Corke, June 24

Sunday last prayers for rain were offered up in all our churches. Monday
last, at 6 o'clock in the evening, ended the assizes at Waterford, for the
trial of the Levellers or White Boys, when Darby Browne, Patrick Browne,
Richard Power, David Ahearn, and Richard Henly, were found guilty of
treason, in burning the house of John Fowlue, at Monebue; and are to be
hanged and quartered on the 7th of July next. Maurice Keily, and Maurice
Sheehy, were found guilty of Burglary, to be hanged on the 10th of July.

David Crowley, Laurence Dowhigg, otherwise Drummer, John Hallaghan, Thomas
Kiely, and Richard Ahern, were found guilty of Felony, in cutting down
Doctor Kirby's trees in the night; each burned in the hand, and all to be
imprisoned for eight months, except Hallaghan, who is to be imprisoned for
six only.
  -- Belfast Newsletter 2 July 1762

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