Cavan Herald
Published in Cavan, county Cavan

July 5, 1825


At Limerick, Mr. Zachariah LEDGER, to Miss CRIPS, of Limerick.

In Dublin, Francis O'BEIRNE, Esq., of Sligo, to Frances Maria, daughter of the late Patrick Kelly FALLON, of Clonagh, County Roscommon, Esq.

Thomas ELLIS, Esq., of Littleton, County Tipperary, to Diana, daughter of the late Rev. Thomas LOCKWOOD.

At Cove, Arthur G. H. HOLINGSWORTH, Esq., M.D., of Dublin, to Miss M. S. MONTFORT, daughter of the late Peter MONTFORT, Esq., of that City.

Ambrose LANE, Esq., of Clonmel, to Margaret, eldest daughter of William COOPER, of Kilmore, Esq.,

John CHERRY, Esq., of Brookvale, County Armagh, to Mary, daughter of the late Rev. G. SIMPSON, Loughgall.

Mr. Richard FREEMAN, of Grange, near Boyle, to Miss Angel M'BRIDE, of Sligo.

At Clifton, Captain HEALY, half-pay 25th Light Dragoons, to Mrs. THOMPSON, relict of John THOMPSON, esq., of Clifton-Hill, Bristol.

At Putney, Henry V. SALUSBURY, of Doctor's Commons, son of the late Sir Robert SALUSBURY, Bart., to Eleaanor, daughter of the late John de MIERE, Esq.

At Shepton Mallet, Captain Henry BAYLY, 51st Light Infantry, to Jane, daughter of W. PURLEMENT, Esq.

John ATKINS, Esq., late of the 17th Lancers, to Mary, second daughter of Robert WHATLEY, Esq.

William JAMIESON, jun., Esq., of York-street, Dublin, to Lucinda, second daughter of John HOLMES, Esq., of Charlemont-street.

At Bromyard, Mr. W. H. WOAKES, organist of St. Peter's Hereford, to Ann, youngest daughter of Job LAWRENCE, Esq., of Norton, Herefordshire--[During the celebration of the marriage, Mr. Edward THOMAS, clerk of that parish, dropped down, and died without a struggle. He had been clerk of Bromyard upwards of 37 years.]


On Saturday, at his seat, Mantle-hill, County Limerick, universally regretted, Mrs. HUNT, wife of John HUNT, Esq.

At his seat, Cahirnarry, near Limerick, very deservedly lamented as an upright honest man, Andrew CALLANAN, Esq.

In Athlone, Mr. Daniel DALY, for thirty-six years proprietor of the ATHLONE HERALD.

In Dublin, Hugh CARLILE, of Newry, Esq.

At Rathfriland, Charles Russell CHRISTIAN, Solicitor.

In Nenagh, Mr. Theophilus O'FLANAGAN, son of the late Mr. O'FLANAGAN, Professor of Irish.

The Rev. Nicholas O'RIORDAN, P.P., Ovens.

In Lower Exchequer-street, Dublin, Mrs. M'MULLEN.

In Clonmel, Mr. James BYRNE, woollen-draper.

At Mullingar, James SHEIL, Esq.

At Oatlands, in the County of Meath, the wife of Thomas PHILLIPS, Esq.

In Newry, the wife of Lieut. TIMBRELL, 94th Regiment.

In Wexford, Ellen, Eldest daughter of Mr. John HICKEY, Postmaster.

At the house of the Countess of Farnham, Rutland-square, Dublin, Selina, wife of James SAUNDERSON, Esq., of the Royal Navy.

At Killadoon, in the County Sligo, Henry, third son of John WILSON, Esq.

In Liverpool, Mrs. Catherine BURGESS, widow of Captain BURGESS, of the 22nd Light Dragoons.

The Rev. Doctor HYSLOP, Rector of Mary-la-bonne, Archdeacon of Bucks &c.

