Roscommon, February 5
This morning some villains broke into the house of Mr. William Higgins,
apothecary, of this town, and after robbing him, most barbarously murdered
him, by stabbing him in six different parts of his breast and belly. The
perpetrators of this horrific act are not yet discovered.
                           --  Belfast Newsletter 10 February 1757

Extract of letter from St. Kit's, date Nov. 21, 1756

The legislature of this island, as well as Antigua, are passing a law to
grant a bounty of 5 l. per head for each man, and as much for each gun,
of every French privateer which shall be taken within a certain distance
of those islands.

Extract of letter from St. Kit's, date Dec. 5, 1756

Capt. Grig, in the privateer brig, Johnson, of New York, has, in company
with Capt. Higgins, of Antigua, taken and brought into this port a large
ship from Marseilles, loaded with wine, soap, oil, brandy, and other
goods, supposed to be worth 10000 l. The ship mounts 24 guns, had 60 men,
and was bound to Martinico. She was under Spanish colors, and had a
Spanish captain and pass; but, by examining the the captains and officers,
the disguise is taken off, and I make no doubt both ship and cargo will be
condemned. The French fleet is momentarily expected, and admiral Frankland
is gone out with all the men of war to look for them, and has declared, If
the privateers will go up with him, he will attack the men of war, and
leave the merchantmen to the privateers, and that whatever they take shall
be their own, though the English men of war be in sight.

-- Belfast Newsletter 22 February 1757

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