Cavan Herald
Published in Cavan, county Cavan

October 5, 1824

Sergeant DOWN, of the 62d Regiment was barbarously murdered on last Tuesday night, when returning to his Barrack, about six miles from Nenagh; two privates, who were with him, were severely injured...The Police have succeeded in apprehending three of the murderers--a fourth has absconded.

The "Catholic Rent" is immediately to be raised in this County. It was notified from the altars of the Chapels on last Sunday and the previous Sabbath, the impost is one penny per house, per month. As the greater portion, if not the entire of the proprietorship of this County, rests in Protestants' hands, we presume the Roman Catholic Clergy will impress on the minds of their flock the propriety of first paying "the Protestant Rent," as it is the longest due; and there is an old adage, that "men should be just before they are generous."

Eleven convicts were recently transmitted from our Jail to Dublin, under the care of Mr. George GALLOGLEY, Jailor, with a military escort. Last week three convicts, under the care of Mr. GALLOGLEY, Jailor of Enniskillen, passed through here; and on Thursday nine more convicts from Sligo, under the care of the Jailor of that town, and escorted by a subaltern's command of the 34th foot arrived here, and moved forward the following morning under the care of a part of the 2d Royal Veterans, for the same destination.

On Saturday morning, a party of the 34th Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant MILNER, which arrived here on Thursday evening from Enniskillen, with the Sligo Convicts, returned to their quarters.

On Wednesday last one hundred gallons of illicit whiskey or potteen, in seizure in the King's stores here, was sent to Dublin by Mr. ROGERS, officer of Excise, in obedience to an order to that effect from the Commissioners. We understand this whiskey when seized is in future to be applied to the use of the Navy.



We cannot at all conceive why our Roman Catholic Readers should profess such displeasure towards THE CAVAN HERALD, while at the same time, they are so anxious to peruse its columns; but such is the case. One circumstance however, which may prove beneficial to the cause of truth, is likely to result from their hostility--it is publicly stated, and, we believe, announced by a prospectus, that another paper is immediately to appear in this town. It is to be established by the Roman Catholics, upheld by "Catholic Rent," and of course will make its appearance for the purpose of awing THE HERALD into silence; and if it exceeds the bounds of truth, for the purpose of exposing its falsity.....We dare say their motto will be "Liberality," and no doubt the conciliators will be invited to rally under their standard. We shall only say to them, "may he bear the 'palm,' who deserves it."

The Cotton Weavers of Belfast have formed an association for the improvement of their trade.


Sir Wm. YOUNG, Bart. is now in this town, on his personal canvass of the Freeholders of the County.

We understand that late Lord Mayor of Dublin has refused a Baronatage for his services, stating that the approval of his fellow Citizens was the most satisfactory reward which he could receive.


"His remains were accompanied to the grave by an immense assemblage, composed of all classes, without any religious distinction, and the Roman Catholics of the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion marched in procession, under the command of Major FAUCET."--See CONNAUGHT JOURNAL, 30th August.

"GALWAYS Sept. 4

Rev. Sir and Brother--I am urged, I may say, by a sense of duty, to inform you of a very unprecedented and extraordinary circumstance which occurred here on Saturday last, the 29th ultimo. The remains of a Mr. TIERNEY, an Augustinian Friar, after having high Mass performed over them, were taken from the Augustinian chapel, through the town, attended by an immense assemblage of the inhabitants, accompanied by the military.

"A little before two o'clock on that day, two Priests were observed going (seemingly in haste,) into the Shamble Barracks, when immediately the bugles sounded "turn out the whole," and accordingly, the entire of the Roman Catholic Soldiers, who compose the principal part of the garrison, immediately turned out, and, (as the Connaught Journal says) "commanded" by Major FAUCET, and accompanied by some other officers of the 1st Royal Veterans Battalion, marched in regular military order, four deep, to Fort-Hill, where the remains of the Rev. Gentleman were interred.

"An occurrence of a similar nature, I am told, took place here about a year and a half ago.....These (I believe I may solely say) are the only precedents of the kind that has occurred in the kingdom, since the Glorious CONQUEST OF THE BOYNE.

