Belfast Weekly News March 3 1894: Missing Friends: 

ADAIR: Wanted to know the address of Mrs James Adair (maiden name Susan Walker) ; last seen or heard of about ten years ago in Belfast. Any information received by her sister Mar Jane Lock, 15 Cavour Street, Belfast. 

DUNN:Robert Dunn left Busby for New York about 37 years ago. Last heard of in Merrypole. Any information will be thankfully received by James Hart, Main Street, Busby. 

WATSON: Hugh Henry Watson, aged 26 years and unmarried, left Spa, Ballynahinch, for Australia, in Autumn 1860. Nothing heard of him for many years, but sometime in the latter half of 1893, tow persons say they saw a paragraph in the Belfast Weekly News which is supposed to refer to him. His brother, W..Watson, Tanickey, Pointzpass has been unable to trace it, and will feel grateful for information regarding him.

Belfast Weekly News March 10 1894: Misisng Friends: 

TOMAN: Thomas Toman, Wilcannion,(?) New South Wales, Australia is anxious to receive information of his brother, Stephen, or his sister, Mrs Sarah Kelly. He last heard from them in 1864, they were then living in Bangor, Ireland. Any information thankfully received by Thomas Toman, Wilcannia(?), New South Wales, Australia.

Belfast Weekly News March 17 1894: Missing Friends: 

DAVIS: If this should meet the eyes of James Edward Davis, who, when last heard of, was seen drawing a private carriage in livery in Manchester. His father would like to hear from him, or any news about him will be thankfully received. James Davis, coachman, Pond Park, Lisburn. English papers please copy. March 13 1894. 

HUTCHISON: Wanted the address of Mary or Olivia Hutchison by their brother John. Mary married a carpenter names Johnston about fourteen years ago. Any information regarding them will be thankfully received by Mrs Hutchison, 94 Parson Street, Town Head, Glasgow. 

MCDONALD: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Jane McDonald, last heard of at 176 Morgan Street, Jersey City, N.Y.  Left Back Island , County Monaghan, about twenty-six years ago. Any information regarding the above will be kindly received by James Crawford, 7 Ferndale Street, off Lisburn Road, Belfast.

Submitted by: Brian

The Belfast Evening Telegraph, 9 March 1894
   Advices just to hand state that the Norwegian barque Elsa Anderson has arrived at Galveston, U.S.A. with the hull of an English-built brig in tow. The ship seemed to have burned at sea a half century ago, and the hull appeared off the Faroe Islands, after a submarine disturbance. It was covered with sea shells, but the hull and under decks contained little water. In the captain's berth was found a leathern bag containing 1,000 guineas, of the year 1809, and jewellery. Three male skeletons were also found, one of a man nearly seven feet in height.
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