Cavan Herald
Published in Cavan, county Cavan

September 7, 1824

(Continued from our last.)


The March fair of Arva held on the 24th of that month, is the next circumstance to which public attention must be necessarily directed.....On that day a most notorious mob of Ribbonmen assailed every protestant in the fair; and beat them without a shadow of a cause, or other pretext than that "the time was now come when they were to recover their long withheld privileges, and to become the rightful lords of the soil;"....On ascertaining the alarming proceedings of the rioters, the Reverend Mr. M'CREIGHT, the Protestant Minister, and William HARPUR, Esq., a gentleman considered as possessing a great deal of influence in that Town, and much respected, immediately shewed themselves to the rioters hoping that they may be able to assauge them from the adoption of such conduct; but they were soon forced to withdraw themselves, finding that so far from being able to influence the assailants, their only security for their personal safety was to be had in their withdrawing themselves from the scene of riot....

In the view which we have taken of this riot, we are perfectly aware, that we are not borne out by the result of the trials, which took place at our last Assizes; by the sentences passed on the offenders; or by the observations of the learned Judge who passed those sentences. The Jury, as fair and upright a Jury as could have sat in a Jury-box, declared, in giving in their verdict on the Roman Catholics, on the first day of trial, that they did not consider the riot a premeditated one;--and on the second day, the same Jury returned a verdict of Guilty, against Joseph HALL for having drawn sword in the fair, and inflicting a severe wound with it on the head of Philip ALWELL, thereby declaring that HALL was not necessitated, either in his own defence, or of any of his friends or relations, to have recourse to the sword, or to have used it in the manner in which it was proved he had used it, to the severe and uncalled for injury of ALWELL; while also they found John FOSTER Guilty of wontonly assaulting John M'MANUS in a public house, in the early part of the day, merely because he said he was a Roman Catholic; and that finding led to the natural conclusion, that the unprovoked assault on M'MANUS, was the direct cause of the riot; in that conclusion the learned Judge participated; and such we confess was the impression on our minds.....

But a just ground of regret exists to that of Joseph HALL, who is sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment; the greatest sentence awarded to any of the rioters. We are perfectly satisfied that this man was quietly pursuing his business in his own house, when he saw the standing of his father, in front of the house, broken; on which he went to bring in the things, and was himself knocked down, and severely beaten; after which he effected his retreat into the house, and remained there bleeding until he saw his brother-in-law, a man named JACKSON, knocked down in front of the door, and in danger of losing his life; as also a man named FOSTER, but not he who was found guilty, a peace-officer: both lying on the ground covered with blood, and a party of men 20 or 30 in number, beating them; while FOSTER was directing his whole strength to the preservation of his arms. HALL, with determined bravery, seized his sword, and ran to their assistance, and at the same time...exerted himself for his brother-in-law's and FOSTER's preservation, and succeeded in getting them extricated from all, except Philip ALWELL...

HALL is a man of most irreproachably good character, peaceable, industrious, and unoffending; never appeared in the riot until struck...This man was sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment by the verdict of as honest a Jury, and as upright a Judge, as ever were seated in a court of Justice.

(Continued from our last.)



Charles REILLY, first evidence--the riot, &c., was between five and six--was not at the beginning--did not last five minutes--there was no riot but one--evidence was abused between six and seven--it was light--was on the bridge standing--saw the two ALWELLs coming up--they were severely beat--evidence remonstrated--Samuel FEE came up also--seized evidence and said, you 'Ribbonman I will knock your brains out,' and struck him--identified FEE--evidence did not previously assault any man--three or four others beat him and knocked him down--when getting up Joseph HALL struck him with a banger and cut him severely--identified Joseph HALL, William WILSON, Alexander WILSON, Thomas WEIR, William JOHNSTON, John MULREENY, Richard LOW;--in defence of his life he fought........Cross-examined--Had plenty of friends in the fair....The Court observed it was clear what happened to REILLY was not subsequent to the riot proved by Mr. HARPUR; but does not, however, mean to hold out to Counsel that they should not proceed if they thought fit.

Ellen REILLY sworn (Charles REILLY, recalled swore informations before Mr. SOUTHWELL and Mr. THORNTON, went in a few days to Captain CLARKE, who referred to Mr. SOUTHWELL and Mr. THORNTON........Ellen REILLY examined--Is mother to Charles REILLY, was at Arva.........

His Lordship made a few remarks on the other indictments, and desired the Jury weigt with themselves, the credit due to the several witnesses; and he felt satisfied they would correctly perform their duty.

The Jury deliberated for about ten minutes and returned a verdict, acquitting all the Prisoners in No. 55; acquitting all but FOSTER in 56, who they found guilty; and finding Joseph HALL guilty in 57.

Verdicts Sentences
Joseph HALL Not Guilty
Thomas WIER do
Samuel FEE do
Richard LOWE do
John NIXON do
J. FOSTER, Guilty, 12 months imprisonment.  
Alexander WILSON Not Guilty
Richard LOWE do
J. HALL Guilty, 15 months imprisonment
Charles REILLY )
Pat. BRADY )
Alexander DOYLE )
John M'MANS )
Michael ALWELL )
[The Assizes Intelligence will be continued in our next Number]


Cathrine (sic) WARD, a female, who lived till lately in the humble capacity of a servant, and who died on the 27th of June, has left to the funds of the Belfast Academic(?) institution a bequest of £260.


To the Right Honourable and Honourable, the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled. The Humble Petition of the Undersigned Freeholders of the County of Cavan, Most Humbly Sheweth.

