. SHARPE, Edward, do., do... House & Land(s) Killaclear Freeholder Clonkee £10.
53. SHEILS, James, do., Glasleck House & Land(s) Glasneck Freeholder Clonkee £10.
54. SLOAN, Geo, land surveyor, Tullybrick House & Land(s) Tullybrick Freeholder Clonkee £10.
55. SMITH, John, farmer, Tullybrick... House & Land(s) Tullybrick Freeholder Clonkee £10.
56. SHEERAN, Bryan, do., Nolagh... House & Land(s) Nolagh Freeholder Clonkee £10.
57. THOMPSON, Jas., do., Leakland... House & Land(s) Leakland Freeholder Clonkee £10.
58. TIERNEY, Bernd., do, Knockbride House & Land(s) Knockbride Freeholder Clonkee £10.
59. WHITE, Hugh, do., Drumod... House & Land(s) Drumod & Nol. Freeholder Clonkee £10.

Clerk of the Peace, County Cavan
Cavan, 10 June 1847


The Council of the Irish Confereation met on Monday, the 7th June, William SMITH O'BRIEN, Esq., M.P., in the chair.

The Chairman stated, that having heard that Mr. O'Connell's family were desirous that the members of the Irish Confedera- tion should not attend the funeral of Mr. O'Connell, he had thought it right to address the following to Mr. John O'Connell:--

"4 Westland-row, June 7, 1847

Mr. Dear O'Connell--As I should be very reluctant to take any part in reference to the funeral of your lamented father which may not be acceptable to this family, I shall feel obliged if you would let me know whether it is their wish that those who dissented from the policy adopted by the Repeal Association during the last twelve months, should attend the funeral.

I should not have deemed it necessary to trouble you with this inquiry, if I had not learned that it is the impression of some of my friends that Mr. O'Connell's family desire that none of those who are called "the Young Ireland Party," should be present on the occasion.--I emain, yours very faithfully,

"WIlliam S. O'BRIEN

"John O'Connell, Esq.
"As our Council meets to-day at three o'clock perhaps you will kindly forward an early reply."

He regretted to say that he had received the following reply from Mr. Maurice O'Connell:--

"Mr. Maurice O'Connell presents his compliments to Mr. Smith O'Brien, and begs to say that his brother Mr. John O'Connell, having submitted to him Mr. S. O'Brien's letter of this morning's date. it becomes his duty to reply to inform him, that all arrangements for the funeral having been entrusted to the Glasnevin Cemetery Committee, and the Rev. Dr. Miley, the family leaves it entirely in their hands."

Mr. O'Brien stated that he did not desire to suggest and course to the Council in connection with this correspondence, as he thought that each member of the Confederation ought to act upon the occasion in accordance to his own sense of propriety; but for his part he inferred from Mr. M. O'Connell's letter that it is the wish of the family that he should not attend the funeral.

After some further business the Council adjourned.

O'CONNELL'S FUNERAL--The Freeman of yesterday states that the transmit of O'Connell's remains to Dublin cannot possibly be effected before the middle of July.


At Oldcastle, on the 8th instant, the lady of Doctor RIDGEWAY, of a son. On the 5th instant, in Cavan, the lady of H. W. NEWELL, Esq., of a son.


June 5, in St. George's Church, Hanover-square, London, Gustavus Wm. LAMBERT, eldest son of Gustavus LAMBERT of Beaupac, co. Meath, Esq., to the Lady Frances, second daughter of the Marquis of Conyngham. The happy couple left for Denbeg, the seat of Wm. DENISON, Esq., to pass the honeymoon.


On Friday last, at his residence, Smithfield House, Nichloas PRICE, Esq., in the 97th year of his age. By the demise of Mr. PRICE a pension of £1,500 a year reverts to the country. He enjoyed this pension since the period of the Union, as com- pensation for the extinction of the office of Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod in the Irish House of Commons.

At Upper Mountpleasant Avenue, William ANDREWS, Esq., aged 77 years.

INCENDIARISM--On the night of the 3rd instant, an uninhabited house, the property of the Rev. Cornelius O'REILLY, P.P. of Ballintample, was set fire to by some person or persons unknown.

