A sober, discreet Man, a Farmer, who can be well recommended
to oversee the Management of a large Farm, and who understands
buying, feeding, and selling Cattle, and can keep Labourers
Accounts.  He may be accomodated with a house to live in, &c.
and a Cow's Grass, if desired. -- Enquire of Mr. John Russell
of Edenderry.

Against the first of MARCH

Some experienced and skillful QUARRYMEN, to open and work a
SLATE QUARRY in BALLYSHEAGH. -- None need offer, whose characters
cannot be properly certified.  Application to be made to the
Right Hon. Robert Stewart, Mount-Stewart, or Francis Turnly, Esq.,
N. T. Ardes.

At a general Meeting of the Inhabitants of Colerain and Killowen in the
Town-Hall on the second day of February, 1787, -- The following
Resolutions were unanimously agreed to:

1st. Resolved that we being impressed with the most zealous and strong
attachment to his Majesty, Family, Government, and Laws of his Imperial
kingdom of Ireland, have ever, from duty and inclination, warmly received,
and hospitably treated the military, both officers and privates, who have
been quartered among us, so long as their behaviour in any wise merited
such treatment.

2d. Resolved that since two companies of the 16th foot arrived here,
under the command of Captain Smith, more riots have happened between them
and the inhabitants than did happene between the civil and the military
for twenty years before, altho' in that time several different corps have
been quartered among us; their last military riot concluded in the night
of the 6th Jan. last, with a number of them breaking into the house of an
unoffending Inhabitant of Killowen, destroying the doors and windows, and
therein barbarously murdering the wife of said Inhabitant, and cutting and
maiming three men, one of whom is stil despaired of; -- from which facts,
we are justified to think that most (if not all) the riots between the
16th and the Inhabitants, originated with the soldiers for want of a more
strict discipline.

3d. Resolved that the two letters wrote by our Magistrates to Colonel
Craig, expressing our fears of the military rioters, were our sentiments,
and as such adopted as our own, and (notwithstanding the Colonel's
insinuations) facts were not exaggerated by those letters, and we highly
approve of the conduct of Richard Heyland, Mayor, and Bartholomew
M'Naghten, Esqrs. our Magistrates, for their spirited exertions on this
occassion, and beg their acceptance of our publick and grateful thanks,
which we also present to the Revd. William Bristow, Sovereign of Belfast,
for his effectual co-operation with them, in having thr perpetrators
delivered up and sent to the jail of Carrickfergus, in pursuance to the
said magistrates committal, and that we are on this and every other
occassion, determined with our lives and fortunes to support our
Magistracy in bringing offenders to public justice, for the performance of
which we pledge ourselves to each other under our hands the day and year
first above written.

Francis Bennett Alex. Lawrance John Fulton
James Criswell John Gilland William Beard
Samuel Given Samuel Lawrence J. Tittle
Robert Giveen James Giveen Robert Rice
Thomas Rice James Hamill Robert Huston
Joseph Eken William Holmes James Black
John Knox Dunlap Adams Charles Gardner
Wiliam Hunter James Hutcheson John and Charles
James Haslett William Steen      Galt
Sam Lawrence, jr. Andrew Hunter James Stewart
John Small Alexr. and Thos. Robert Morrow
William Hopkins       Begly Robert Kennedy
John Cordner James Linn Robert Turner
John Gage Joseph Sterling Thomas M'Keag
Joseph Wardin Charles M'Devitt David Eken
William Moore Hugh Moore Wm. Johnson
Arthur Kyle

Whereas, on the night between the fourth and fifth instant, the house
formerly possessed by James Baxter, in the townland of Drumskee, and
parish of Dromore, the property of Mrs. Magill, was maliciously set on
fire by some person or persons unknown, and totally consumed.  Now we
whose names are hereunto subscribed do promise to pay the several sums to
our names annexed, to the person or persons who will discover and
prosecute to conviction, in six months from the date hereof, the
perpetrator or perpetrators of such a diabolical crime.  Given under our
hands this 17th January, 1787.

l. s.  d. l. s.  d.
James Waddell 5  13  9 John Smiley 0  11  4h
Robert Waddell 2   5  6 John White 2   5  6
Robt. Dowglass 2   5  6 John Magill 2   5  6
James Johnson 2   5  6 Coslet Stothard 2   5  6
John Myers 2   5  6 John Campbell 1   2  9
Wm. Waugh 2   5  6 James M'Kay 2   5  6
H. Fairlie 2   5  6 Jos. Patterson 1   2  9
J. & Rd. Brinkman 2   5  6 Geo. Vaughan 5  13  9
James Smiley 1   2  9 Jane Magill    11   7  6

   -- The Belfast News-Letter 2-6 February 1787


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