At Topham, the Rev. James CARRINGTON, First Prebendary of the Cathedral of Exeter.

Suddenly, at Fulham, Captain WEBSTER, nearly fifty years an Officer in the 1st Dragoon Guards.

The following are the Names of the Twenty one persons who have been elected by ballot, to form the New Roman Catholic Committee. The number of suffrages given to each person, is affixed to his name. If a Majority of votes be admitted as a criterion by which to judge of the popularity of the elected candidates, or of the quantum of confidence which the electors feel inclined to repose in the respective objects of their choice--it would almost seem that the popularity of Mr. O'CONNELL is in the wane. It will appear that his Name is not the third or fourth, or even the fifth, upon this list:--

Richard SHEIL, Esq., 317; Lord KILLEEN, 313; Sir John BURKE, Bart., 313; Captain BRYAN, 312; Nicholas MAHON, Esq., 312; Dan. O'CONNELL, Esq., 311; Sir T. ESMONDE, Bart., 309; Hugh O'CONNOR, Esq., 304; Hon. Mr. PRESTON, 299; William MURPHY, Esq., 209; Lord GORMANSTOWN, 283; O'CONNOR, Don, 282; N. P. O'GORMAN, Esq. 281; H. LAMBERT, Esq. 170; Steph. COPINGER, Esq., 261; C. M'LOUGHLIN, Esq., 258; Michael O'BRIEN, Esq., 255; Hon. G. FFRENCH, 244; J. Jas. BAGGOTT, Esq., 231; P. FOGARTY, Esq., 299 (sic); and Mich. D. BELLEW, Esq., 181.

William BELLEW, Esq., an eminent Roman Catholic Barrister, and a Gentleman of property and character, and of the most respectable family connections, has presumed to offer an honest and unbought opinion, to his Catholic countrymen. He cautions them against a revival of the Catholic Association. His sensible and praiseworthy advice has called forth the ire of Mr. O'CONNELL, which this learned Gentleman has lavished very unsparingly, in his usual stile (sic), in another exhortation to "his fellow Catholics, and his fellow Slaves." .....

The Honourable Henry CORRY, second son of the Earl of Belmore, was on Monday last, returned, without opposition, to represent the county Tyrone in Parliament, in the room of the late Right Hon. Sir John STEWART. In the evening about 120 of the Gentry and respectable Persons of that county, Friends of Mr. CORRY, dined together, at GRIER's hotel, in Omagh.

An unfortunate man named John CONNOLLY attempted to commit suicide in this Town, by cutting his throat, as we were preparing for Press. He is removed to the Infirmary. We have not heard any reason assigned.

July 12, 1825


At Pallis Church, on Monday, Joseph DEAMES, Esq., to the daughter of the late R. WHITE, Esq., of Kilmoylan, county of Tipperary.

In the county Wicklow, Arthur O'BRIEN, of Carlow, Esq., to Miss Anna GAYER.

In Edinburgh, Lieutenant KINGDOM, 31st foot, to Jessie, daughter of William MOFFITT, Esq.

A JAGOE, Esq., of Kinrath, county Cork, to Miss Dora EVANSON, of Bandon.

At Calcutta, Lieutenant J. P. MACDOUGALL, Sub-Assistant Commissioner-General, to Eliza, niece of the late Randell JACKSON, Esq.

Thomas Barrett LEONARD, Esq., M.P., eldest son of Sir Thomas B. LEONARD, Bart. of Helhus, to Mary, only daughter of the late Bartlet B. SHEDDEN, Esq., of Aldham Suffolk.


At his seat, Mona Incha, Roscrea, on Monday last, George BIRCH, Esq.

Catherine, third daughter of Henry HEACOCK, of Ballinacourty, Esq.

At his seat near Borrissoliegh, co. Tipperary, Thomas RYAN, Esq.

At Kilrush, Michael KENNEDY, in the 90th year of his age, well known through a great part of Ireland, as a pious pilgrim for the last 30 years.