Your PETITIONERS are aware, that of late years it has been too much the practice among a class of persons, who would survey with indifference and apathy even the wreck of the Constitution, so long as it afforded them a source of private emolument, to brand as discontented agitators, such of the people as have the hardihood to address their complaints to Parliament. Your PETITIONERS are sensible, that many of the minor evils, which exist in this part of His MAJESTY's dominions, are thus left unrepresented to your Honourable House, and consequently unredressed to the Country. But your PETITIONERS would be unworthy of that rank which they hold as Freeholds; if, upon the present occasion, when "Freedom of Election," their dearest privilege, has been openly attacked, they should silently submit from a dread of a calumnious misrepresentation of their motives from thus addressing your Honourable House.

Your Petitioners beg leave to state to your Honourable House, that a vacancy having occurred in the representation of their County, by the elevation of the Right Honourable JOHN BARRY to the Peerage; the high and responsible just of representing them in your Honourable House, was aspired to by HENRY MAXWELL, Esq., Nephew to the said Right Honourable John now Lord Baron FARNHAM

Your Petitioners further state that the usual writ of election having been forwarded to JOHN HASSARD, Esq., High Sheriff of the said County,...The same was notified to the Freeholders by the circulation of a printed Proclamation of which the following is a Copy, a printed original being also attached to this Petition for the inspection and information of the Members of your Honourable House.


To the Electors of the County of Cavan

TAKE NOTICE, that pursuant to his Majesty's Writ of Election to me directed, bearing test the 7th day of February instant, I will on Monday the 23d day of February instant.....hold a Special County Court in the County Court House of the Town of Cavan, for the purpose of electing a fit and proper Knight of the Shire for the said County, to serve in the present Parliament now sitting at Westminster, in the room of the Right Honourable JOHN MAXWELL BARRY, now Lord Farnham, a Peer of the United Kingdom.....

And your Petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Charles COOTE, Bellamont forest Con. M'Hugh, do.
R. H. SOUTHWELL, Castlehamilton Edward HARE, Arva
Jas. O'REILLY, jun., Beltrasna Edward CLARKE, Ballinagh
Henry GRATTAN Hugh SMITH, do.
Charles M'DERMOT, Atty., Cavan Hugh BRADY, Oldcastle
Patrick BRADY, Knocktegart James SMITH
Charles GAUGHRAN, Clyferna Edward LYNCH, Roebuck
Bryan SMITH, do. John CORRIGAN, Brankfield
John FITZPATRICK, Belturbet Patt. M'GAGHRAN, do.
Thomas BRADY, do. Patt. M'ELOON, Brankhill
James SMITH, Ballyhaise Darby o"BRIEN, Drumgart
Peter ROARK George REILLY, do.
Hugh DERMOD, Knockbridge Thos. MAGUIRE, do.
Mathew TULLY, Attorney John M'ADDAM, Mullinverna
James DUKE, Graugharutter Charles MARAY, do.
Patrick GORMELL Henry M'CADAM, Lagan
James TRUIMON Michael DONOHOE, Refran
John M'GOVERN John M'CABE, Drumalee
R. O'BRIEN John LYNCH, Tonilagh
James SMITH, Lisodonan Jas. MACABE, Aughanilla
Mark RORKE, Drumaghady Bernard BRADY, Drummeny
Philip FARRELLY, Virginia James REILLY, Uragh
Con. RORKE, Graghrahan John REILLY, do.
Patrick DIVINE, Colommutt James MONAGHAN, Miltown
John BRADY James REILLY, do.
Peter BRADY, Resody John REILLY, do.
Patt. QUINN, Baileborough John LAMB, do.
Thos. HAGAN, Cornababy Edward MURPHY, do.
Patt. HARRIGAN, do. Hugh HAGAN, do.
James REILLY, Corrovogy Phil FITZPATRICK, do.
Thos. SMITH, Drumkirk Patt. REILLY, Munea
John M'CABE, Cramsri Hugh REILLY, do.
John THALLY Patt KENNEDY, Kilnacranagh
Thos. FITZPATRICK,Killesandra Thomas FITZPATRICK, do.
Pat. DONAGH, do. Francis ROOK, do.
Richard MURPHY, Drumrooske John MURPHY, Dericrahan
Edward GEHAN, Killesandra Owen GILREE, do.
Terence KIERNAN, do. Patt. MAGEARTY, Carnasara
Jas. M''MANUS, do. John SHANNON, Carnafarsahan
Wm. SHERIDAN, do. Patt. BRADY, Killanagher
Patt. CARBIN, do. Hugh MAGEARTY, do.
Myles MAHONY, do. Michael REILLY, do.
Charles REILLY, Rakane Thos. DONOHOE, Drumhoe
John MAGOVERIN, Muff James HARRIGAN, Laphan
Owen REILLY Miles REILLY, his X mark
Patt. M'CABE, Coravogy Farrell KEARNAN, his X mark
Bryan WRIGHT, Carneen Frank KIERNAN, his X mark
James SMITH, Clifferna James M'HUGH, Belburbet
John COX Patt. MAGINIS, do.
Patt. O'REILLY, Rockfield Thomas M'DERMOT, do.
Peter REILLY, Cavan Terence FITZPATRICK, do.
Charles REILLY, Lisslay Patt. GEARTY, Lisnamnin
Edward SMITH James MURPHY, Belturbet
James REILLY Con. MONAHAN, do.
John TULLY George WALLACE, do.
Matthew BROWNE Bernard FITZPATRICK, do.
Owen KING Edward FLOOD, Tommasson
Thomas OAKES John FARELLY, Lagan
Matthew MOLEN Bernard M'CAN, do.
Terns (?) M'CABE John REILLY, Tomasson
Owen DOGHERTY Phill. SHANNON, Camaleer
William DORNER Thomas REILLY, Tomasson
Garret LEDBETTER Terrance REILY, Drumrush
James MOORE Owen BURNS, Baugh
Patt. HARE Hugh REILLY, do.
Philip M'GORMIN James M'CAN, Lagan
Farel M'GORMIN Philip FITZPATRICK, Drumbrows
Thomas REILLY, Muff Peter DOLEN, Boley
Terence SHAILS James DOLAN, Drumloy
Michael DILLEN, Muff Charles FLYN
John LATHERS Nicholas FLYN
John COONEY Patt DOLEN, Boly
Michael M'CAN Peter DOLEN
Tarrins LINCH Michael DOLEN, Dermlat
James M'BRIEN Edwd. M'MANUS, Killeran
Mathew M'BRIEN James BRADY, Brackley
Tarrins BRADY Thomas BRADY, do.
Thomas MAGUIRE Thomas REILLY, Gortnavaddy
Bryan KENNEDY, Coragh Owen M'CABE, Cross-Keys
Thomas KENNEDY, do. Bernard LYNCH, Siradone
Patt. M'ADAMS, Refran John FOY, Cootehill
Phil. DONAHOE, do. Isaac BROWN, Lisnasare
Hugh REILLY, Derrivoney Robert REILLY, do.
Patt. FITZPATRICK, do. John DUFFY, Campstown
Francis FITZPATRICK, do. Thomas DUFFY, do.
John FITZPATRICK, do. John BRADY, Cootehill
Hugh FITZPATRICK, do. Francis GORMAN, do.
Edward REILLY, do. Wm. MORROW, Tullibreek
James BONLON, do. Wm. EAKINS, Cootehill
Thomas HINIT, Drumavady Neal SHARKY, Baugh
Peter KEARNAGHAN, Killummedy Edward TACKNEY, do.
John KEIRNAGHAN, Killconly Patt. TACKNEY, do.
Andrew GROGAN, Killaleagh Michael CROOSEN, do.
John M'DONALD, Killummy Peter GALLIGAN, Cotagary
Hugh REILLY, Kilconey James HALL, Baugh
Michael FLINN, do. James VALLELY, Cootehill
Nale FITZPATRICK, do. James CAHILL, do.
Thomas FARELLY, Darraugh George ROGERS
Michael BRADY, his X mark James BROWN, Larngilton
Thomas BRADY, his X mark Joseph MILTON, Cootehill
Crysty BANNAN, his X mark, Darraugh Wm. BEVIN, Drumrehill
Patt. GANNANE, his X mark Luke DEMPSY, Mayo
Owen M'DERMOT, Derryhassen Patrick BRADY, Kilsherdeny
Day DONOHO, his X mark George M'CABE, Cootehill
Fras. M'GUINN, his X mark John M'CANN, do.
Ned MAGAURAN Charles M'ARDLE, do.
Ned MAHAN Thomas BRADY, do.
Owen REILLY Philip LYNCH, do.
Patt. M'CONNELL James WOODS, Tullyvin
Patt. KIERNAN, his Xmark, Puberlin Edward HALL, Belnucarrug
Manus BANAN Patt. HALL, do.
Frans. BANAN, his X mark Thomas FAY, Cootehill
Peter KIERNAN, his X mark Nathaniel M'MULLIN, do.
Thomas REILLY Garret LEADBEDTER, Lislen
Peter KERNAN, his X mark George CHARLES, Cootehill
Ned GULEER, his X mark James BERMINGHAM, Kingscourt
Nichl. KIERNAN, his X mark Frank M'DOLL, Boagh
Thomas BRADY John MEKLE, Dung
Hugh KIERNAN, his X mark Wm. M'FARLANE
John DUNN Robert LOGAN, Cootehill
Terence REILLY, his X mark James MAVERTY, do.
  Henry M'FARLAN, do.
  Patt. M'NALLY, do.
  Thomas ROONEY, do.
  Thomas M'CANN, Kingscourt
  John M'CANN, do.