"It would, Reverend Sir, be only an affectation of ignorance, were I to ask "what mean these things?" or, what all this parade, and show of Popish Military strength, got up by intriguing Romish Priests indicates, in these eventful times, when the remains of a true Gospel Minister, (I mean, of course, the Church by law established) would be carried through this town over and over again, suffered to pass, by the Military authorities, unheeded......I ask, why march in procession and Military order under the COMMAND OF Major Faucet? or who ORDERED the Bugles to sound TURN OUT THE WHOLE.....


In Sligo, James VEITCH, Esq., of Dublin, to the daughter of the late Captain John ARMSTRONG, Fermanagh Militia.

On Wednesday, 22d inst. Henry STUART, Esq., 46th Regiment, to Julia, daughter of J. P. BARKER, Esq., of Markethill, and niece to General STUART.

At Booterstown Church, Gilbert Wakefield MACKMURDO, Esq., of Hackney, Middlesex, to Charlotte, daughter of the late George BALL, of Castlebellingham, County of Louth, Esq.

Mr. D. HALL, to Miss FRY, daughter of the late Mr. J. FRY, Postmaster of Boyle.

At St. George's Church, Hanover-square, London, by the Hon. and Rev. William EDEN, Edmund Craddock HARTOPP, Esq., eldest son of Sir Edmund HARTOPP, Bart., to the Hon. Mary Jane EDEN, daughter of Lord Hendry.


At Tullylast, County Kildare, William MILLS, Esq., Barrister at Law.

At Westfield, in the Queen's County, James PRICE, Esq.

At Carrickmacross, of fever, the Rev. Francis O'REILLY.

Walter, third son of the late Andrew YOUNG, of Monaghan, Esq., aged 13 years.

In her 72d year, Susanna, Lady of Sir Robert PEEL, Bart.

At St. Petersburgh, the Countess of Balmain, daughter-in-law of Sir Hudson LOWE.

At Kilmurry, the seat of the Chief Justice, aged 33 years, Charles FOX, son of the late Judge FOX.

At Kilcarbery, Cecilia, relict of Cantrell PHILLIPS, Esq.

October 12, 1824


On Tuesday night, the 5th instant, the house of James LANGSTAFF, Esq., near Drumreany, in the Barony of Kilkenny West, County Westmeath, was attacked by a body of men, consisting of nearly forty, all armed, under a leader dressed as well as any gentleman. After obtaining entrance, they ordered the servants to deliver up Mr. LANGSTAFF's arms, which as all that they required; upon which four guns, four pistols, and a spring bayonet, were handed to them, with which they departed. The Commander was dressed in a suit of blue, much like that of an officer; and his boots creaked, as these only do which are worn within doors.

We are sorry to state that during his absence from home, the desk of Mr. M'GUIRE of this town, was broken open and a large sum of money taken therefrom--the desk or drawer lay in an outer-office, and a servant who lived in the house named Bernard FITZPATRICK, being aware that large sums of money were occasionally left in it, watched until such time as he could obtain a large sum, which he effected on Wednesday night. FITZPATRICK and his wife were both committed to jail, and nearly £30 have been found with them. We believe the full amount is not know; we hear it was nearly £100. FITZPATRICK and his wife have, we learn, been since liberated.

In addition to the Sergeant, whose dismissal from the Police we notice in page 157; on Friday last, Major DARCY dismissed Sergeant KELLS, who had been stationed at Kilnaleck, for drunkenness.....


Yesterday Mr. Charles COOTE, eldest son of Charles COOTE, Esq., of Bellamont Forest, completed his 21st year.--We understand there were great rejoicings at Cootehill on the occasion

Inspector General of Police, DARCY, spent three days in the last week in this town, inspecting the state of the Police of the County.

Report says Mr. Richard MARTIN, M.P. for Galway, will retire from the British Senate, and confine his labours to the Irish Parliament, in which he has taken his seat.


John BYRN, Esq., Academic Doctor of Medicine, of Trinity College, Dublin, Batchelor of medicine, and Batchelor of Arts, of Trinity College, Dublin--Licentiate of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, and late Surgeon of the Dublin City Militia, has been appointed by Lord Farnham, Surgeon of the Cavan Light Battalion, Vice Surgeon Randolph BYRN who exchanges.


On last Friday evening, in this town, at an advanced age and suddenly, Mrs. ROBINSON, wife of Mr. Robert ROBINSON; of Longford, and sister to the late Wm. DONALDSON, Esq., for many years Under Sheriff of this County.