Robert TRENCHWITH, Esq., of Leitrim Co. Cork.

In Carrick-on-Shannon, L. GRAHAM, Esq., Secretary to the Grand Jury of the co. Leitrim.

At the Derries, Queen's Co., Amelia, Daughter of William John ALLOWAY, Esq.

Mr. Edward NAGLE, of Barronstrand-street, Waterford.

Thomas SMYTH, Esq., late of Londonderry.

In Clonmel, Mr. Patrick RYAN, Pawnbroker.

At Prospect, Co. Cork, Frances, youngest daughter of the late Robert BOURKE, Esq.

In Montague-street, Dublin, Mrs. Mary BRAZILL.

At Killshinihan, near Bandon, captain Sam. KINGSTON.

In Cork, the wife of Mr. Joseph DALY, printer.

In his 20th year, Mr. R. GROSE, of Carrick-on-Shannon.

At Worthing, the son of Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert TAYLOR, aged two years.

At Oxford, Doctor BURTON, cannon of Christ church, eldest brother of the Hon. Judge BURTON, of the court of King's Bench, Dublin.

Of jungle fever in Assem, India, deeply regretted, Francis Turner RICHARDSON, Esq., interpretter (sic) and Quarter-master to the 46th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry.

At Montreal on the 19th of May, Charles LUSINIANI, a native of Florence, aged 106 years and 7 months. He married at 70, and had six children.

In Portman-street, London, Vice-Admiral John CLEMENTS.

SHOCKING MURDER--A few days since, three cows and a calf belonging to Mr. James BROWN, of Tallaght, which were grazing on the lands of Whitestown, near Saggare, were haughed, and a poor man, named Michael OUGAN, who was in care of them, was found lying in a ditch near the place, dreadfully murdered. He had been shot through the neck, his skull fractured in two places, his eyes beaten in, his arms broken, and he was then thrown into a ditch. The only reason assigned for this inhuman deed is, that Mr. DANIEL, of Mary-street, some time since took a lease of the commons of Saggard, which he enclosed and part of which had been taken from him by Mr. BROWNE. At a late hour last night several persons were brought to the Head Police Office, on suspicion of having been concerned in this offence.--Dublin Paper.

July 19, 1825

On the night of Tuesday, the 5th inst. the police station at Fedamore, County Limerick, apprehended John SHEERAN, for the murder of John NASH, of Kilderry in March last; and on Friday morning Daniel MAGRATH, James HARE, and Patrick SHEERAN surrendered themselves to same party, for the said murder--they are fully committed for trial.

On Thursday last, John COX, Esq., Coroner for the County Limerick, held an inquest at Ballingnamona, near Curragh, on the body of Joseph REGAN, who was killed by a kick of a horse, in the chest on Saturday last--Verdict accidental death.

An Inquest was held at Latoon, County Clare, on Wednesday by Thomas (illegible), Esq., coroner, on the body of John CULLINAN, who fell into the river Fergus in a fit of epilepsy.--Verdict accordingly.

Mr. and Mrs. Wrixon BECHER are now enjoying the comforts of domestic retirement, at Ballygiblin, Mallow; so there is no foundation for the painful report that was in circulation.


At St. Mary's Church, Donybrook, the Rev. William VESEY, son of the Rev. T. A. VESEY, Rector at Magherafelt, to Anne, daughter of the late Rev. Doctor Henry D'AHZAE, S.F.T.C.D.

At Cork, Jonas RATCLIFE, Esq., to Harriet, daughter of Captain John TRAVERS, of the South Terrace.

Mr. James MARTIN, of Belfast, merchant, to Eliza, daughter of Joseph M'GIBBIN, of Glenarm, Esq.

Moncton SOMERS, Esq. to Miss HOWE, both of Dublin.