Having been laid before the house, Mr. MAXWELL, our representative, whose name has been introduced into it, felt it his duty to make some observations, and although he had just taken his seat, and had never before addressed the house; a just sense of the duty he owed his constituents induced him to offer himself on that occasion; and as we had a full opportunity of hearing him express himself on that evening, we also annex, for the benefit of our readers the observation which fell from him; observing at the same time, that we did not then notice them correctly reported in any of the London prints.

Sir, I hold in my hand, a copy of the only election notice which received the sanction of Mr. HASSARD; and the House may perceive that it is headed, not with the figure of King WILLIAM on horseback, but in the usual manner, with the Royal Arms. I must say that the conduct of the Petitioners, has, in this, as well as in every other respect, been most unfair and uncandid. They bring a charge against the HIGH SHERIFF of their County, which he had already twice publicly denied--he denied it on the Hustings, and in a printed letter, which was circulated through every part of the county, and inserted in most of the Dublin Newspapers. In this letter Mr. HASSARD says, "I this day received a circular printed letter, headed "Elective Franchise,"and signed "CHARLES COOTE," in which it is stated that a Proclamation has been issued.............

On the 2d ins., at Drumlane Church, by the Rev. Mr. Heron, Major JOHNSTON H.P. and Barrack-master of Belturbet, to Mrs. JONES, relict of James Jones Esq., H.P., late 103rd foot and late of Belturbet.
On Thursday, in Eniskillen Church, the Rev. John AUCHINLECK, to Miss JOHNSON, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Johnston of Enniskillen.

At Enniscorthy, on Friday the 27th ult, Charles DAVIS, who was piked, buried, and arose again on the following day on Vinegar-hill in 1798 - See Sir Richard Musgraves History.
In Lisnakea, last week. Mr. Archibald BOARDMAN, deeply regretted.

