Belfast Weekly News September 2 1893: Missing Friends:

DAVIS or HARDING: James Davis, Pond Park, Lisburn, Ireland would like to hear from some of his friends in America or Australia, Davis or Harding, friends of his father, who left Ireland many years ago; his father's name was Edward, and his mother's name was Eliza, her maiden name being Butler, of Gorey, County Wexford; cousins, Mary and Anne Harding. Anne got married to Edmund Wright, in Australia, and they heard from at the gold diggings. Inquirer had a letter from Mrs Wright thirty years ago in Dublin; her address was Sidney or New South Wales. He will be thankful for any information  at the above address. American and Australian papers please copy.

EDMONSON: Margaret Edmonson, 35 James Street, Woolwich Common, Kent, would be glad to hear of her brother-in-law, William Edmonson, who left Enniskillen, Ireland, for Australia. Last heard of 40 years ago.

FISHER: Annie Ross, or M'Gill, would like to know the whereabouts of either John, James or Bella Fisher. They are all supposed to be in or near the town of Belfast. Inquirer had a letter from John, and two were sent in answer to it. Should this notice be seen by them or any friend would they or them kindly communicate with address below. John Walter M'Gill, Bell Street, Calton, Glasgow.

FITZSIMONS: Information wanted regarding the whereabouts of William Fitzsimons, railway worker, who left Belfast about two years ago; was last heard of at Washington Street, Jersey City, New Jersey. Any information about him will be thankfully received by his mother, Mrs Fitzsimons, 16 Arran Street, off Short Strand, Belfast.

LAVERY: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Elizabeth Ellen Lavery, who left Belfast for America about three years ago; one address was Brooklyn Truant Home, New York; her last address, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. Any information will be kindly received by either of her anxious sisters- Martha Fisackerley, or Sarah Orr, 25 Railway Street, High Walker, Newcastle-Upon -Tyne, England. American papers please copy.

 MCQUILLAN or JOHNSTON: Any information regarding James McQuillan, or Johnston, who sailed from Waterfoot, County Antrim, Ireland, in the ship Margaret Johnston to England in May, 1881, and last heard of nine years ago, in Glenravel, his native place, will be thankfully received by his mother Margaret M'Quillan, Cargan, Glenravel, by Ballymena, County Antrim. American and Australian papers please copy.

REILLY: Mrs Reilly, Glasgow, is desirous of knowing the address of her son Samuel, from whom she has not heard for eleven years. His address at that time was Samuel Reilly, Jane Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, and his occupation was that of road or surfaceman.  Address, Mrs Reilly, care of C.A.Wilkie, Bookseller, 27 Stevenson Street, Glasgow. Australian papers please copy.

SAUNDERSON: Wanted to know the whereabouts of John Saunderson, ironmoulder, who left Belfast six years ago for Pittsburg; last heard of at Elizabeth Port, New Zealand. Any information regarding him will be thankfully received by his mother Mrs Saunderson, 23 Valentine Street, Belfast.

SHAW: Emily Martha Shaw, who was last heard from when living with the Misses Carson, Westmoreland Street, Belfast, is sought by her brother William, whose address is Hilliard House, Rat Portage(?), Ontario, Canada

Belfast Weekly News September 9 1893: Missing Friends: 

DUNCAN: Wanted to know the address of a certain James Duncan.  When last heard of he was just a boy, being brought up by his grandmother (his father's mother), in or near Ballymena.  His mother was a Scotchwoman, whose maiden name was Helen Sneddon, and belonged to Elderslie, in Scotland.  He would now be about the age of thirty years. If this should happen to meet his eye he might communicate with Robert Osborne,  care of Mr Ashinhurst, Waterside Cottage, Harthill, Whitburn, Scotland, who is nearly related to him. 

ROBSON or ROBINSON.- Information wanted regarding George Robson, or Robinson, joiner or carpenter, late of Cargah, Kilmore, County Down, Ireland; said to have been killed by a fall from a scaffold five or six years ago; reward.- James Shields, 63 Kelvin Street, Glasgow. 

RIDDAL.- John Riddal, Ballygawley, County Tyrone, Ireland, is desirous of hearing from his son John, who left Ireland for New Zealand about 16 years ago; last heard of in Auckland.  Any information regarding him will be thankfully received. Colonial and Australian papers please copy. 

Belfast Weekly News September 16 1893: Missing Friends:

THORNTON: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Georgina Thornton, who left Portadown, Ireland, in September, 1888, for America; in August , 1893, she lived in Rockland House, Mantasket, Boston, Mass., U.S. America. Any information regarding her, will be thankfully received by her father , James Thornton, Foy(?), Portadown. 

WILSON: Wanted to know the whereabouts of William Wilson, who left Newtownards, Co Down, Ireland, about 20 years ago; when last heard of, about 7 years ago, was carrying on business as a tea merchant  in Market Street, Philadelphia. Any information regarding him will be thankfully received by his sister, Jane Corner or M'Cready, 81, Twidneuk Street, Mile End, Glasgow. 

Belfast Weekly News September 23 1893: Missing Friends. 

DUFF: David Duff, last heard from on 7th May, 1890; place, Picton, New South Wales, Australia. Any information will be gladly received by his mother Ellen Duff, 39 Mancha(?) Street, Salford, Manchester, England. 

JAMES,  KENNEDY: Wanted to know the whereabouts of a Miss Kennedy, now married to a Mr James , lately home from abroad, and said to be living somewhere in Belfast. Any information will be thankfully received by Mrs Elizabeth Lawson, No. 27 Allanton (?) Place, Coatdyke, by Coatbridge, Scotland. 

NEWTOWN: Wanted to know the whereabouts of John Newton and his wife, Susanna Newton, otherwise Wright, who left Portadown for Queensland, Australia. Last heard of five years ago from Townsville. John Wright, Baltylum(?), Portadown,Ireland. Queensland papers please copy. 

SMITH: William Henry Smith, formerly of Hingeston, S. is requested to write to his mother, at No. 2 Clissold Street, Birmingham, England. Last heard from at Sidney, New South Wales. 

M'GILL:    48 Bell Street, Calton, Glasgow, 16th September 1893:

Sir- I could not rest satisfied without sending you my very best thanks for your kindness to me. I am now in full communication with my friends and all through the assistance I got from the Belfast Weekly News. I shall always boast of it wherever I am. So to conclude, I can only wish that you and your Newspaper may long be connected.. JW. M'Gill.


Belfast Weekly News September 30 1893: Missing Friends: 

CAMPBELL: Particulars are requested as to the whereabouts of William Campbell , of Derbrough, Plumbridge, County Tyrone, Ireland, who left that place in May or June, 1892: heard he went to Glasgow at that time, and has not been heard of since. His friend, James Lemon, of address given below, would wish to communicate with him.- James Lemon, Carrigans, Mountjoy, P.O., Omagh, County Tyrone. 

HOLMES: Wanted to know the address of Mr John Holmes, formerly of Vere Street, Belfast, off Earl Street. His father's name was Robert Holmes. Any information will be thankfully received by John M'Dowell, 21 Cumberland Street, Belfast.


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