In London, Captain Price BLACKWOOD, R.N., to Helen Selina, eldest daughter of the late Thomas SHERIDAN, Esq. His Royal Highness the Duke of York gave the bride away.

In London, Raikes CURRIE, jun., Esq., to Luera, eldest daughter of the Hon. John WODHOUSE, M.P.

At Brosborne, Church, Donat H. O'BRIEN, Esq., Captain Royal Navy, to Hannagh, youngest daughter of the late John WALMASLEY, of Catlemeer, Lancashire, Esq.

Captain John S. MACCAULEY, of the Royal Engineers, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late John ELMSLEY, Esq., Chief Justice of Lower Canada.

In London, S. WAYMOUR, Esq., to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Hugo MEYNELL, Esq., of Quorndon-Hall, Leicestershire.


At Portobello Hotel, Dublin, on his way to Cheltenham, on the 5th instant, sincerely and deservedly regretted by his family and numerous friends, John, eldest son of Richard D'ARCY, of Newport, in the county of Galway.

On Tuesday, in High-street, Galway, in the bloom of life, Miss Agness LYNCH, of Lydigan.

At Gurtnascrena, County Cork, Daniel S. M'CARHTY (sic), Esq.

Catharine, third daughter of Henry HEACOCK, of Ballinacourty, Co. Limerick, Esq.

Mrs. HONNER, relict of the late William HONNER, Esq., of Round hill, county Cork.

At Hampstead, Charles CARTWRIGHT, Esq., late Accountant-General to the hon. East India Company.

Catherine, youngest daughter of the late William NICHOLSON, of Wilmar, Esq.

The wife of Mr. John PARR, of Dundalk.

Mr. RUXTON, of Black Castle, in the county of Meath, esq., aged 79.

In London, James George AMBROSE, Esq., late of Dublin, nephew of M. G. PRENDERGAST, Esq., M.P., for Galway.

At Camberwell, Isaac BUXTON, Esq., M.D., formerly Physician to the London Hospital.

July 26, 1825


Before the Right Hon. Lord Norbury.

His Lordship entered the crown court at 12 o'clock, when the commission was read, the panel called over, and the following gentlemen sworn on the Grand Jury:--

Henry BRUEN, Esq., M.P., Foreman.

William BROWNE, Esq., John S. ROCHFORE, Esq., Sir Charles BURTON, Bart., Robert DOYNE, Esq., Wm. F. BURTON, Esq., John D. DUCKETT, Esq., Wm. R. STEWART, Esq., James BUTLER (Broomville) Esq., John F. CORNWALL, Esq., John WHEALAN, Esq., Walter NEWTON, Esq., John ALEXANDER, Esq., Thomas ELLIOT, Esq., Henry FALKINER, Esq., John HUMFRY, Esq., Robert EUSTACE, Esq., Gilbert P. RUDKIN, Esq., Walter BLACKNEY, Esq., Pilsworth WHELAN, Esq., John WATSON, Esq., Thomas WATSON, Esq., and Adam B. FULTUS, Esq.

His Lordship addressed several Gentlemen of the bar as they entered the court, Messrs. GRATTAN, PLUNKETT, DARCY, BETHEL, &c.

It was remarked that his Lordship looked extremely well--he was evidently in good spirits and wore a new wig--upon which Mr. BETHEL observed that he had a lease of his life with a clause of "toties quoties."

Bridget MEANY was indicted for feloniously, wilfully and maliciously setting fire to a stable, the property of Margaret CAHIL of Madlin, parish of Ballyknocken, on the night of the 7th of March last.--This was a crown prosecution and altho' it occupied the Court for a considerable time, the facts lay within the compass of a nutshell.

The prosecutrix swore that her house was set fire to on the night stated in the indictment. That her husband (who was bed ridden) and her children were asleep at the time; it was between nine and ten o'clock at night; that Michael MAHER, son of Darby MAHER, of Kilethrope, called up the prosecutrix, and apprised her of her danger; that prosecutrix immediately ran out and saw the prisoner running from the house; she next morning lodged informations before Mr. STEWART of Leighlinbridge, and had the prisoner arrested on Easter Tuesday. These facts were elicited by the Court....