June 18 1847


Mr. John Robert GODLEY, of Leitrim, has addressed the electors of his native county, on the retirement of Colonel WHITE.

KING'S COUNTY--The present Libral members, the Hon. Colonel WESTERNA and Sir Andrew ARMSTRONG, will come forward at the next general election. Ths precludes the idea of a contest.-- Evening Post

COUNTY OF WESTMEATH--For the representation of this county rumour has it that William Henry MAGAN, Esq., of Clonearl, will be a candidate on Repeal principles; he has paid some visits to Dr. CANTWELL, at the chapel house, with a view to further his return for the county. John DE BLAQUIRE, Esq., of Portloman, is also said to be a candidate.--Westmeath Guardian

MONAGHAN--We are in a fearful state with fever. One-fifth of the inmates of the poorhouse (upwards of 260) are in hospital, of these 140 are in fever. Every bed and blanket in the fever hospital is occupied, and in many instances there are two and three patients in one bed. There are upwards of forty cases in town and immediate vicinity without sufficient medical aid, or any nourishment.- Northern Standard

The Roscommon Journal says the gaol of that town contains at present nearly five hundred prisoners, two hundred and fifty of whom are in fever.


June 10, at Passage West, the lady of Robert A. LIDWILL, Esq., of a daughter.


June 10, in London, the Rev. Court GRANVILLE, to Lady Charlotte MURRAY, sister to the Duke of Athol.


On the 11th inst., at his residence, Gravelstown, co. Meath, Patrick LYNCH, Esq., in the 73rd year of his ate, after a protracted illness, which he bore with Christian fortitute.

June 7, of typhus fever, brought on by his unwearied exertions in ministering to the relief of the poor of his parish, the Rev. William WAKENHAM, Curate of Klusalebeg, county Waterford, aged thirty-eight years.

June 25 1847


SLIGO COUNTY--It has been confidently rumoured that two popular candidates are to be solicited to replace our present representatives, of whose resignation we have not been apprised. The favourites on whom report has conferred the distinguished honour of representing the interest of our Conservative community, are Sir Robert GORE BOOTH, Bart., of Lisadell; and John WYNNE, of Haslewood, Esq., who for some years was member for the borough of Sligo. They are good men and true.--Sligo Journal

SLIGO BOROUGH--From all we can learn the solicitor-general, Mr. MONAGHAN, will be invited to start for this borough. If he do, he will have an easy walk over the course.--Ibid.

CLARE--The Limerick and Clare Examiner says:-- Mr. O'GORMAN MAHON, who is at present residing at Paris, intends to offer himself to the electors of Ennis at the ensuing election. This is a rumour which has got considerable circulation in this city and our neighbour county. We shall make inquiries before we make any furthr remark about the matter.

FEVER--Fever is on the increase in the neighbourhood of Kells. The sheds erected to contain 50 beds are now nearly occupied with patients. Upwards of 112 in the hospital at present, deaths very few, none for the last three weeks, owing to the very skilful management of Doctor Henry PENTLAND, the medical officer of the establishment.

OUTRAGES--On the night of Wednesday last a bullock the property of Widow SMITH of Scribogue, near Kells, was killed and carried away. The head, to which the widow swore, was found on the premesis of two men named CLINTON, who are now in custody. A cow, the property of a man named GAFFNEY, near Mullagh, was stabbed on the same night.


On the 17th inst, in London, the wife of John Robt. GODLEY, Esq., of a son. On the 21st inst., at Ballyjamesduff, the lady of the Rev. J. RITCHIE, of a daughter.


June 17, in Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, the Hon. Chas. F. SPENCER, youngest son of the late Right Hon. Lord CHURCHILL, to Hester Eliza, eldest daughter of the Rev. H. FARDELL.


June the 21st, at Lakeview, Dundrum, Mary, the beloved wife of F. MARMION, Esq.

On the 16th instant, at Vesci House, Kingstown, the Hon. Maria Juliana BARRY, relict of Thomas BARRY, Esq., of Leighsbrook, county Meath.

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