Belfast Weekly News  June 3 1893: Missing Friends: 

COLLINS: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Thomas James Collins, who left Grange, Magherafelt, County Derry, Ireland when a boy, about thirty years ago, and went to Philadelphia, America. Also his aunt , Mary Collins, who is in Philadelphia. Any news regarding them would be thankfully received by his sister , Mary Jane Collins, 13 Parker Street, Byker, Newcastle-Upon Tyne. 

FEENEY: Wanted to know the whereabouts of the sister of Wm. Feeney, maiden name Ann Feeney, but now married, who left Derry for Philadelphia twenty seven years ago.-Wm Feeney, 11 Bouverie Terrace, Port Glasgow.

GALT:  Mary M'Leish, or M'Master , would like to hear the whereabouts of her mother, Elizabeth Galt; last heard of about ten years ago in Carrickfergus. - Address, David M'Master, 98 High Street, Renfrew, Scotland.

RIPPET or CHRISTY: - Wanted to know the whereabouts of Agnes Rippett, or Christy, who left Newtownards, County Down, Ireland, about twelve years ago; supposed to be in the north of Ireland at present. Kindly communicate with David Rippett, Dundonald Post Office, County Down, Ireland.

Belfast Weekly News June 10 1893: Missing Friends.

M'WHINNEY: - Mrs George Halton, 716, West Jefferson  Street, Pearia, Illinois, is endeavouring to discover the history or the present whereabouts of her father's family.. Her father's name was James M'Whinney, and he was born in Belfast in the year 1812. Her grandfathers name was John M'Whinney, and the maiden name of her grandmother was Sarah Hamilton. Information is earnestly solicited, and would be thankfully received at above address.

Belfast Weekly News: June 17 1893: Missing Friends: 

CHARLES: Wanted, by Alexander Charles, 12 Huntington Place, Springburn Road, Glasgow, information as to the whereabouts of Charles Williamson; Charles some time on the railway in Marshall, Texas; last heard from in Dayton, Texas, in 1885. 

GRIBBEN: Wanted information as to the whereabouts of Hugh Gribben and Thomas Gribben, who left Mountstewart, County Down, Ireland, in the year of 1871, for America. Should this meet the eye of any of their friends, or relatives who can communicate with them, something will be heard of to their advantage on applying to G. Gribben, Crawfordsburn, County Down. 

MULLIGAN: Wanted to know the whereabouts of either Jane, Margaret, or Matilda Mulligan (formerly of Ashfield, Cootehill, County Cavan); last heard of at Cheatergay, Montreal, about the year 1846. Information sought by their sister, Mary Ann Morrow, Belturbet, County Cavan. 

PATTERSON: Wanted information as to the whereabouts of Samuel Patterson. Last address (three years ago) Rockport and Scrieber, Ontario, Canada. Any information of him will be thankfully received by Mrs Patterson, 16 Brennan St, Belfast. Canadian papers please copy. 

POGUE: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Robert Pogue, who left Lurganbee, County Monaghan Ireland, for America about twenty-six years ago, and got married to Letitia Baker, Brooklyn; last heard of about twenty years ago; was railway conductor at New York, America. Any information will be kindly received by his nephew William Pogue, Milltown, Benburb, County Tyrone, Ireland. 

SCOTT: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Jane Scott, who left her home at Greencastle, near Belfast, five years ago. She was last heard of at Newry about two years ago. Any information regarding her will be thankfully received by her anxious father, James Scott, Greencastle. 

STEWART: John Moore, late of Enniskillen, Ireland, wants to know the whereabouts of his cousin, Robert Stewart, farmer, late of  Bobycageon, British America. He left Bobycageon 16 years ago, and went to Walkerton, British America. Was in Walkerton when last heard from 13 years ago. Any information of him will be thankfully received by his cousin, John Moore, 67 Cleveland Street, South Shields, England. American papers please copy. 

STEWART: Mrs E. Wilson, late of Enniskillen, Ireland, wants to know the whereabouts of her cousin, Robert Stewart, farmer, son of Rebecca Baxter, late of Rebycagon, British America. He left Rebycagon sixteen years ago, and went to Workington, British America. Was in Workington when last heard from thirteen years ago. Any information of him will be thankfully received by  Mrs E Wilson, 15 Mile End Road, South Shields, England.

Belfast Weekly News June 24 1893: Missing Friends. 

COPELAND:  Mrs Rebecca  Fymons, Lisbellaw, Co Fermanagh, is most anxious  to hear from her nephew , John Copeland. When last heard from a year ago, was working in the garden of Mr Edare, Bungy, near Sussex or Essex.  He is a retired sergeant, and married, but has no family.  If anyone in Bungy could furnish the writer with the address of a Mr Kerr, a private gentleman there, the remainder would be easy.

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