On the night of Friday the 24th ultimo, the dwelling house of Robert HOWE, of Derryleck, within a few miles of Enniskillen, was discovered to be on fire, and the family with difficulty, it is said, escaped with their lives. It is attributed to malice, and a reward has been offered for the perpetrators of the vile act. His haggard, we hear, was afterwards burnt.

Informations were received on Monday, at Dundalk Petty Sessions, against Lord Clermont, for an assault on Mr. MARMLON.

On the 12th instant the house of John NORRYS, near Swatragh, was entered after night by an armed band--NORRYS and his wife were desperately beaten, and ordered to abandon their dwelling under penalty of another visit. They have therefore been obliged to take refuge with a relation.--Five individuals sworn to as concerned in this outrage have been apprehended.

On the 13th, a man named M'ELFATRICK, near Swatragh, and his sister, were treated in the same manner as were NORRYS and his wife--they were both beaten, the former unmercifully, insomuch that he lies dangerously ill, and his life is despaired of.

The following night, the house of a man named STEWART, near Swatragh, was forcibly entered, as in the two preceding instances, and his family greatly maltreated. STEWART himself was dragged to a bog, and beaten till supposed dead. His skull was fractured, and his recovery is totally hopeless. He has identified two of his assailants, one of whom has been apprehended.

September 15--Arthur EVANS was waylaid and severely beaten after night-fall, in the townland of Gortyhurk. He identified one of the assailants, who has been apprehended.

On the night of the 17th, a man named HAIR, was waylaid and desperately beaten near the chapel of Myagall. Knows three of his assailants.

September 19--The mill of Gortyhurk was burnt to the ground, after three abortive attempts to effect its destruction.

Serjeant MAGEE of the Police of this County, who was stationed at Virginia, was dismissed on Tuesday last for misconduct in the execution of his duty.--A complaint was preferred against him, by Mr. COOTE, of Bellamont-Forest, who as Magistrate, called on him to assist in apprehending some persons in Virginia, against whom a warrant was issued; and which duty he refused to perform; it became necessary to get the assistance of the Military stationed in the Town, to effect the apprehension of the person accused.

Three persons burned to Death--On the 14th instant, a widow of the name of M'RAE, residing at Breechdachdin, in the parish of Kilmorach, and her three children, two girls and a boy, from twelve to nineteen years of age, retired to rest at their usual hour. The woman awoke about midnight, and finding the house in flames, she hurriedly awoke her eldest daughter, and desired her to go out to her brother and sister; she then leaped out at the window and ran for assistance, but there being none near, before her return, the roof fell in, and her three unfortunate children, her sole support, were burnt to death in the ruins.....INVERNESS JOURNAL.

On Wednesday, a young boy, named Patrick WALKER, apprentice to BACKHORN the chimney sweeper was unfortunately suffocated when sweeping a chimney in Mr. WHALEY's house, Stephen's Green, Dublin, in consequence of a quantity of rubbish having fallen down upon him.


On Saturday, at Castlelyons Church, by the Rev. J. W. EDGAR, the Rev. W. CHAMPAGNE, Curate of Croagh, in that County, Rector of Castlelyons, in the Diocese of Cloyne, and Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant, to Jemin'a Rachel, only daughter and heiress of the late Barnaby JENKINS, Esq., of the island of Curracoa.

By Special License, on the 29th ult. at St. Thomas's Church, and after by the Rev. _______ GLYNN, Roman Catholic Parish Priest, Roderick O'CONNOR, Esq., eldest son of Roderick O'CONNOR, of Milltownhouse, in the county of Roscommon, Esq., to Cecilla, second daughter of John MacDONNELL, of Carranacun, in the county of Mayo, Esq.

On Saturday last, at Mary-le-bone New Church, London, by the Rev. William BAKER, John BATEMAN, Esq., of Oak Park, County Kerry, to Francis (sic) youngest daughter of Nathaniel BLAND, Esq., of Lower-Berkley-street, Portman-square.


At Farm Hill, County Mayo, on the 28th ult., Anne, wife of John GARDNER, Esq.

At Leadinston, County Cork, Robert, youngest son of Maurice ATKINS, Esq.

In Dublin, Sarah, wife of John ADAM, Esq., of Rush.

At his residence, Clinstown, County Kilkenny, aged 27 years, John WILSON, Esq., Lieutenant in the Queen's County Militia.

