Belfast Weekly News 07 January 1893: 

Births: SAVAGE: December 31, at 125 Fitzroy Avenue, the wife of John Savage, of a son (prematurely).

Deaths: MAGEE: At his residence, No.11 Vicanage Park, Captain William Magee, late master of the ship Scottish Moors. 

Missing Friends: 

FAYLE: Information about James Henry Fayle, formerly of Lurgan, but in Chicago, U.S.A., when he wrote last to his relatives in 1885, would be thankfully received by his brother H.S.Fayle, Ballyvicknacally, Dromore, County Down. 

JOHNSTON: Robert Johnston, 16 Lower Wilton Street, Belfast, is anxious to know if his brother, John Johnston, is living. He was mate of the barque Luxon, which left Larne Harbour on November 14 1884, and was wrecked at Barbadoes same year, but no lives were lost. Has not heard of his brother since. 

MACDONNELL: Information is wanted as to the whereabouts and circumstances of Louisa M. Macdonnell, who formerly lived with J.H.Gawn, Main Street, Larne; if the Gawns are alive, and if the lady is still living with them,; object friendly;- William Bellew, Librarian, Blackwell's Island, New York, U.S.A. 

MARTIN: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Robert Martin, who went to Australia over forty years ago, in company with Mr Boyd, both of Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland. Any information as to his whereabouts will be thankfully received by his friend Robert Martin, 10 Donegore Street, Bridge End , Belfast , Ireland. 

STRONG: News wanted of Thomas Strong, who left Glasgow about six years ago for the State of Pennsylvania,America. Any kind friends knowing his whereabouts will oblige by writing to his anxious brother, John Strong, 812 Old Ford Road, Bow, London, England. American papers please copy. 

Determined Suicide In Belfast: On the 4th inst. a hodsman named James Hamilton committed suicide at his residence, 4 Campbell's Row, Newtownards Road. Information of the occurrence having been conveyed to the police, Sergeant Houston and Constables Hannon and Feenaghy visited the house, where they discovered the deceased .....

Belfast Weekly News 14 January 1893:

Missing Friends: 

CAIRNS: News wanted of Thomas Cairns who left Belfast about ten years ago for Canada, North America. Any kind friends knowing his whereabouts will oblige by writing to his anxious brother, Joseph Cairns, 51 Pernau Street, off Shankill Road, Belfast, Ireland. American and Australian papers please copy. 

GORE: Should this meet the eye of  William John Gore, who left Broughdoane, County Antrim, Ireland, about twenty-two years ago, last heard of as working at the Oil Springs, State of Pennsylvania, America, would he please communicate with his friend, James Evans, Commons, Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland. American papers please copy. 

GRAHAM: Samuel Graham, who left Ballyrickardbeg, Larne, in 1869, and when last heard of was living in Chicago, America, is sought by his friend, William Robert Apsley 32 Pound Street, Larne, County Antrim. American paper splease copy. 

MARSHALL: Arthur Marshall, of Belfast, who left Liverpool for Rockhampton, Queensland, on 24th June 1884. No word has been received from him since, only one letter in September of same year intimating his intention to remove to Melbourne or Sydney. Any information regarding him will be thankfully received by his father, Robert Marshall, 4 Eton Street, Belfast, Ireland. Australian papers please copy. 

M'KANE: Would Matthew M'Kane or any of his brothers ( residing in Belfast when last heard of ) kindly write to their cousin John M'Kane, 6 Maitland Street, Helensburg, Scotland, formerly of Banbridge. Any information from friends thankfully received. 

SAMPSON: George Hughes, Magherafelt, County Derry, Ireland, wants to hear of his sister, Mrs Rose Anna Sampson; when last heard of three years ago was living in Toronto, Canada, America. Any information will be thankfully received by her anxious brother. American papers please copy. 

THOMPSON: Charles Thompson, Barrack Street, Dundalk, is anxious to learn the whereabouts of his son, William Henry, who has been missing since 12th December last when he was in the employment of Messrs. Milligan & Co., drapers, Church Street, Athlone. 

Belfast Weekly News 21 January 1893: 

Births: ORR- January 3 at 113, Atlantic Street, Jersey City Height, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Mrs Wm. G. Orr, of a son. 

Deaths: M'CRACKEN: January 17 at his residence, Ballyrickard, James M'Cracken, 90 years. 

Missing Friends: 

BIGGESTY: Thomas Biggesty, flax mill worker, and his sisters, Mary and Sarah, domestic servants, are sought by their brother William, 101 Holm Street, Glasgow. When last heard of were in Belfast; object friendly. 

KING: Samuel King, Dunmore, Ballynahinch, County Down, is anxious to hear from his brother, Wm. James Ramsey King, who emigrated to New South Wales, Paramatta, and thence to Melbourne, South Australia, a considerable time since. His brother wishes to hear from him or any of his relatives. Australian papers please copy. 

Belfast Weekly News 28 January 1893:

Missing Friends: 

ALLISON: News is wanted of James Allison, who left the Wallhouse, Kirkcolm-by-Stranraer, Scotland, about 1857; went to Dumbarton to serve an apprenticeship as a ship-carpenter at Denny's shipbuilding yard; left Dumbarton about twenty-nine years ago with a new screw steamer, built there for owners in Australia; supposed to have been wrecked  on this passage out. Last heard of about twenty years ago; thought to have settled down as a farmer near Melbourne, Australia; supposed to be still in Australia. Any news respecting him will be thankfully received by his nephew, William Allison, newsagent and stationer, 140 Thistle Street, Glasgow, S.S., Scotland. Australian newspapers please copy. 

BLAKELEY: Should this meet the eye of any of the friends of Martha Blakeley, who married Robert Leacock, shoemaker, and emigrated to Toronto, Upper Canada, in 1842 or of her sister, Isabella Blakeley who emigrated with their son, Robert Leacock, January 1846 or '49, daughters of William Blakeley, Bleachworks, Castledawson, communication will be thankfully received by their sisters, Rebecca and Mary. Address- Alex. Blakeley, Moyala Bleach and Dye Works, Castledawson, County Derry, Ireland. 

PATERSON: Maria Paterson, who resided in Sandy Row, Belfast, in the year 1887, can hear of the whereabouts of her brother, William Paterson, by applying to Mr. J.K. Robertson, 127 Lothian Road, Edingburgh. 

The following statement was in this issue of BWN.
Mr Pierce Mahony:

In reference to the incident which occurred in the Four Courts, and in refutation of the statement said to have given rise to the occurrence, we (Irish Times) are asked by Mr.Geo. Gun Mahony to say that his brother, Mr Pierce Mahony, is the youngest son of the late Mr. P.K. Mahony, J.P., of Kilmorna, County Kerry, by his marriage with Jane, daughter of the late Mr.Robert Gun Cuninghame, D.L, of Mountkennedy, and his first wife, Elizabeth, only child and heir of Mr Archibald Hamilton Foulkes, of Coolawinna, both in County Wicklow; and that his grandfather, the late Mr Pierce Mahony, D.L., of Kilmorna, Kerry, was the son of Mr P Mahony, of Woodlawn, in the same county, J.P. for Counties Kerry and Limerick, by his marriage with Anna Maria, daughter, daughter of Mr John Maunsell, J.P., of Ballybrood, County Limerick.

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