The Armagh Guardian; Friday, 2 January 1891

Armagh Petty Sessions - Thursday

Before Mr. George A. Edwards J.P (in the chair) Mr Norman L. Townsend R.M. Mr Robert G. Mc Crum J.P Mr Joseph Anderson J.P.

Alleged Obstruction of the Thoroughfare

Head Constable Scanlan charged Patrick Johnson (drummer), Thomas McKenna (drum-major), John Heaney (fifer) and thirteen others, members of the O'Brien Fife and Drum Band, with causing an obstruction by playing through the public streets from Irish Street to the Shambles, on the evening of the 15th ultima.
Head Constable Scanlan swore that when at Mill Street two horses attached to a carriage became restive and the band did not stop playing.  He followed the band up to the Reading Room and asked Patrick Johnson for the names of the bandsmen, but he declined to give any name but his own, saying he knew he would be summoned anyway.  When going away stones were thrown.
Sergeant Hamilton proved to the obstruction of pedestrians who had to take refuge beside the railings at the Seven Houses.
Mr Gallagher appeared for all the defendants and argued that no case had been made out against any of his clients.
The Bench inflicted a fine of 10s each on seven of the bandsmen.  The charge against those who were merely following the band was dismissed.
Mr Gallagher asked the Bench to state a case, but his request was not complied with.

Drunk In Charge

Sergeant Eugene Reilly charged Owen Mallon with being drunk while in charge of a horse and car in Irish Street.
Mr Robert McCrum J.P. deposed that the man was so drunk that he did not know where he was driving and came into collision with his carriage.
Defendant who denied he was drunk was fined in 10s and costs.

Alleged Stabbing in Armagh

James Robinson was charged at the suit of District Inspector Storkie with unlawfully assaulting and inflicting grevious bodily harm to James Flannagan, a farmer residing at Ballytrodden, by stabbing him with a knife, on the 30th December last in Armagh.
James Flannagan who seemed desirous not to have the charge pressed, swore that he was seated at a table eating his dinner in Mrs Mallon's at the Shambles, and the prisoner who was also at the table, without any provocation, or without any words passing between them, got up and stabbed him in the neck with the knife he was using.
Constable Conboy deposed to arresting the prisoner who was he said sober at the time.  The prisoner denied stabbing Flannigan who had, he said, interfered with his dinner.
Other evidence having been given, he was returned for trial at next Armagh Quarter Sessions.


Constable Spence charged William Sherry with unlawfully assaulting him in the discharge of his duty, on the 26th ult., by threatening him and obstructing him while in charge of a prisoner.
The small fine of 5s and costs were imposed.

A Hare or a Duck.

Constable Loughran charged Samuel Warren under the Prevention of Poaching Act, with being in the possession of a hare on the 20th inst.
Plaintiff swore that, suspecting the defendant was concealing something under his coat, he accosted him when he said that it was "a duck" he had.  On pressing him to show it, he produced a hare, which he took possession of.
Mr Townsend said that there was no proof that the defendant had not purchased the hare, and the case was dismissed.

Drunk and Disorderly

Peter McKee was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 27th ult.  Although he was only sitting on a car, and shouting "Parnell for ever" it entailed a penalty of 40s or one month.

About thirty other cases of ordinary drunkenness were disposed of, when fines commensurate with the status of the offenders were imposed.

List of defendants

John Heaney         2 Jan 1891  Obstruction of the thoroughfare

Patrick Johnson     2 Jan 1891  Obstruction of the thoroughfare

Owen Mallon          2 Jan 1891  Drunk in Charge

Peter McKee          2 Jan 1891  Drunk and Disorderly
Thomas McKenna       2 Jan 1891  Obstruction of the thoroughfare

James Robinson        2 Jan 1891  Alleged Stabbing in Armagh

William Sherry        2 Jan 1891  Disorderly

Samuel Warren         2 Jan 1891  A Hare or a Duck

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