On Tuesday last in the 65 year of his age, Mr. John WHITTON, of Enniskillen. For many years Deputy Grand Master of the Orangemen of Fermanagh, he was zealously attached to that cause, and greatly esteemed by its numerous adherents.

October 17, 1824


At the Petty Sessions On Tuesday last William POLLOCK, and John WILSON, Esqrs., both of Ballynagh, appeared to answer the complaint of the Stamp Office, for sporting without licences; what caused those complaints to excite somewhat more than ordinary interest was that while each of the Gentlemen were separately charged with a violation of the stamp laws, they were each also summoned to give evidence against the other, and were the only evidences. On the charge against Mr. POLLOCK being preferred he admitted he had frequently out shooting, and produced his licence taken out in the County of Longord; and on the charge against Mr. WILSON being called on, Mr. POLLOCK swore that he did not see Mr. WILSON either shooting or using dogs or guns, on the day stated in the complaint; both complaints were therefore dismissed.


Herrings were this day selling in this Town, which is forty miles from any sea coast, at the extraordinary low price of thirteen for two pence halfpenny! !

The Mail Coach running through this Town, stopped on Tuesday last at the Cavan Arms Inn (Mrs. BARRY's) and since continues to do so.

While prices continue extraordinarily high in many parts of the North of Ireland, for the various necessaries of life, we perceive by the several provincial prints which we receive that they are uncommonly cheap in the other parts of the Kingdom......

In our last number, we gave an account of an outrage recently committed in the neighbourhood of Maghera; we regret to state, that STEWART, of Swatragh, whose house was forcibly entered, on the night of the 14th, by an armed band, and whose family and himself were so barbarously maltreated, has since died of his wounds.

DUBLIN, SEPT. 17, 1824

At a special and adjourned meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, held at the Royal Hotel, College-Green, on Monday the 13th ult., and continued, by adjournment until Thursday, the 16 ult., Joseph GRIER, Esq., Grand Master, County of Tyrone, in the chair, the following Grand Offices were chosen for the ensuing year:--

Grand Master, The Right Hon. Charles Henry St. JOHN, Earl O'Neill, K.S.P., &c., &c., &c.--Deputy Grand Master, Colonel VERNER--Grand Treasurer, Colonel PRATT--Grand Secretary, James VERNER, Esq.--Deputy Grand Treasurer, Richard HILL, Esq.--Deputy Grand Secretary, Geo. FEARON, Esq.--Grand Chaplain, Rev. John GRAHAM, A.M.--Assistant Grand Chaplains, Rev. Sir Harcourt LEES, Bart., A.M.; Rev. Holt WARING, A.M.; Rev. J. J. BERESFORD, A.M.' Rev. J. L. CROSBIE, A.B.; Rev. S. H. STEWART, A.M. There were also forty-four Nobelmen and Gentlemen elected Members of the Grand Committee, and sixteen Brethren, residing in Dublin, were selected, by ballot, for the Sub-Committee.--BELFAST NEWS-LETTER.


The Lord Mayor of Dublin is pledged to put Sir A. B. KING, Bart., a nomination for the representation of Dublin--if an Election occurs in his year of Office.

The Earl of O'NEIL is seriously indisposed in England.

At an ordination lately held at Raphoe by the Lord Bishop of that Diocese, Edwin MOORE, Esq., A.B., son of the Rev. Mr. MOORE, Master of the College of this Town, received Deacon's orders.

We have enquired into a paragraph which appeared in a Morning Paper in which it was stated, that a near relative of a Protestant Clergyman had embraced the Roman Catholic Faith at Ballinasloe. We are authorised to undeceive the public, by pronouncing the statement in question, a gross Fabrication.--STAR


Our readers will we have no doubt felt no small regret at the melancholy announcement, it becomes our duty this day to make to them. The Paper intended to have appeared in this town called "the Conciliator" was unfortunately last week, smothered in its birth; the woes and lamentations for this lamentable event are most distressing.

David KELLY, Esq., supervisor of excise, has been ordered to take charge of this excise district, vice William BLACK, Esq., who is indisposed.