The prisoner, not having any Counsel employed, had recourse to criminating prosecutrix with having seduced her to Dublin, where she was made an instrument of gain to the prosecutrix in a course of prostitution and infamy too shocking to dwell here upon. The prosecutrix afterwards finding prisoner's charms no long marketable, brought her thence to this country, where through similar scenes of turpitude, she ultimately became unhealthy and debased; that she lingered under the afflictions of want and disease in the house of the prosecutrix, where she lay concealed for eleven months, and that when her friends inquired for her, prosecutrix would lock her up in a chest !--[Here an indescribable scene of confusion, crimination, and recrimination arose between the two women,] prosecutrix said " you had the run of the house, you varmint, (laughing), the dock is too good for you, you robbing thief....The likes of me, set you up, you baggage," (continued laughter) "yes, the things were mine, and you lit the only bit of a fire you had to burn the house inside, and signs by it, the neighbours said so, and you threw you water upon it to quench it, and it's all this I am in Jail for to-day, but the old hay will have you yet." (Shouts of Laughter.) Prisoner not guilty.--Discharged.



About six o'clock, the Hon Baron PENNEFATHER arrived in town, and shortly after went into Court, and opened his Commission, dated 15th July 1825. The following Grand Jury were sworn.--

Right Hon. Wm. V. FITZGERALD, Foreman.

Right Hon. J. O. VANDELEUR, Sir A. FITZGERALD, Sir Hugh D. MASSAY, Lucias O'BRIEN, Thomas BROWNE, Wm. N. MACNAMARA, Andrew FINECANE, Bindon SCOTT, Robert WESTROPP, Henry BUTLER, George O'CALLAGHAN, Bindon BLOOD, Thomas STUDDERT, Simon George PUTLON, Francis MACNAMARA, Francis GORE, jun., Charles CREAGH, George STUDDERT, Thomas MARONY, Richard CREAGH, Thomas SPAIGHT and Hugh SINGLETON, Esqrs.

Immediately after which his Lordship addressed them nearly as follows:--

GENTLEMEN OF THE GRAND JURY.--Upon looking over the Calendar of prisoners for trial, I find it does not contain any crime to require any particular observation from will not find any Bill, but where evidence is produced to you, that would if uncontradicted, lead to a conviction....I do not think it necessary to detain you any longer. The Court will sit every morning at nine o'clock, and I hope you will meet at an earlier hour to enable me to dispose of the public business.


On Monday last, at Newcastle Church, the Rev. Charles HARGRAVE, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. Thomas LOCKE, of Castleview, County Limerick.

At Newport Church, Michael SMITHWICK, of Mount Catherine, Esq., to Maria, daughter of the late Richard WALLER, of Castle-Waller, Esq.

At the house of the British Consul, at Dunkerque, in France, the Hon. Richard Hobart FITZGIBBON, M.P., for the County of Limerick, to Diana, eldest daughter of the late Charles Woodcock, Esq.

In Dublin, Thomas Henricus HOY, Esq., of Sackville-street, to Jane, daughter of the late Edward BURNETT, of Stillorgan, Esq.

Andrew Blair CARMICHAEL, Esq., of French-street, to Jane, eldest daughter of B. SWIFT, of Harold's Cross, Esq.

At Ballyheige, Captain Rowland CHUTE, of Chute-Hall, County of Kerry, to Frances, second daughter of Col. CROSBIE, of Ballyheige-Castle.

In Cork, Thomas Bolton JUSTICE, of Clonkilty, Esq., to Sarah, fourth daughter of the late William SHARE, of Glenmount, County Cork, Esq.

Mr. James WILLIAMS, to Miss HANLON, both of Cork.