September 14, 1824

It is with sincere regret, we have to announce the sudden death of Mrs. Bell, wife of George Bell of Bellview, in the county of Fermanagh, Esq. and mother of our Under Sheriff, William Bell, Esq.. This distressing and truly lamentable event which has plunged her family in poignant distress, occurred on last Saturday evening at Bundorin, where Mrs. Bell had been for some time past, with her family for the benefit of sea bathing.
The family were at tea, with the exception of Mr. Bell, who was absent on business, when Mrs. Bell without any previous illness, fell from her chair and expired. The regret caused by this affliction dispensation of Providence, is not confined to her own immediate family, but is extended to an extensive circle of friends and relations, by whom she was highly esteemed, and is now deservedly lamented.

Sunday evening, the Rev. Mr. HULCATT took with him a party of police and military to Mount-Shannon, to prevent a hurling party from profaning the Sabbath; the party was attacked, and the Rev. Gentleman himself received some injury from stones thrown at him. The police and military fired some shots, by which three or four of the country people were wounded.

Three men charged with the Murder of Major HARE, were apprehended in Kilkenny on Sunday last.

On Wednesday, Lieutenant George MAKENZIE, of the 14th foot, was discharged as an Insolvent. An application was made by one of his creditors to have a portion of his half-pay allocated to the discharge of his debts, which was refused; it was only £80 a year, of which he could spare nothing.

A gang of coiners were discovered in Cork, on Friday last, by Mr. Sheriff WHITE.


Colonel PRATT is at present in Dublin; a watchful attention to the Protestant interest, has, we have heard, necessarily called him there; he, we understand, will immediately return to the County, and commence his canvass of the Freeholders in person; his return to Parliament is, we believe, unquestionable.

Henry MAXWELL, Esq., M.P., arrived at Farnham House on Saturday evening, from Dublin.

Sir William YOUNG, Bart., spent part of the last week in Dublin.

Report says, that Mr. COOTE, of Bellamont Forest, and Mr. Alexander SAUNDERSON, of Castlesaunderson, are personally canvassing the Freeholders, and have publicly expressed their intention of offering themselves at the next election, as candidates for the representation of this County.

Lord and Lady Farnham arrived at Ardley Cottage (sic), on Saturday evening, we understand they are expected at Farnham to-morrow.

We believe the Commissioners are serious in their intention of effecting benefit for the Country. Mr. BLAKE and Mr. GRANT, two of the Gentlemen named in the Commission, have been for some days at Edgeworth's-town, and have carefully inspected the great school established there by Lovel EDGEWORTH, Esq.

Mr. CANNING is really expected at the Castle of Dublin, his arrival was calculated on yesterday. A post assembly of the corporation is to be held today, for as the requisition states, "the purpose of voting an Address to Mr. CANNING, on his arrival in this Country."

The Right Hon. J. O. VANDELEUR fell from his horse, near Kilrush, on Tuesday, but we are glad to hear sustained no injury.

A Roman Catholic Gentleman, a few days ago, assigned as his reason for not subscribing to THE CAVAN HERALD, that he supposed if his name got on the Subscriber's List, it would be announced as "A MIRACLE."

(Concluded from our last)

Denis BRADY was indicted, 1st, for killing a mare--2d, for riotously assaulting Charles M'KEEVER

Samuel STUART George EAGER
William SLOSS John DAVIS
Robert NEWMAN Charles MOORE
The Crown withdrew the capital indictment.

Charles M'KEEVER, examined by Mr. BOYD--lived in the county Meath, and parish of Manulty; came to the county Cavan last February to live; took a farm under the Bishop of Kilmore; which brought him here; when he went to occupy the farm, another man was with him; it was on the 19th of February, he began his occupancy, by bringing a mare and horse; they were plowing and putting out manure till four o'clock; when they were interrupted by two men inquiring for con-acre ground,and they were told there was none then ready; and to come in a month; immediately after, one seized witness round his body; and the other struck the other man with a stick, and knocked him down; the man got behind his back, and put his arms round his body, before he got disengaged....he saw about twenty men approach, of which prisoner was one; (identified prisoner) and knows his name to be BRADY; first saw him, having heard a man say, make way; the party of twenty when they came up struck at evidence with sticks; saw the other man knocked down and beat, and his face put under the mud; evidence was frequently struck....heard an outcry of kill the horse, as he got on his knees; and immediately those about ran towards his mare which was in a cart; and he believes killed her; never after saw her, as he retreated at the opposite side from her; two spokes of the week were cut..knows that Denis BRADY had formerly to do with the land; but did not know it at the time; and only heard it.

Cross examined by Mr. ROLLESTON--never before knew the prisoner; he lives somewhere in the neighbourhood..evidence was retreating towards Mr. ADAM's; he was beat back; the blows did not tell with the same effect when they crowded as before; prisoner put the people aside and spoke to them with authority; which they obeyed; he craved prisoner's assistance as he had some little knowledge of his brother......thinks he is positive; certainly knows him and that he was there; evidence declined swearing positively as he had some doubts.--Not Guilty.

