Belfast Weekly News January 6, 1894


M'KEAG: December 29 at his residence, Downshire Road, Holywood,William M'Keag. Sen.
[There was also an article about him, in which he was described as an old Free Mason] 

SAVAGE: Jan 3, George Washington Savage, late United States Consul, Belfast.


Missing Friends

BICKERSTAFF: William Bickerstaff would like to know the whereabouts of his sister, maiden name Sarah Bickerstaff; married name not known. Last heard of in Banbridge. Any information thankfully received at 47 Sussex Street, Belfast.

[Inquest: In this edition of the paper, there was a report of an inquest held on Mary Fitzsimons on 3rd Jan, who had been burned to death that morning in 16 Arran Street. William Orr, an old man who was a lodger, was also injured. Catherine M'Millan , first witness, identified body of deceased, and said she was a widow, aged seventy years, and was witness's mother. Patrick Murphy, 29 Arran Street, said deceased was addicted to drink. In the Missing Friends of September 2 1893 there was the following post: FITZSIMONS: Information wanted regarding the whereabouts of William Fitzsimons, railway worker, who left Belfast about two years ago; was last heard of at Washington Street, Jersey City, New Jersey. Any information about him will be thankfully received by his mother, Mrs Fitzsimons, 16 Arran Street, off Short Strand, Belfast. I wonder was this the same Mary who perished in the fire??]

Belfast Weekly News: January 13 1894:


BOYD: Dec15, 1893, at Napa City, California, Hugh Campbell, son of the late Major-General Boyd, of the Bengal Army, and of Ballycastle, Co Antrim.

LYONS: December 5 1893, at Brandon, Manitoba, Henry Lyons, formerly of Belfast, aged 63 years.

Missing Friends: 

JACKSON: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Isaiah Jackson, who left Belfast about ten years. Last heard of in Townsville, Australia. Any information of him   will be thankfully received by his son, Isaih Jackson, Pigeontown, Glenavy, Co.Antrim. Australian papers please copy.

Belfast Weekly News: January 20 1894:

Missing Friends:

HAMILTON: William Hamilton, desires the address of his brother, Robert Hamilton, saddler, who left Greenock, thirty years ago. Last heard of in Hamiltoon, Ontario, Canada. Information will be thankfully received by William Hamilton, 6 Salmon St, Greenock.

LONG: Elizabeth Long: desires to know the address of her sister, Susan Long, who left Ireland along with Mrs Newton over forty years ago. Last heard of in King Street, Philadelphia. If any of the Newtons is alive, please answer.- Mrs Hamilton, 6 Salmon Street, Greenock.

MILLER: John Miller, 7 Richmond Street, Belfast is anxious to know the whereabouts of his brother, Robert Miller. When last heard of he was owner of a spirit store in Greenwich Street, corner of Money Street, New York.

M'KENNA: Wanted, information regarding Mrs Mary M'Kenna, who was last heard of eleven years ago. She was living at South Boston, Mass. America, with her son, Charles M'Kenna, cabinet maker. Any information regarding her will be thankfully received by her sister, Catherine Silvey, 56 Brick Row, Greencastle.

M'VEIGH: Wanted to know the address of Hesther M'Veigh. Maiden name Hesther Nicholson Dunlop, who went from County Armagh to Queensland in 1873. Married some years after to Patrick M'Veigh, of Epswich. Any information thankfully received by her sister, Annie Dunlop, Shankill Post Office, County Dublin. Australian papers please copy.

PLUMMER: Alice Plummer, or Mrs White, desires information with regard to Mary Plummer, who resided in Belfast from 1870(?) to 1884. Any information thankfully received by Mrs White, 23 Taylor Street, Glasgow.

St. LEGER: I shall feel deeply grateful to any seafaring reader of your paper for information concerning my brother, Thomas St Leger, A.B.., who formed one of the crew of the well known Belfast ship, Queen of the West, abut the year 1869-1870, and was the man at the wheel in steering the vessel out of Belfast Lough en route for Quebec. The only tidings of him date back to fifteen years ago, when he was supposed to have joined the whaling trade - Harry St. Leger, 9 Hanover Vie, Park Lane, Leeds, England.

Belfast Weekly News: January 27 1894:


MCCORMICK: January 22, at the Hermitage, Bloomfield the wife of John McCormick, solicitor, a daughter. 

STRONGE: January 21, at Hockley Lodge, Armagh, the wife of James H Stronge, of a daughter. 

Missing Friends: 

M'GOVERN: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Mrs M'Govern, last heard of living in 15 Gamble Street, Belfast in 1876. Any information as to her whereabouts will be thankfully received by her son, Thomas M'Govern, 10 Waterloo Road, Dublin.

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