Cork, April 26.

Yesterday, John Ahern, Stephen Miles, Richard Moreen, and John Clancy,
were executed at Gallows Green, pursuant to sentence passed on them last
Assizes. They acknowledged the crime for which they suffered and the
justice of their sentence. Timothy M'Carthy, who was executed last
Thursday, near Dunmanway, made the following declaration :- "I acknowledge
the justice of my sentence, and sincerely forgive my prosecutors, hoping
that my untimely end will be anawful warning to all deluded and
ill-disposed persons, and inspire them with horror for any infringement
of the laws, whereby they expose themselves to shame and infamy in this
life and to eternal punishment in the next." It is hoped that the
melancholoy fate of those unfortunate men, cut off in the flower of their
age, will produce the desired effect, and induce all persons to avoid bad
company and those horrid combinations, which bring certain ruin on
themselves and their families.
                                    -- Belfast Newsletter 4 May 1798


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