Henry DONALLY, for a rape on Catharine SMITH, on the 5th of last September--this man was tried last Assizes, and the Jury could not agree:--

James M'CABE Thomas NEWMAN
Hugh M'CABE Andrew DEANE
Catherine SMYTH (sic) examined by Counsellor DEERING--Lived in September last, in Corglass, in this county; with her father and mother; was employed rearing turf in that month; in the bog; distance from her father's about one half a mile; a little boy her brother was with her; and each had tasks laid off by her father; they were on one bank; her brother went away when he did his task--before sunset; he was about 14 years old; she is older than her brother; her mother could not tell her how old she was; she left the bog shortly after her brother--she had to pass through potatoes and corn--knows prisoner; (identified him saw him on her return home, at the end of a cornfield--had not been speaking to him before she then met him--he spoke to her, and said, (taking a hold of her coat) are you strong--and tore her jacket sleeve off--she was prevented going on, by him; he threw her on the broad of her back--can't tell how long he had her so--it was about from the time he first spoke till he threw her down, he took the handkerchief which as about her neck, and put it in her mouth to prevent her shouting, which she did, when thrown down--he then committed a rape on her body--he had a knowledge of her person--he lay on her after he put the handkerchief in her mouth--(the commission of the offence was here proved in the fullest manner,) it was not with her consent........she returned home immediately after--prisoner wanted her to deny he had a communion with her--it was the only conversation he had with her....she returned to her father's house--did not tell what happened to her, to any of them--it happened on Friday--and first told it to an aunt of her's on Tuesday--on her oath it was contrary to her consent, she was so treated......

James M'CAHILL knows prisoner; saw him on the 5th September--about sunset--he (prisoner) was splitting a stick in the bog--evidence was going to the bog, to lift flax.....saw Catherine SMITH there--going from the bog


The Judge charged. The prisoner was indicted, for the capital offence of a rape--punishable and justly punishable by death--as the female sex require that protection so wisely provided by the laws. If the offence is great, and the punishment great, the law also requires it should be clearly proved--it is a charge often made unjustly; and when so made, it is difficult for a prisoner to prove innocence, as the prosecutrix is the only evidence, and from her alone the commission of the offence can only be had....He then referred to his evidence as to the compromise and the conflicting testimony; and to the attention due by the Jury to an contradiction in the testimony of the prosecutrix under such circumstances. Verdict--Not Guilty.

The King a. Bartly QUINLAN, for a Burglary, Robbery, and burning of the prosecutor, Jas. M'CANNON.

James M'CANNON, sworn--lives in Lisanaguire--remembers 23d March--was in the Fair--sold a cow for £10 and laid out part of the money in yarn--came home and in the night Robbers scaled the house--and the maid cried out "Robbers"--He bid her light a candle--saw a Robber come down through the roof over the Chimney-brace--He opened the door and let in 3 more--2 of them tied him (evidence) and threw him on the bed--they then sacked the house of the Money in his pockets and of the goods......never saw any of them before.....

Cross-examined--is a married man--was married before--he has two little boys--they were in the barn--came to him when he was loosed and told him all about it--they are his own sons--he has no step sons--he accused no one for he could not--a person taken for one of them was in Trim Jail...

Catharine M'CANNON--wife of the last witness--she was in bed with her husband beyond him in the bed--first heard the woman that lay in the corner--the woman threw a wisp on the fire which made a blaze, when she saw the man coming through the house...

JOHN DONNELLY, Esq.--The Magistrate, never saw prosecutor till he brought prisoner before him--(he here offered to describe the state in which prosecutor was burned, but was prevented.)


M. GILLICK. (a boy under 15 to prove an alibi) knows prisoner and has known him since he known any body--he lives six miles from Bailieborough; remembers the night of the robbery of M'CANNON; heard of it the next day; it was the 22d March last--prisoner lay with him the night of the 22d, 23d and 24th; went to bed at 10 and 11, and did not sleep till 12; they slept in John GILLICK's, of Cornaslieve; rose about half-past five, used to be called up when Lord BECTIVE's bell rung. Wm. HUGHES, his father's apprentice slept with him that night;....Cross-examined by Mr. JOHNSTON; prisoner is a shoe and brogue-maker; evidence's father is a Tailor; evidence was apprentice to prisoner; they both intended to go to the wake.........Frank FARLEY's daughter was dead; that was the wake they wanted to go to.....

William HUGHES--(a younger boy than the last)--lives in Virginia; known prisoner; heard of M'CANNON's's robbery the day after it happened...he was in his master's M'GILLICK's the taylor's--slept with the others--prisoner could not have been at the robbery without his knowledge.....

John GILLICK lives in Cornaslieve--heard of the night of the M'CANNON's robbery--knows the prisoner--he lived in his house at that time making shoes--he was to learn his son Matthew to make shoes--first heard of the Robbery two or three days after it happened...

Anne GILLICK--wife to last witness--knows the prisoner--remembers M'CANNON's robbery....prisoner was in bed between her son and the apprentice boy--there was a bolt as well as a lock--she did not bolt it--she always used to go down every night to see if the children that lay at the foot of the bed were shifted--there were 5 of them in the bed--the children would be fighting who would be with QUINLAN--he lay in the middle, one of the young ones is 14 years old...

J. KELLET--High constable--knows prisoner these 10 years--has not heard anything prejudicial in his character, he is above 20 years old.--Verdict, Guilty.

John KELLY for assaulting Edward JACKSON, police-man.

Edward JACKSON--Was in duty at the court-house door this day--and was ordered to let none in but those called--prisoner insisted to get in; and evidence tried to put him back with his hand; when he caught his hand; and then evidence put his firelock to him and prisoner seized the firelock; prisoner was kept out.--Not Guilty.

Margaret BRADY, for robbing Mr. CLINTON's shop of a shawl.

Francis CLINTON sworn--lives in Cavan, keeps a shop--lost a shawl--missed it yesterday; did not know who took it; got it again.--Not Guilty.

The following prisoners were tried and found Guilty at our last Assizes.

Hugh VAUGHAN, house breaking and robbery--to be hanged. Respited for further orders.
Mary BRADY, burglary...To be hanged. Respited.
Hugh SMITH, picking pockets, to be transported for seven years.
Charles CURRAN, sheep-stealing to be transported for seven years.
John M'LAUGHLIN, stealing linen, like rule.
Thomas MARTIN, stealing feathers, imprisoned three months.
Sally MARTIN, stealing be transported seven years.
Margaret M'KENNA, stealing clothes, like rule.
James M'MAHON, stealing clothes, like rule.
Cicily KEARNS, stealing be imprisoned six months.
John TIMMON and Francis TIMMON, house be transported for seven years.
Bartly QUINLAN, burglary and robbery...To be hanged...respited.
Perrot JONES, stealing several articles of wearing apparel--to be transported for seven years.

