The Lurgan, Portadown and Banbridge Advertiser and Agricultural Gazette
September 20, 1849
Lurgan, County Armagh

Prizes awarded by the Lurgan Union Farming Society at their Annual Cattle Show, held in Lurgan, on Monday last, the 17th September.

  For the best stallion fit for farming purposes--1st prize, H. Gehan; 2nd. W. Murphy.
  For the best brood mare, with her foal at her feet. First class--1st prize, C. Steenson; 2nd, John Henning. Second class--1st prize, W. Murphy; 2nd, F. Watson, Third class--1st prize, John Gaskin; 2nd, J. Monro. Fourth class--1st prize, S. Agnew.
  For the best two-year old colt or filly--First class--1st prize, A. Sutton; 2nd, C. Steenson.  Second class--1st prize, H. Gehan; 2nd, John Cummings; 3rd, F. Watson.  Third class--1st prize, James Monro.  Fourth class--1st prize, S. Agnew.
  For the best one-year old colt or filly--First class--1st prize, F. Fforde.  Second class--1st prize, John Nelson.  Third class-1st prize, W. Murphy.  Fourth class--1st prize, James Monro.
  For the best bull.  First class--1st prize, F. Fforde. Second class--1st prize, Josh. Fennell; 2nd, F. Fforde; 3rd, Thomas Stevenson.
  For the best two-year-old bull.  First class--1st prize, Joshua Fennell.  Second Class--1st prize, Edward Berwick; 2nd, Henry Gehan.  Third class--1st prize, Wm. Turkington.
  For the best one-year-old bull.  First class--1st prize, John Henning.  Second class--1st prize, F. Watson; 2nd, John Cumming.  Third class--1st prize, Joshua Gaskin; 2nd, J. Coulter; 3rd, Joshua Gaskin.  Fourth class--1st prize, A. Clarke.
  For the best milk-cow, figure and milk to be considered. First class--1st prize, F. Fforde; 2nd, S. Watts; 3rd, George Greer.  Second class--1st prize, Thomas Cuppage; 2nd, F. Fforde; 3rd, A. Sutton.  Third class--1st prize, W. Murray; 2nd, Josh. Coulter; 3rd W. Turkington.  Fourth class--1st prize, W. Turkington; 2nd, A. Clarke; 3rd, A. Clarke.
  For the best two year old heifer.  First class--1st, prize, C. Douglas; 2nd, C. Douglas; 3rd, G. Greer. Second Class, 1st prize, T. Watson; 2nd, A. Sutton; 3rd, John Girdwood.  Third Class--1st prize, Wm. Murray; 2nd, Joshua Gaskin.
  For the best one-year old heifer--First Class, 1st prize, G. Greer; 2nd, G. Greer.  Second Class--1st prize, John Henning; 2nd, F. Fforde; 3rd, John Johnston.  Third Class--1st prize, Robert Taylor; 2nd, Joshua Coulter.-- Fourth Class--1st prize, S. Agnew; 2nd, A. Clarke.
  For the best calf under six months--First Class--1st prize, F. Fforde; 2nd, R. H. Dolling.  Second Class--1st prize, E. Berwick; 2nd, H. Watson.  Third Class--1st prize Joshua Gaskin; 2nd, William Murray.  Fourth Class--1st prize, William Turkington; 2nd, do.
  For the best boar--First Prize, Richard Coulter; 2nd, E. Berwick.
  For the best brood sow--First Class--1st prize, Hugh Watson; 2nd, John Johnstone.  Second Class--1st prize, Thomas Stevenson; 2nd, Robert Taylor.  Third Class--1st prize, A. Clarke; 2nd, Josh. Coulter  Fourth Class--1st prize, A. Clarke; 2nd, do.
  For the best firkin of butter--First class--1st prize, R. Taylor; 2nd. F. Fforde; 3rd, G. Greer.  Second class--1st prize, C. Magee; 2nd, W. Turkington; 3rd, F. Fforde.
  There were also a number of prizes given for fowls.
  Royal Agricultural Society's Medal for the best bull within the district.--1st prize to E. Berwick, Esq., Moira.
  Prizes were also awarded for green crops, draining, &c. as well as for the best tilled farms, and neatest and best kept cottages.


Alas! my heart is dreary,
  Which was lately full of joy ;
And my spirit now is weary,
  While I kiss my darling boy.
The chilling wind blows round us,
  With its wild and fitful wail,
And the storm spirit's sighing,
  As he flits along the gale!

Poor babe! the cruel tyrant
  Has driven us from our home;
Which was late the house of mourning,
  Lonely through the earth to roam.
Now, poor and homeless wanderers,
  We may seek the stranger's door;
God help thee ! friendless baby,
  None feel pity for the poor.

Your father died and left me,
  A prey to tyrant's hate,--
A stranger now enjoys our home,
  And revels there to-night.--
While I behind this rock may rest,
  The greensward for my bed ;
And a stone must be the pillow,
  Where I'll rest my aching head !

O God ! our Heavenly Father,
  Look from Thy throne on high;
Protect the widowed mother,
  And hear the orphan's cry ;
Which is to heaven ascending,
  For judgment on his head,
Who turned us from our cherished home,
  Thro' the earth to beg our bread

Hush ! hush ! my heart's own treasure,--
  Ah ! his little limbs are chill !
The wintry blast has froze his blood,
  His pulse for aye is still !--
This world has now no charms for me,
  I would not life renew;
Oh, God, avenge this murdered babe,
  And his dying mother too !

 Tanaghmore, Sept., 1849.


Submitted by ajk.
By permission of The British Library.

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