Belfast Weekly News April 7 1894: Missing Friends: 

HEATHERS: Henry Heathers, who went to Toronto between forty and fifty years ago; born at Rossan, County Tyrone, Ireland; or any of his relatives. His brother Benjamin Heathers would like to hear from him. - No.4 Aitkenhead, by Bargeddie, Glasgow. 

M'LEACH: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Mrs M. M'Leach, maiden name Biddy Quinn, or any of her children. Last heard of in Rower's Row , Shore Road, Belfast. Inquirer, her sister, Ellen Tring, 52 Oliver Street, off Parliament Street, Liverpool. 

Belfast Weekly News April14 1894: Missing Friends: 

REID: Joseph Reid, 27, Senhouse Place, Workington, Cumberland, would like to know the whereabouts of his brother John, who enlisted about twenty one years ago, his number was 2,268 H.Co. 1st Battallion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and he served in China and India. Probably left India for Australia in 1884.

Belfast Weekly News April 28 1894: Missing Friends: 

ARTHURS: Wanted, addresss of Mrs Johnston, maiden name, Jane Arthurs, or Margaret Arthurs; last heard of in Manchester about nine years ago. Any information will be thankfully received by their brother, James Arthurs, Tempo, County Fermanagh, Ireland. 

LYONS: Wanted information of one William Lyons, formerly of Belfast, and last heard of about twenty-one years ago at Monte Video, acting in the capacity of master of a steamer belonging to New York. Any information that can be supplied regarding him will be thankfully received by his brother, Thomas Lyons, Sydenham, Belfast. 

M'CALLUM: Wanted to know the whereabouts of James M'Callum or family; last heard of in 1871, residing in Patterson Street, Chester, Pa.,Any information thankfully received by M.C., 28 Bruce Street, Belfast. 

RAFFERTY: Clarke Rafferty, aged seventeen, lived with Mr John Porter, Donaghmore, County Down, for half  year ending May '93, left, and has not been heard of since. Any information regarding him will be gratefully received by Wm. Gordon, Lisnisk, Loughgilly, County Armagh.

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