Belfast Weekly News October 7 1893: Missing Friends: 

BAILEY: Information would be gladly received of Eliza and John Bailey, of Glynn, Ferbane(?) King's County, Ireland, who went to Australia, the former about 1862 and was married to a North of Ireland in 1871, or early 1872. John left Dublin about 1867 or 1868. Butler is supposed to be in or near Melbourne. Inquirer is their brother George Bailey, of 13 Bury New Road, Strangeways, Manchester, England. 

EDGAR: Hamilton Edgar is anxious to find the whereabouts of his two sons in America - William and Samuel. Last heard of about four years ago. William was in Brooklyn, New York, baker to trade. Samuel was in New York in a hotel. Any information will be thankfully received by Hamilton Edgar, No. 4, Well Street , Belfast. American papers please copy. 

M'GOODWIN: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Margaret M'Goodwin, for some time nurse(?) in the Royal Hospital , Putney Heath, London. Last heard from in September 1887, having taking passage in the sailing vessel Ivanhoe, bound for Sydney, N.S.W.. Any  information will be thankfully received by Mrs Sharpe, Anne Street, Gorey, County Wexford. Australian papers please copy.

THOMPSON: Frederick Warren Thompson left Belfast twenty years ago. When last heard of his address was 22 Fulton Street, New York. Anxiously sought by his sister Anna Maria, 35 Denmark Street,Belfast.


ALLEGED MALICIOUS OUTRACE: A pony, the property of Mr Robert Hussard, J.P., Desertcreight House, near the village of Tullyhogue was maliciously slashed on one of its hind legs so badly it had to be destroyed. The cut, which was apparently done with a very sharp instrument, severed the sinews of the leg. The pony was on grass at the time. Mr Hussard is very popular in the locality. 

MATRIMONY.-Orphan lady, aged 29, tall, refined, and musical, of considerable independent means, and principal share in large wholesale firm, invites correspondence from an enterprising business or professional gentleman (bachelor or widower), with a view to marriage. Strict secrecy.  Address Miss Gilbey, 54 New Oxford Street, London, W.C. 

Belfast Weekly News October 14 1893: Missing Friends: 

HIGGINS: William Higgins, father and his wife, Fanny, want to know the whereabouts of (whether dead or alive) of Wm. Higgins, formerly of Rothwell, near Northampton, England. He sailed for America about 12 years ago. Last heard from in June 1886, at Knoxville, Tennessee, supposing to go to New Orleans, en route for Australia. Any information will be thankfully received by his wife, Fanny Higgins, 1 Wood Street, Northampton, or William Higgins, New Street, Rothwell, near Northampton, England. 

Belfast Weekly News October 21 1893: 

FOWLER: Information desired as to Elizabeth Fowler, who left Ireland for U.S.A. many years ago. Supposed to be in Philadelphia.. Address- Jas. C Hadden, 54 Rectory Place, Bensham, Gates-Head-on-Tyne, Durham, England. 

SKELTON: John Skelton left Glasson, Cumberland, about the years 1849 or 1850. Last address, Nightsferry, San Francisco, California. Inquirer, his nephew, John Robinson, 86(or 66) Peter Street, Workington.

Belfast Weekly News; Oct 28 1893: Missing Friends:

ANDREW DAVID LITTLE, Lisniskea, is anxious to get information concerning his uncle, William Andrew, labourer, or his cousin, john Andrew, each formerly of Glasgow, having landed in Melbourne, William was a member of the Foresters Society, and obtained a transfer from the Gasgow Branch.

CLARKE: Mrs Clarke, of Drum, Co Monaghan, is anxious to find the whereabouts of her two sons, George and Joseph James. Last heard from George on 1st December, 1889, from 101 Plymouth Street, Jersey City, America, and from Joseph James on 3rd September, 1891, then residing at 229 Bridge St, Brooklyn, New York.

CRANGLE or DICKSON: Information is sought regarding the whereabouts of Henry Crangle, jun., son of Henry Crangle, sen., and Bessie Dickson. Last heard of in Lisburn about ten years ago. Information thankfully received at 40 James Street, or 1 Galway Court, Belfast

M'CALLUM: Information is sought regarding John MCallum who left Old Monkland (?), twenty one years ago to go to his uncle Robert White, collier, in America. Any information regarding him will be thankfully received by his mother, Isabella M'Callum, residing at 23 Stable Row, New Mains.

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