Belfast Weekly News April 8 1893: Missing Friends.

MACDONALD: Wanted to know the whereabouts of  Robert MacDonald, compositor; last heard of in 1889 at Mary's Lane Dublin. Inquirer.- his brother William, 85(?) Bamber Street, Paddington, Liverpool.

M'ELDERRY: Wanted information as to the whereabouts o Annie M'Elderry, last heard of in November 1892 in the employment of Mrs Gilliland, Belfast, as servant. Any information regarding her will be thankfully received by her mother, Mrs Jane Harris(?) Bushmills.

Belfast Weekly News April 15 1893:


M'CORMICK: April 7 at her fathers residence, 116(?) Canmore Street, Belfast. Mary Ann, the beloved daughter of James and Annie M'Cormick. American papers please copy. J.M'Cormick. 

Missing Friends: 

POGUE: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Robert Pogue, of Lurganbee, Castleblayney, County Monaghan, who left for America 28 years ago. When last heard of he was a railway conductor in New York. - Mary Pogue, Lislea Post Office, County Armagh, Ireland.

 STEENSON - BURKE: Information wanted of Mary Ann Steenson ( Mrs G. Smith) and S. Burke, natives of Gilford, County Down, Ireland, last heard of as  residing at Brisbane about welve years ago. Replies thankfully acknowledged by Mrs John Irwin, Gilford, County Down, Ireland. Australian papers please copy.

TAYLOR: Wanted information concerning the same, or any friends of John M'Ilraith, of Ireland. Hugh M'Ilraith, 4 South Shamrock Street, Glasgow.

WATTERS:- Wanted to know the whereabouts of John Watters. Last heard from 5th July 1892 in Fort Bowie, purposing to remove to Chicago. Sought for by his anxious mother , Mrs Thomas Watters, Killycolpey, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone. 


Belfast Weekly News April 22 1893: Missing Friends:

BRADY: Mrs Criag, 76 Albertbridge Road, Belfast, Ireland, is very anxious to hear from her daughter, Mrs Maggie Brady, whose address in June 1887, was No.1 Chapmans Terrace, St? Street, Dunedin, and whose husband , Patrick Smith(?) Brady, was previous to that on the police force in Dunedin. 

HOWE: Wanted to know the whereabouts of William Howe, who left Fivemiletown, County Tyrone, Ireland, about 30 years ago. Last heard of in Thomas Drew's ,Washington Street, New York. Any information regarding his whereabouts will be thankfully received by his niece, Rebecca Haslett or M'Knight, 14 Castle Street, Paisley. 

MULHOLLAND or COWAN: Wanted to know the address of friends or relatives of Mary Mulholland or Cowan, who left Ballinderry, Ireland, about (?) years ago. Any information will be thankfully received by her son, James Cowan, 154 North(?) Woodside Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

M'ILWRATH: Wanted to know the whereabouts of James M'Ilwrath, when last heard from was stationmaster at Nepigon, O(?) Canada. Information will be thankfully received by his mother, Ann M'Ilwrath, 84(?) 

 Belfast Weekly News April 29 1893: Missing Friends:

BAILY: Sergeant J Mulligan,  R.A.N.C Officers Library, Woolwich, would like to find the present address of William Baily, formerly a miller near Rathfriland, Co Down. 

BROWN: Wanted to know the whereabouts of William Brown, formerly of County Louth, Ireland, who left Hyde, England, 10 years ago. Any information will be thankfully received by Mrs Megaw, 161 Waddell Street, S.S. Glasgow. 


GALWAY: April 23 at the residence of her brother, 36 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, Margaret, relict of the late John Galway, Springvale, Ballyrussell, Dundonald.

M'CORMICK: April 11, at Lorna Doone, Springwood, Sydney, James Joseph, only son of William M'Cormick, Belfast, aged 19 years.

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