There were fifty eight persons found Guilty of private distillation, and sentenced to pay a fine of £2 0 0 to the King, or be imprisoned one month; and the persons concerned in the Arva riots, whose names and sentences appeared in our last number.

The Office of Inspector-General of Prisons, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Mr. GAMBLE, is likely to be filled, we understand by Sir Edward STANLEY. The Corporation of Dublin, have the nomination to this office.--DUBLIN PAPER


The Catholic Rent is collecting through the County Kilkenny, and with success.

The inactivity of the Collectors of the Catholic Rent in Dublin and Galway was complained of.

The Grandfather of the present Earl of Kenmare, was the person with whom the idea of the Catholic Rent originated.

The EVENING POST, says that the Catholic Rent languishes in Dublin.

On Sunday se'nnight, there was a numerous meeting of the Roman Catholics of Cork, held at the Chapel, Carey's-lane, Charles SHUGRUE, Esq., in the chair. Several resolutions were passed, and returns made of the Catholic Rent collected, amounting to the sum of £300.

William BARRATT, convicted at the Cork Assizes, of the atrocious rape on Julian KIELY, a married woman, underwent the sentence of the law at Gallows-green in that City. This man it appears was tried at the Kerry Assizes, for the murder of the Ill-fated BRERETON.

Sir Hugh CROFTON, Admiral Sir J. ROWLEY, and Major William IRWIN, are erecting mansions on their estates in the county Leitrim.

W. L. WELLESSLEY, Esq., has eloped with the Lady of Captain BLIGH, of the Coldstream Guards.


On Tuesday morning, in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, Thos. BUSHE, Esq., third son of the Rt. Hon. the Lord Chief Justice, to Alicia Jane, second daughter of John PHILLIPS, of Pembrokeshire, Esq.


In Lisnaskea, last week, Mr. Archibald BOARDMAN, deeply regretted.

At Elm Park, on Saturday last, most sincerely regretted, Mrs. CONOLLY, wife of James CONOLLY, Esq.

September 21, 1824


On Thursday morning, in the Church of Cavan, by the Rev. Mr. MOORE, Mr. Thomas BLIGH, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. John MURRAY, watchmaker, both of this town.

On the 7th instant, at the Church Skryne, in the County of Meath, Godfrey FETHERSTON, Esq., to Matilda, youngest daughter of the Rev. Stephen RADCLIFF, Rector of Skryne.

In Dublin, Mr. S. LAURENCE, to Esther, daughter of Mr. MANNING, of Rathdrum.

Mr. BOND, a Longford Magistrate, has been fined £5 by the Judge, for giving a warrant to the police to execute a common decree.

The Rev. Michael GOUGHEGAN, an Irish Clergyman of the Romish Communion, was fully committed on Wednesday last in London, for stealing a waistcoat and pair of trowsers, from a man named M'DONAGH, which he afterwards pawned for 9s., and a hat from a man named LOWRY; in his defence as to Character, he shewed various testimonials, one of which was from the Rev. Patk. RIELLY, Vicar General, which stated him to be a man of "tried prudence and integrity," and that he was seeking for subscriptions to finish his Chapel, which was partly built. He acknowledged the robberies with which he was charged, which appeared to be a matter of necessity, as the evidence was too clear to admit of his denying them; like Father CARROLL, he said he was "mad"; and one evidence nearly corroborated his assertion, but unfortunately added the word "drunk" after "mad."

We regret to state, that a daring robbery was perpetrated last night in the shop of Mrs. TURNER this Town, of milliner; the perpetrators succeeded in getting out the window-shutter pins, and having taken down the shutter, took out a pain (sic) of glass, through which some small person who must have been acquainted with the place, was introduced into the shop, and who opened the door for his accomplices. They succeeded in taking off about £20 worth of millinery and other property; and no clue has as yet been afforded to their discovery. About 4 o'clock, Mrs. TURNER having been called up by one of her children who was not very well, supposing she heard the shop door slapping, went into the shop and found it open and plundered.


A most distressing accident occurred at Ballyshannon last week. Miss JONES, daughter of Captain JONES of the Donegal Militia, an amiable and interesting young lady, was unfortunately drowned, while bathing in the sea contiguous to the town. The tide had been out, and she ventured too near the channel, into which she glided, and was unable to recover herself.

The STAR states that Mr. MILLIKEN, of Grafton-street, is to be appointed a Commissioner under the new Act for the Valuation of Houses, and the better regulation of the local taxes of Dublin.


At our Petty Sessions on Tuesday last, at which the following Magistrates attended--Ralph Bell CLARKE, Esq., Chairman, Henry MAXWELL, M.P., Andrew BELL, and William BURROWES, Esqrs., there was no case of any moment--it is very gratifying to find a constant and regular attendance of the Magistrates at those Sessions.....


At Down Assizes, John BRAZIER was tried for killing the Rev. Mr. ANDERSON, a Methodist Preacher, on the 12th of July. It appeared that the prisoner was rejoicing on that memorable day, and on firing, Mr. ANDERSON fell from his horse (which was restive, and was killed)--Verdict. Guilty; sentenced to three months imprisonment. The family of ANDERSON prayed for a slight punishment.

Yesterday, Mr. James HARTIGAN, a shopkeeper, in Church-street, whilst selling some articles in his shop, rushed from the counter into an adjoining room, where he fell down instantly and expired. Up to the moment of the awful occurrence, he did not complain of the slightest indisposition. Within the short period of three months, we have had to record the death of this young man's father and mother. IBID.


