The Belfast News-Letter, 22 December 1772

I desire you will insert and continue three times in your Paper, the inclosed Letter, which I received from South Carolina.
   Larne, 21st Dec. 1772.                  JAMES M'VICKAR.
P. S. My Friend in Charlestown advises me, that they have a great Crop of Rice, but want Ships to carry it to Market.

To Mr. JAMES M'VICKAR, Merchant in Larne.
   S I R, Charles-Town, Oct. 21, 1772.       
THESE will inform you, that we arrived here all well and in good spirits the 18th instant (five Children excepted who died on the Passage) after a pleasant and agreeable Passage of seven weeks and one day.—Pleasant with respect to Weather, and agreeable with regard to the Concord and Harmony that subsisted among us all ; And, to confirm what we have heard you assert before we left Ireland, we must say, that we had more than a sufficiency of all kinds of Provision, and good in their kind ; And to speak of Captain Workman, as he justly deserves, we must say with the greatest Truth, (and likewise with the greatest Thanks and Gratitude to him) that he treated us all with the greatest Tenderness and Humanity ; and seemed even desirous of obliging any one, whom it might be in his Power to serve. If you think proper, we would be desirous you should cause these Things to be inserted in the public News-Letter, being sensible they will afford our Friends and Acquaintances great Satisfaction ; and we hope they may be of some Use to you and Captain Workman, if you resolve to trade any more in the Passenger Way. Now, in Confirmation of these Things, we subscribe ourselves as follows:
   We are, Sir, your Most humble Servants,
Revd. Robt. Mc. Clin-
John Dicky, James Stinson,
James Hood, Wm. Anderson,
John Peddan, John Montgomery, John Thompson,
Joseph Lowry, John Snody, Hugh Loggan,
Timothy Mc. Clintock, John Caldwell, Peter Willey,
Nathan Brown, Robt. Hadden, David Thompson,
Samuel Kerr, Wm. Boyd, Hugh Manford,
James Peddan, Robt. Machesney, Robt. Wilson,
Alex. Brown, Wm. Eashler, Robt. Ross,
John Brown, Charles Miller, John Parker,
Thomas Madill, John Rickey, James Young,
Wm. Simpson, Charles Dunlop, Robt. Neile,
John Mc. Clintock, Thos. Makee,
P. S. We had Sermon every Sabbath, which was great Satisfaction to us. We omitted to let you know, that the Mate, Mr. Bole, as also the common Hands, behaved with great Care and Benevolence towards us.

E N G L A N D.
On Monday the 7th instant died of a paralytic stroke, at Bishop's Court, in the Isle of Man, the Right Rev. Dr. Mark Hildesley, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, in the 74th year of his age.
I R E L A N D.
   Carlow, Dec. 16. Last Friday was committed to goal, by our worshipful Sovereign William Brown, Esq; Margaret Neal, otherwise Cassidy, but known by the name of Petticoat Loose ; who, when young, was notorious for decoying husbands from their wives, to the great detriment of their families ; now old, for keeping a house of ill fame, and decoying youth of both sexes to their destruction.
   Same day, being the fair of Athy, a man expired by excessive drinking of Whiskey ; and next morning a man was found dead on the road near said town, supposed to be murdered, as there were several wounds on different parts of his body.
D U B L I N.
   Last Friday night a most inhuman murder was committed on the body of John Fitzpatrick, a carpenter, who lived near Stradbally in the Queen's County, as he was returning home from the fair of Athy ; when he was met by some persons on the way, who stabbed him with a knife in the belly and breast, so desperately, that he died on the spot. The humane gentelmen of Athy on hearing the above fact, went in search of the murderers, and apprehended two persons on suspicion, whom they lodged in Athy Goal.

STOLEN out of the House of Kenneth Mc. Aulay, at the Sign of the Highland-man, Princes-street, on the Morning of the 14th Instant, a superfine blue Hussar Cloak. Whoever returns said Cloak, and prosecutes to Conviction the Thief or Thieves, shall receive Half a Guinea Reward, to be paid by me.
   Belfast, Dec. 21, 1772      KENNETH Mc. AULAY.
N. B. If any Person returns said Cloak immediately, Half a Guinea Reward will be paid, and no Questions asked.
For   L O N D O N,
THE ALICE, Capt. David Ridley, (an established Trader and Commander) will be clear to proceed from hence for said Port against the 10th of next Month. Apply to the Owners Messrs. Scott.
Newry, 17th Dec. 1772   

For   L O N D O N,
THAT the DRAPER, John Moore, Master, is at the Kay ready to take in Goods, and will sail the 1st of February next, Wind and Weather permitting.
Belfast, 21st Dec. 1772   

A D V E R T I S E M E N T,
THAT on Monday Night, the 7th of this Instant, there was a yellow rigged Heifer taken from a Person who goes by the Name of Thos. Gallagher, driving her through the Town of Maghera, in the County of Londonderry, which Heifer is suspected to be stolen, as said Gallagher made his Escape at same Time. Any Person proving their Property, and paying the Expence of Keeping and Advertising, may have her by applying to me at Maghera aforesaid. Dated this 10th Day of Dec. 1772.
ROBt. O'KANE.     

A D V E R T I S E M E N T,
THAT on Monday Evening, the 7th instant, was lost on the low Road between Ballymoney and Colerain, a plain Silver Watch, (with a Silver Chain and two Cornelian Seals) Maker's Name, Birney of Timplepatrick, No. 246. If any Person has found the same, and returns her to John Tittle of Colerain, or Mr. George Moore of Ballymoney, shall have a reasonable Reward.
Dated 17th Dec. 1772.     
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