A murder of a most atrocious nature was perpetrated at Conranstown, near Kilbeggan, about six o'clock on Friday evening last, on the person of Mr. ROBINSON, who had formerly been a respectable miller residing in that neighbourhood. It appears that the feeling of ill will towards this Gentleman, had its rise so long back as the 1798. Since that period several attacks had been made upon him which in more than one instance were near proving fatal. The causes which led the brutalized populace to imbrue their hands in the blood of this Gentleman are numerous.....In the first place, he was a PROTESTANT, and, in addition to his crime, had signalised himself as a person of loyal and uncompromising principles in 1798; but he was more over the very person who immediately after the battle of Clane, took KEARNS, the Priest, and who was instrumental in causing his death. Being guilty of the death of a Priest, though the Priest be a rebel, is a crime of too dark a nature to be forgiven, even though twenty-six years should have passed since Mr. ROBINSON was guilty of it.....From the attacks which had previously been made upon Mr. ROBINSON's life, he was exceedingly cautious in travelling, even in the immediate vicinity of his own house at night, and on the day of the murder he had been confined to his bed. He was, however, unfortunately induced on pretence of urgent business to quit his house on the evening in question. Having arrived at Conranstown, he was attacked by a band of assassins, who knocked their victim down, and dragged into an adjoining potatoe field, where in the most savage manner, they beat his brains out with stones, and buried him in one of the furrows of the field.....A Coroner's inquest was held on Sunday, and a verdict of wilful murder against some persons unknown. It is another specimen of Tranquillity--here is another victim to conciliation. The fact of such a murder being committed--one in which, of necessity, many must have been concerned--at such a time, and in such a place, and the perpetrators remain "unknown," speaks volumes as to the state of the Country, and gives damning proof of the feelings of the people.

Doctor LOGAN, of Duleek, county of Meath, is appointed Coadjutor to Bishop PLUNKETT.


A few days ago, a fine boy, aged fourteen, named ORR, near Longford, accidentally hanged himself as it appears by the verdict of a Coroner's Jury. The boy with some others, had been playing and imitating the solemn scene of the execution of two men that had lately witnessed in Longford, which cased the melancholy result;--the burial service was read over the corpse by a Protestant Clergyman, as the death was proved to have been accidental. During the night the corpse of the boy was raised by a party which assembled for the purpose, and left on the high road, with a threatening notice affixed to the Coffin, "not to bring back the corpse to the Church yard." The afflicted parents removed the remains to another place from which it was again disinterred. Some have been heard to say that "they would as soon see a mad dog buried in the place as the body of the suicidal heretic."......

The Protestants of Londonderry have contributed £94 towards erecting a Roman Catholic School House in that city, under the patronage of the Right Rev. Doctor M'LOUGHLIN.


William GRAHAM, Esq. of Carrick-on-Shannon, to Miss PEYTON, daughter of the late William PEYTON, Esq., of Corriganboy, County Sligo.

Near Taunton, Captain Loftus OWEN, of the 73d Regiment, to Mary Sophia, youngest daughter of the late General Sir A. TORRINGTON, Bart., of Blackheath.

[The marriage of Major CARTHAW, 39th Regiment, with Miss BROWN, as reported, has not taken place.]

In Pettigo Church, on Tuesday the 5th instant, by the Rev. Robert Staples JACOB, Rector of the Parish of Templecarne, Mr. Wm. FITZGERALD of Enniskillen, merchant, to Martha, eldest daughter of George KEYS, Esq., of Killynoogan, in the County of Fermanagh.

On Thursday the 30th ult, by the Rev. George HAY, Mr. John BARBER, to Miss GLASSON, both of Derry.

Same day, by the Rev. Mr. MARSHALL, of Milford, Mr. Charles M'ELHINEY, of Carrowkiel, to Miss Margaret M'ELHINEY, of Ballymagowan.

On the 11th instant, in St. Mary's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. William MAGEE, domestic Chaplain to his Grace the Archbishop of Dublin, the Rev. Arthur IRWIN, to Jemima, eldest daughter of the late Ahmuty RICHARDSON, of Richmount, County Longford, Esq.

At Newtownlimavady, on the 30th ult., the Rev. William LYLE, of Fairview, Dunbo, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late John CHURCH, of Oatlands, Esq.


At Ballyshannon, on the 30th ult., George D. CONNELLAN, youngest son of the late George CONNELLAN, Esq.

On the 29th ult., Miss Margaret REID, daughter to the late Rev. John REID.

On the 10th inst., much regretted, Mrs. ROBINSON, Wife of Mr. John ROBINSON, Officer of Excise, of Derry, aged 22 years.

At Treborth, Carnarvonshire, Margaret, eldest daughter of John CHEYNE, Esq., Physician General to his Majesty's Army in Ireland.

