The Belfast News-Letter, 20-24 May 1774

    Corke, May 12   A correspondent writes us word, which he says may be depended on for fact: "That one Kenny, who was transported from the city gaol, a few days ago, expressed great concern at the fate of Ahern and Fitzmaurice, who were hanged last Saturday, acknowledging, that he, in conjunction with one McKensey and Timothy Fahy, were the persons who perpertrated the crime for which they suffered death ; that McKensy and Fahy, soon after robbed the stables of Mr. Barry, in Cove-lane and carried off two horses; Mr. Barry pursued them to Dublin, where they were taken, and that the dark lanthorn, pistols, and sword were then found with them, which were sworn to be in the possession of the deceased men." Ahern and Fitzmaurice not only solemnly denied their knowledge of the crime, but declared, at their dying moments, that they were in Mallow at the time it was sworn they committed the crime in Corke.

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