The Lurgan, Portadown and Banbridge Advertiser and Agricultural Gazette
September 6, 1849
Lurgan, County Armagh

By a small Farmer, to whom he had presented a Copy of
"Skilling's Science and Practice of Agriculture."
        Kind Sir, I thank thy gracious hand,
        For having Skilling at command;
        To teach me when to plough and sow,
        The time to reap, the time to mow;
        To teach me how my land to drain,
        My fences for to plant and train,
        And have them all in form of cone,
        Which form is far the best I own;
        And next, house-feeding which I do
        With perseverance close pursue;
        So I still have a rich supply
        Of fine manure, just ready by,
        For every purpose I require,
        Each green crop gets what I desire,
        Which makes my land in plenty yield,
        And makes a garden of a field
        Next to make butter, aye and cheese,
        Both sweet and good John Bull to please;
        But, Oh! how I lament for Pat,
        He gets so little now of that;
        For though He digs, improves his soil,
        Yet still theres little for his toil;
        But still he hopes and still he prays
        That he may yet see better days;
        And generous Reilly's fill the land,
        Both to direct* and to command.
        So now dear sir my thanks accept,
        Nor think me guilty of neglect;
        Because I did not sooner send
        To you who is the farmers friend,
        To thank you doubly o'er and o'er,
        And pray for blessings on your store.  S. M'C.
August, 1849
*Alluding to his official capacity as agent to the Marquis of Downshire.


Submitted by ajk.
By permission of The British Library.

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