On Friday, the 27th ultimo, Denis O'CONOR, Esq., eldest son of O'CONNOR DON, of Belanagare, County Roscommon, to Mary, eldest daughter of Major BLAKE, of Tower-hill, County of Mayo.

By Special Licence, at the Church of Athenry, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. IRWIN, William LOPDELL, of Athenry House, in the County of Galway, Esq., to Miss Mary M'TIGUE, of said place.

Sept. 7th, at Ardfert Cathedra, by the Rev. John KERRIN, George HILLIARD, Esq., of Tubrid, to Mary, second daughter of Francis GILES, Esq., deceased, of Tralee.

On the 8th inst. at Inver Church, by the Rev. Mr. MONTGOMERY, Mr. Charles UNDERWOOD, to Miss Eliza NESBITT, third daughter of Robert NESBITT, Mount Charles, Donegal, Esq.

At Armagh, on Wednesday, the 8th inst., John ALEXANDER, of Newtownlimavady, Esq., to Miss MAXWELL, daughter of the late Samuel MAXWELL, of Armagh, Esq.

In Ennis, Ralph MANSERGH, Esq., of the 25th Regiment, to Susan, eldest daughter of Wm. Nugent M'NAMARA, of Ennistymon-house, Esq.


At Castle-Hewson, Robert HILLIARD, Esq., son of Captain HILLIARD, of the County Limerick Regiment.

In Lancaster, the Son of Joseph BIRCH, Esq., M.P.

At Lynsted Lodge, Kent, the Right Hon. Lord TEYNHAM, aged 57 years.

Lord Viscount HAMPDEN. His Lordship had enjoyed his title only a few days, and is succeeded in the entailed estates by the Earl of Buckinghamshire.

At Liverpool, at the advanced age of 109 years, Mary GRIFFITH, a native of Ireland.

At Wolverhampton, the extraordinary age of 108 years, William JEFTON, a Gardener, after eight days illness.

On the 4th inst., at Violet-hill, near Sligo, Mr. George FEELY, Attorney.

On Tuesday last, Francis GRAHAM, of Drumgoon, near Maguiresbridge, Esq.

AWFUL DEATH--Mr. PARQUARISH, a Hungarian Master Tailor of the 10th Royal Hussars, lately met with an awful and sudden death, at the head quarters of the Regiment at Ballinrobe. He had been selected by order of his Majesty, for the Regiment on account of his singular taste as a Fashioner, and about two years ago, had the honour of forming one of a group designated in a well known caricature "The Hungry Taylors." Shortly after his arrival at head quarters, he narrowly escaped death by drowning; and having learned that whiskey was deemed a sovereign specific for the cure of cold, "which killed more than the plague," indulged perhaps too freely in the application of the "medicine"; he retired to rest, but neglected to extinguish his candle; the bed-furniture soon became ignited; he was in consequence dreadfully scorched; a brain fever ensued; and he was suddenly carried off.

Lord ELLENBOROUGH is shortly to be married to Miss DIGBY, the daughter of Admiral DIGBY, after a courtship of short duration.

It is affirmed that no less than 6,000 French women followed the British troops home to England, after the battle of Waterloo, and the capture of Paris.

The Commissioners of Fisheries have directed the sum of £400 to be applied for the purchase of boats, for the poor of Sligo.

We have been informed, and our information is from a most authentic source, that the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the state of Ireland, have given it as their opinion that Forty Shilling Freeholds should be abolished; Catholic Emancipation granted; and, of course, Roman Catholics rendered eligible to sit in Parliament.--TIMES.

September 28, 1824

Twenty poor Irish harvest people, returning home in the St. George steamparcket, from Liverpool, were washed overboard, and all drowned, on Monday week, by the vessel shipping a heavy sea; at one time such was the severity of the storm, that the vessel was in great danger of being lost.

Last night as Serjeant CROZIER, of the 2d. Veterans, was going to his barracks, two men attacked him at the corner of the street leading to Barrack-hill, knocked him down and severely beat him.

On Saturday night, about 8 o'Clock, as four men, W. and George WEST, M. M'MICHAEL, and ______ TILSON, were returning from this town to their home in the neighbourhood of Kilikeen, they were waylaid and attacked immediately in front of the near entrance gate of Farnham, by a very large party of men, who without any dispute or alleged cause, assaulted them, and dreadfully beat the WESTs.--We hear the injuries they have sustained are of a very serious nature. No other reason can be assigned, and we confess we have no hesitation in stating that it appears to us to be a very sufficient reason, according to the present system, than that they were Protestants!!!

Same evening, Mr. Humphry TILSON, of Corratubber, in the same neighbourhood of the men who were attacked, as above, stated as he was leaving this town was assaulted and knocked down. All those persons are known to be sober industrious and respectable Protestants.

On Saturday night, about 11 o'clock, the influence of the "potteen" (sic) began to manifest itself in our main street; some few score "Paddies" amused themselves with a bit of a row, and stones and other missiles were in great demand. The police, whose number in this town, we believe, only three efficient men and a serjeant, is much too small for the duty, were on the alert, as well as their Officer Chief-Constable KENNETT, who was so warmly saluted on his appearance, with both stick and stones, that he was speedily "floored;" he and his party, however, made twenty-one prisoners, who got a gratuitous night's lodgings in the Jail....

We have been informed that some weeks since a Mill, near Ashgrove, in the vicinity of Belburbet, was designedly burned; the cause of this offence was that its Proprietor was a Protestant!! Another Mill in the neighbourhood, the property of a respectable Roman Catholic, escaped; but he was noticed that if he persevered in his refusal to take the Ribbonman's Oath, a similar fate awaited it.

