The Belfast Commercial Chronicle
April 6, 1853

  State of Galway.-Emigration.-The appearance of the old
town, its shops and flagways, is much altered for the better,
of late years. The Queen's College, School of Design,
Workhouse, and other buildings, and the vast and magnificent
river improvements, the splendid Railway Hotel and Terminus
fronting the fine enclosed-square, are objects of no mean
attraction on our Atlantic border. But the almost total
absence of business, and the amount of poverty and
destitution constantly presenting itself to the view, cast
a gloom over all, especially when combined with the deserted
state of the docks, and the fine rolling river, from Lough
Corrib to the open ocean, on which, except an emigrant ship,
not a sail was to be seen. Almost all are on the move. Many
respectable families throughout the district are making
immediate preparation to leave for the States of America.
- Extract from a Galway Letter.

The Belfast Commercial Chronicle
Wednesday, 13 April, 1853.

Progress of emigration.
The constantly increasing tide  of emigration knows not
a single day's cessation. Hundreds are leaving this
neighbourhood daily, and on yesterday morning
a great number of intelligent girls of an humble
but decent rank in life went off by train. Labour
in every part of the country is becoming
exceedingly scarce, and even the very inefficient
persons who have been previously tenants of the
workhouse, are now being eagerly sought after and
employed.- Galway Mercury.

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