Belfast Weekly News July1 1893:

Deaths: MAGEE: June 26 at Drumnaduff, Upper Ballinderry, James Magee, eldest son of the late James Magee, Old Lodge Road. 

Belfast Weekly News July 8 1893: Missing Friends:

BRADY: Mrs CRAIG, 76 Albertbridge Road, Belfast, Ireland, is very anxious to hear from her daughter, Mrs Maggie Brady, whose address in June 1887 was No.1 Chapmans Terrace, Stuart Street, Dunedin, and whose husband, Patrick Smith Brady, was previous to that in the police force in Dunedin.


Belfast Weekly News: July 15 1893: Missing Friends:

HARWOOD: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Frederick William Harwood, last heard of in Belfast. Should this meet the eye of any of his friends or himself, would they communicate with his brother, Thomas James Harwood, 33 Lochend  Cottages,Glengarnock, Ayrshire.

MULHOLLAND or COWAN: Wanted to know the address of friends or relatives of Mary Mulholland or Cowan, who left Ballindery Ireland, about 40 years ago. Any information will be thankfully received by her son, James Cowan, 154 North Woodside Road, Glasgow, Scotland.

MCILWRATH: Wanted to know the whereabouts of James McIlwrath; when last heard from was stationmaster at Nepigon, Ontario, Canada. Information will be thankfully received by his mother, Ann McIlwrath, 84 Joseph Street. American papers please copy.

SADDLER: Wanted, information concerning Thomas Sellers Saddler, formerly of  the 5th Brigade(?) Guards, supposed to be travelling as stud groom with some circus. Any information concerning his whereabouts , dead or alive, will be thankfully received by his wife, Agnes Sellers, 2 Miller Street, Shadehill, Manchester. American and Australian papers please copy.

SIMPSON: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Robert Simpson, his last address being New Atlantic Hotel, 207 Montgomery Avenue, San Francisco, California. His parents and family are most anxious to hear from him. Will he kindly communicate with his father, Robert Simpson, Elandariff, Dunmore Post Office, Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland. American papers please copy.

[my ggfather John Savage, from Edendariff, married Sarah E Simpson in Belfast 1915. I am unsure if Sarah is connected to Robert Simpson,(her father  was James) but if anyone has information on them I would be glad to hear from you!...Brian]

Belfast Weekly News July 22 1893: Missing Friends: 

M'ALLISTER: - Mrs Wm.Reese, St Andrew's Bay, Washington County, Florida, is anxious to hear from her aunt, Matilda M'Allister, whom she believes to be at present in Belfast. Any information as to the person mentioned will be thankfully received at above address.

An extraordinary egg:-  Mr Andrew Martin, 143 Old Lodge Road, Belfast, received on 19th inst from a Liverpool farmer a duck egg weighing over four ounces. A peculiarity about it was that there was another egg inside it, with shell completely formed. 

Accident to a Belfastman near Stewartstown.- While Mr Ross Bell, Belfast, was driving from Stewartstown to Dungannon on the 12th his horse bolted, and Mr Bell was thrown out of the machine, sustaining some cuts and bruises in the fall. He was at once driven by his brother, W.H.Bell, Drumard, to Coalisland, where Dr. William C.Armstrong attended to his injuries. Considering the circumstances Mr Bell had a very narrow escape from probably fatal injuries.

Rescue from drowning: - A boy named Daniel Watson, while coming from bathing at Gavna, near Dunseverick, has had a very narrow escape from being drowned.  He was climbing around the rocks as best he could, and was swept off by the tide into the sea and dahed between two rocks.  Archibald Meek, a young man good at swimming, jumped in, and getting hold of Watson brought him ashore in an injured and exhausted state.

Belfast Weekly News July 29 1893:Missing Friends: 

FISHER: Annie Ross, or M'Gill, would like to know the whereabouts of John, James, or Bella Fisher, last heard of in Belfast. Address John Walter M'Gill, 48 , Bell Street, Calton, Glasgow. 

HUSTON or HEWSTON: Frederick Charles Hewston, Winterton, Ferryhill, Durham, wants to know the address of relatives or friends on his father's side. There were four brothers, namely - Frederick Charles, William, Thomas and John, and also two sisters, one of whom was called Isabella. One of the family left Belfast for America, and some of the brothers were staying in Birmingham for a time, and then left for America about 40 years ago, leaving Robert and his sister, Isabella behind. Robert was a stonemason, and married Anne Price, at Gloucester, in 1842. Any information will be thankfully received at above address. American papers please copy. 

LANG: James Lang, of East London, South Africa, wishes to know the present whereabouts of either of his brothers - David or Hugh Lang. Shall be glad to hear from any member of the family. 

THORP or THORPE: Wanted to know the whereabouts of William Thorp or Thorpe, a native of Rock ferry, Cheshire, England; was last heard of about twelve months ago, sailing as donkeyman or fireman, supposed to be sailing from Cardiff. Should this meet the eye of any of his friends or himself, would he communicate with his brother , John Thorp, 103 Canning Street, Birkenhead (who has heard something to his advantage)?

Submitted by: Brian

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