The Belfast News-Letter, 2 July 1762

I R E L A N D.
    Corke, June 24.    Sunday last prayers for rain were offered up in all our churches. Monday last, at 6 o'clock in the evening, ended the assizes at Waterford, for the trial of the Levellers or White Boys, when Darby Browne, Patrick Browne, Richard Power, David Ahearn, and Richard Henly, were found guilty of treason, in burning the house of John Fowlue, at Monebue; and are to be hanged and quartered on the 7th of July next. Maurice Keily, and Maurice Sheehy, were found guilty of Burglary, to be hanged on the 10th of July.
     David Crowley, Laurence Dowhigg, otherwise Drummer, John Hallaghan, Thomas Kiely, and Richard Ahern, were found guilty of Felony, in cutting down Doctor Kirby's trees in the night; each burned in the hand, and all to be imprisoned for eight months, except Hallaghan, who is to be imprisoned for six only.
     Yesterday morning, Pierce Bayly, Capt. Stackpole, and Pierce (otherwise Andrew) Moore, three felonius Levellers or White Boys, attended by a Popish clergyman, were taken in horse chairs from the county goal [sic], to have sentence of death executed on them ; the former as on this day at Mitchelstown ; Stackpole at Glanworth, and Moore at Fermoy, on Saturday next. The High Sherrif attended in person.  The escort consisted of a Major, 8 Captains, 16 subalterns, and 200 infantry, who were preceded and followed at a few yards distance by a select body of Col. Pigott's regiment of horse militia, of this city, consisting of about fifty gentlemen, armed and in their new regimentals, commanded by Capt. Piersy, who are all to attend the executions.
     Sundy [sic] last prayers for rain were offered up in all our churches.
     Maurice Keily, and Maurice Sheehy, were found guilty of burglary, to be hanged on the 10th of July.
     John Mungane, and Michael Duggan, were found guilty of burying a man alive ; fined five marks each, and to be imprisoned for two years. Michael Rains, and David Lunt, found guilty of administering oaths to be true to Sive and her children ; fined each 13s. 4d. Rains to be imprisoned 12 months, and Lunt 6 months.
     Valentine Walsh, Garrett Lombard, Richard Condon, and John King, remain under warrants of detainer for high treason ; are to be removed to Dublin, to receive their trial. Many others were tried and acquitted for want of witnesses appearing. There were upwards of 80 prisoners in the whole.

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The Belfast News-Letter, 16 July 1762

S C O T L A N D.
    Edinburgh, June 30.    The following odd affair we give in the words of our correspondent at Aberdeen.
     "Yesterday the 20th of June as the congregation of Morilich were singing the psalms, a large fox, without being chased by dogs, or any way compelled, entered the church, and took his station just before the pulpit, where the poor animal sat very quietly, 'till he was kill'd by the stroke of a cudgel, by a man who sat in a neighbouring pew."
I R E L A N D.
    Waterford, July 7.    This day Darby Brown, Patrick Brown, David Ahearn, Richard Healy, and Richard Power, were hanged and quartered at the county gallows, for burning the house of Mr. John Fowl wc, at Monehue near Caperquin.
    Cork, July 8.    Tuesday last arrived at Cove, his Majesty's ship Looe, of 40 guns, Capt. Penny, from a cruize, and brought in with her the Maria and Joseph, a Spanish privateer, of 3 guns and 50 men, which she took off Cape Finisterre. On the 28th ul. in Lat 47, the Looe fell in with a Spanish man of war of 70 guns, and a frigate, which chased her, but she far out sailed them, and next morning, at day-break, she was close aboard of four more large men of war, but got clear by her swift sailing. These ships were lying too under easy sail, and are supposed to be the Ferrol squadron waiting for some of our outward or homeward-bound fleets.

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