The elopement of Mr. Chas. VEITCH, and Mrs. CARLISLE, has afforded an ample theme for the papers of last week to dilate upon. The representations seem, however, to emanate all from one source. Though the conduct of Mr. VEITCH is reprehensible in the highest degree, and can abmit (sic) of no justification, still we think a regard for truth should influence the recital of the transaction; and we are justified in saying that has not been the case. THE STAR, Dublin paper, has been foremost in its misrepresentations, and we recommend to their perusal the following paragraph which we copy from one of the papers received at our office; we do not by any means offer it in vindication of Mr. VEITCH's conduct...."Mrs. VEITCH, of whom so much has been said, is old enough to be at least the mother of her husband--she was a rich widow, and she gave as well her entire wealth as her antiquated person, to a young sabaltern, with no other means than his half-pay."


At Aughrim Church, County Galway, the Rev. Samuel MEDLICOTT, of Loughrea, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late Col. DOLPHIN, 6th West India Regiment.

In London, Lord Ellenborough, to Jane, only daughter of Rear-Admiral DIGBY and Viscountess Andover.

In Paris,. on the 15th instant, at the British Ambassador's Chapel, John Lees ARMIT, Esq., eldest son of John ARMIT, Esq., of Kildare-street, Dublin, to Augustine Eugenie Holmi LETESSIER, daughter of the Baron de Marguerittes.

Mr. Robert A. BENNETT, of Lismore, to Miss IRETON, of Tallow.


In the Phoenix Park, Dublin, the Wife of Colonel SHORTALL.

Richard M. REYNELL, Esq., of Reynella, County Westmeath.

At Bermuda, the Rev. Mr. CROSS, Missionary in the Independent connexion.

Mathew Francis JOHNSON, Esq., eldest son of the Rev. Philip JOHNSON, of Ballymacash, County Antrim.

At Garbally, in the county of Galway, the seat of the Right Hon. the Earl of Clancarty, Nicholas Power TRENCH, Esq., Uncle to his Lordship, and to his Grace the Archbishop of Tuam.

Near Southampton, the Rev. Sir C. RICH, Bart.


The Dowager Countess of Farnham has taken a place, within ten miles of Litchfield, where she means to reside in future. Her splendid equipages have attracted particular attention there.

The Duke of Wellington continues seriously indisposed.

Major CARTWRIGHT died at his house in London, on Thursday last, aged 85--He was formerly Major in the Nottingham Militia.

Wednesday, the ANNE and AMELIA sailed from Cork, with convicts to New South Wales.

The Catholics of Enniskillen are to meet to-morrow for the purpose of adopting the "Rent." Every parish in the county will follow the example of Enniskillen.--DUBLIN PAPER


There is no truth in the statement that Sir A. B. KING solicited to be on the Co. Fermanagh Grand Jury.

A sermon was preached for the benefit of the widow of Missionary SMITH, at Belfast, on Sunday; a large sum was collected.

The Rev. Mr. AUSTIN, the friend of the Missionary SMITH, who was obliged to leave Demerara on that account, has arrived at Liverpool.

John LLOYD, Esq., of Cashel, County Roscommon, was drowned in a lake at Ballyglass, County Sligo, a few days ago.

The Races of Tralee, which commence on the 7th of October, are to continue six days. The Stewards are Messrs. BLENNERHASSET, CROSBIE, DENNY, HURLY, FITZGERALD, THOMPSON, ELLIOT, and Captain O'CONNELL.

Mr. Neville NEWMAN, who conducted himself in so zealous a manner at the apprehension of the gang which attacked him, near Ballynahill, in this County, in September last, has been appointed by his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant to be Chief Constable of Police in the County of Longford.

Committed to Castlebar Gaol, by the Right Honourable Denis BROWNE, Pat. CONAVAN, for having absconded from the employment of Martin GRIFFIN, to whom he had engaged himself as a servant for one year, when said GRIFFIN had most need of his services. Sentenced to be imprisoned for one moth, and to be kept at hard labour.

Committed to Castlebar Gaol, under the Right Hon. Denis BROWNE, Rev. H. PASLEY and Joseph LAMBERT, Esq., Thos. HUGHES, charged with leaving the work and service of his master, Owen CONLON, Weaver, whom he is bound by indenture, and sentenced to one month's imprisonment and hard labour.


Thursday a well-dressed fashionable looking Gentleman, going by the name of J. WHITE, Esq. of Sligo, but whose real name is TAYLOR, from the County Tyrone, went to a shop in Patrick-street, and ordered a parcel of Silk Handkerchiefs and Stockings, two pieces of linen, lots of thread, needles, &c., which he ordered to be sent to "Mr. WHITE," at the Cork Hotel. The Gentleman of the shop having seen his customer in the Cork Jail, recognized him, on taking his order, and immediately after "Squire WHITE" left the shop, he went to Captain DROUGHT, who had two of his police dressed in coloured clothes, and sent to the shop, and on the goods being made up, one of the police went to deliver them as the shopkeeper's clerk; the goods were taken up to his room and after few minutes the new clerk was called, and asked by Mr. WHITE why the remainder of the order was not executed, adding "stay here with these goods, and I will go over myself to order the remainder, and I will pay for all."--The policeman remained, but Mr. White, Alias Taylor, not coming back, the policeman returned to the shop with the parcel, on opening of which it was discovered that twelve of the silk handkerchiefs had vanished. The police went in pursuit, and at two o'clock yesterday morning this unfortunate young man was found in a lodging-house in the east liberties, about four miles from town. He was accordingly brought in and committed to gaol--it appears that this young man, who is but twenty years of age, has been practising similar capers in Cork, Waterford and Clonmel....

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