October 26, 1824

CHILD DROPPING--On Saturday last, a female child, about a month old, was left at the door of the Roman Catholic Chapel in this town. Information of the circumstance was immediately given by the Rev. Mr. M'CORMACK, P.P. to Serjeant MEARS, of the Police, who, on inquiry, had every reason to suspect that the mother of the child had proceeded on a jaunting car towards Longford. MEARS lost no time in following her, and succeeded in his pursuit at Edgeworthstown, where he arrested the young lady, in company with her brother, the Rev. Mr. HULTON (of Moats celebrity.) The parties having been taken before Thomas S. WHITNEY, Esq., the next Magistrate, the Rev. Gentleman acknowledged the fact, and said that it was entirely at his desire injunction, that his sister dropped the child at the place above-mentioned. Having proceeded to this town, the young woman was taken before John C. LYONS, Esq., who in humanity to the unfortunate girl (who anxiously desired to hide the disgraceful circumstance from her friends,) not yet 17 years of age, and being under the direction and controul (sic) of her Rev. Brother, ordered that she be detained in the custody of Serjeant MEARS, until a nurse could be provided for the child, and security given for its maintenance, and nurse's wages, &c.--WESTMEATH JOURNAL.


The sale of his Royal Highness the Duke of York's estate of Oatlands, is effected. Mr. Hughes BALL has become the purchaser. This fine property has sold for a sum of £150,000. and about £30,000, valuation of timber.

Philip DALY, of Maynooth, who was dreadfully beaten by five men armed with sticks,and supposed to be sawyers, who attacked him near Chapelizod, has since died in Stephen's Hospital. The only reason DALY could assign for this outrage was his having brought sawed timber into town for sale, none of the party have been apprehended.

A man named CUMMINGS, and his wife, from Birr, were drowned lately, near Portobello bridge.

A boy of about five years old, the son of a man named FOX, at Kingstown, was burned to death on Monday evening, in consequence of his clothes having caught fire.

Mr. BRADY, Chief Constable Dunshauglin, denies that his Police fired a "feu de joye" on the occasion of the consecration of the Roman Catholic chapel there.


In Dublin, the Rev. Arthur IRWIN, to Jemima, eldest daughter of the late Ahmuty RICHARDSON, of Richmount, in the County Longford, Esq.

Joshua CLARE, Esq., of Kells, to Maria, only daughter of William KEATING, of same place, Esq.

In Dublin, George DOWDELL, Esq., of Ballymahon, County Longford, to Eliza, only daughter of Doctor SKELTON, of Drogheda, and relict of Lieut. DOWDELL, 12th Lancers.

In Sligo, Lieut. COCHRANE, 47th Regt., to Catherine, daughter of James HENDERSON, Esq., Farm hill.


At Abbeyleix, Queen's County, Zachariah FOXHALL, Esq., formerly of Arran-quay, Dublin.

In the 76th year of his age, the Very Rev. Denis MANNION, Dean and Vicar of the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, Galway.

In Castlestreet, Dublin, aged 67 years, Mrs. LAMPREY, mother to the present and late High Sheriffs of that city.

In Ardee, of fever, Cadwallader Blaney LEE, Esq., M.D.

At her house in Rostrevor, aged 73, Mary, relict of Thomas FORTESCUE, Esq., of Dromisken, and mother of Chichester FORTESCUE, Esq., Glydefarm, in the County Louth.

Suddenly while sitting at dinner, the Rev. Henry BRADDEL, of Raheengraney, County Wicklow.

In Dublin, Mrs. DUNCAN, wife of William DUNCAN, Esq., of the Quartermaster General's Department.

At Neimuch Malwa, on the 16th April last, aged 32 years, Lieut HERIOT, late of the 4th Bengal Native Cavalry.

On the 4th of last May, at Nagpore, in the Endies (sic), of jungle fever, caught in the too anxious discharge of his duty (as Superintendent of the Trigonometrical Survey of the Nagpore Territory), Captain Alexander STEWART, of the 17th Madras Native Infantry. For many years he held the situation of Assistant Quartermaster-General of the Madras Army; and was fourth son of the late James STEWART, of Stormanstown, County Dublin, Esq.

At Calcutta, in June last, Sir John M'DONALD, K.C.B., Lieut.-General in the Hon. Company's Service

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