The Vindicator
Belfast, Saturday, 12th July, 1845

Loss of Two Emigrant Ships - The best accounts from
St. John's New Foundland, mention the loss of two emigrant
ships, the Rosebank, from Belfast, and the Rhydal, from
Aberystwyth, which occurred in the early part of May
last, and was occasioned by their getting entangled
among a mass of icebergs. The Rosebank was a ship of
308 tons. Fortunately no lives were lost, with the exception
of one man on board the Rosebank, of the name of Finnis,
who, in getting into the boat, fell overboard, and was not
seen after. The captain of the Rhydal (which was
200 tons only) in his letters to the owners, states that
the emigrants lost everything they possessed, and it is
feared those on board the Rosebank fared no better.

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