At Kililynin Church, William HAYNES, Esq., of Inchigaggin, near Cork, to Mary, eldest daughter of William BLEAZBY, Esq., of Cork.

The Rev. Richard KING, to Dorothea, daughter of the late Christian WILSON, of Roseville, Co. Wexford, Esq.

Thomas DOGHERTY, of Muff, County Donegal, to Mrs. Sarah BEGLEY, of Coleraine.

In Liverpool, Patrick TIERNAN, Esq., M.D., third son of Andrew TIERNAN, Esq., of Rathenny, County Meath, to Sarah, fourth daughter of the late Robert CANTRELL, Esq., of Dublin, merchant.

In London, Arthur Algernon CAPEL, Esq., to Lady Caroline Janetta BEAUCLERC, third daughter of his Grace the Duke of St. Albans.

At Gartmore-House, Alexander TOLMIE, Esq., to Margaret, daughter of the late Captain BETSON, 9th Foot.

Henry GOODE, Esq., of Sudbrooke-hall, Lincolnshire, to Eliza, daughter of the late Wm. GRANT, of Banagher, Esq.

At Mildford, Hants, the Rev. Henry COCKERANE, of Beckenham, Kent, to Mary Octavia, daughter of the late Sir William FRASER, Bart.

At Ilfracombe, Captain ALDER, R.N., to Miss Isabella Mary FORREST, late of Alnwick.

At Felbrigg, Henry BARING, Esq., M.P., of Somerley, Hants, to Cecilia Anne, eldest daughter of Rear-Admiral WINDHAM, and niece to the late Right Hon. Wm. WINDHAM.


On the 20th inst., at the residence of her father near Limerick, Millicent, daughter of Richard Coplen LANGFORD, Esq.

In Limerick, Mr. Denis HOGAN, publican.

At his house, Limerick, Walter WADE, Esq., M.D.

At Phibbsborough, Phebe, daughter of the late Christopher SMITH, Esq., of Roscrea, County Tipperary.

At Fort Granite, County Wicklow, Catherine, wife of Thomas Strandford DENNIS, Esq., and daughter of the late Morley SAUNDERS, of Saunder's-Grove, Esq.

In Dublin, the infant son of Francis BLACKBURNE, Esq.

Margaret, Wife of Kean SMITH, of Richmond-street, Limerick.

The wife of Mr. Jas. WEBBER, of the Quay, Waterford.

At Ballynakill, Queen's County, Mary, wife of Joseph O'BRIEN, Esq., of Marlborough-street, Dublin.

At the Manor-road, the relict of Lieut. John FLINN.

In Galway, the relict of Mr. John HERNAN.

The wife of Doctor John POWER, of Carrick-on-suir.

At Tramore, the wife of Mr. Michael THOMAS.

At Kinsale, Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr. F. O'DRISCOLL, of that town.

Mr. Robert M'GOWAN, of Creggans, near Mountnoris.

In Dundalk, Mr. Joseph JOLLY, Butter Inspector.

In Tralee, Mrs. HURLEY, wife of John HURLEY, sen., Esq.

At Athlone, of fever, Miss Catherine TULLY.

In Dublin, Rev. James M'CAY, aged 87 years.

Lieutenant Humphry NIXON, of the County Meath Police, and formerly of the 96th Regiment.

Michael O'RYAN, Esq., formerly an eminent merchant of Dublin.

Off the Havannah on board his Majesty's Ship Lively, Lieutenant Horatio Bennett COCK, R.N.

At Woodnorton, Norfolk, the Rev. Matthew SKINNER, M.A.

On the 3d March, between Mount Sinai and Foron, in the Red Sea, the Rev. Joseph COOK, M.A., youngest son of the Rev. Joseph COOK, of Newton-hall, Northumberland.

In Cheltenham, Surgeon Thomas FREEMAN.

At Stockholm, Baron De Kantzour, late Swedish Minister to the American States.

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