The Lurgan, Portadown and Banbridge Advertiser and Agricultural Gazette
Lurgan, County Armagh
28 June 1849

   In Loughbrickland, on Thursday, 21st Inst. by the Rev. S. Sims, Mr. John Trimble, of Ballydown, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. William Ervin, Lisnaree, near Banbridge.


At Maralin, on Saturday, the 23rd Inst., in his 19th year, Mr. Charles Montgomery, sincerely regretted by all who knew him.
  At Clerkhill, near Borrisokane, on the 12th Inst, Mrs. Margaret Kelly, in the one hundred and fiftieth year of her age.  She had been out walking on the Sunday previously, and died after a few hours illness retaining perfect possession of her faculties until her last moments, leaving children to the fifth generation.


A quantity of Well-Saved Italian
Of the very best quality,

In Lord Lurgan's Domain,

On Wednesday, 4th July next, Sale to commence at 11
o'clock, forenoon.

  P. MAGEE, Auctioneer.
  Lurgan, June 23rd, 1849.

At the Midsummer Examinations in the LURGAN CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL, ENGLISH, AND MERCANTILE ACADEMY, the following young Gentlemen excelled in the respective departments to which their names are annexed.

  SPELLING.--1st class. J. Cuppage, W. Cuppage, R. Bell, J. Macoun, S. Gilbert.  2nd class. J. Scott, J. Brown, W. M'Carten, A. Atkinson, R. Clark, H. Nettleton.  3rd class. J. Gilbert, J. M'Loughlin, T. Ridgeway, J. M'Kernan.  4th class. R. Magee, J. Ross, J. Hunter, H. Ross, R. Moore, A. Wells, A. Donnelly, J. M'Corry.  5th class. T. M'Carten, R. Ruddock, T. Gilbert.  6th class. B. Bullick, J. Simpson, J.G. Lockhart, A. Simpson, J.J. Moore.

  ENGLISH GRAMMAR.--1st class. R. Bell, W. Cuppage, J. Scott, S. Gilbert, L. Wells, Nettleton.  2nd class. J. Brown, J. Cuppage, A. Atkinson, J. M'Cown, W. M'Carten, J. M'Kernan, J. Gilbert, H. Macaw.  3rd class. J. M'Loughlin, A. Donnelly, R. Moore, R. Magee, J. M'Corry, R. Clark, J. Hunter, A. Wells, R. Ruddock.  4th class. T. M'Carten, H. Ross, J. Ross, J.G. Lockhart, B. Bullick

  PARSING.--1st class. W. Cuppage, R. Bell, H. Nettleton, J. Scott, T. L. Wells, S. Gilbert.  2nd class. J. Brown, John M'Cown, James Macoun, J. Cuppage, J. Gilbert, J. M'Donald, T. Ridgeway, H. Macaw.  3rd class. R. Moore, J. M'Loughlin, R. Magee, A. Wells.

  GEOGRAPHY.--1st class. J. Scott, W. Cuppage, W. M'Carten, J. Cuppage, H. Nettleton, T. L. Wells, A. Atkinson.  2nd class. J. Brown, J. Macoun, W. Macoun, R. Clark.  3rd class. R. Moor, J. Hunter, A. Donnelly.

  WRITING.--James Macoun, R. Bell, W. Cuppage, J. Cuppage, W. M'Carten, W. Macoun, J. R. Macoun, S. Gilbert, C. Coulter, A. Armstrong, H. Nettleton.

  ARITHMETIC.--1st class. J. Scott, R. Bell, S. Gilbert, W. Cuppage, J. Macown, B. M'Kernan, J. Gilbert.  2nd class, T. Ridgway, H, M'Caw, L. Wells, J. M'Kernan.  3rd class, J. M'Loughlin, J. Brown, R. Moore.

  ENGLISH HISTORY.--R. Bell, W. Cuppage, J. Cuppage, W. M'Carten, A. Atkinson, C. Coulter, J. Scott, H. Nettleton, J. Brown.

  ROMAN HISTORY.--W. Cuppage, R. Bell, J. Cuppage.

  GRECIAN HISTORY.--R. Bell, W. M'Carten, A. Atkinson.

  COMPOSITION.--W. Cuppage, R. Bell, J. Cuppage, J. Macoun, W. Macoun, S. Gilbert, J. Scott, C. Coulter, L. Wells.

  SACRED HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGY.--R. Bell, J.  M'Cown, J. Cuppage, J. Scott, J. M'Donald, W. Cuppage, S.  Gilbert, W. Macoun.

  BEST ESSAYS ON MINEROLOGY AND ANIMAL LIFE.--J. Macoun, R. Bell, W. Cuppage, J. Cuppage.

  ELOCUTION.--R. Bell, J. Scott, W. Cuppage, J. Brown.

  BOOK-KEEPING.--W. Cuppage, J. Kerr.

  MENSURATION.--James Macoun.


  LATIN.--R. Bell, W. M'Carten, J. Cuppage, C. Coulter, A. Atkinson.

  GREEK.--R. Bell.

  Business will be resumed July 26th.

  MR. HUNTER's primary object is to prepare young gentlemen for Business, and for College, while considerable attention is devoted to the more interesting branches of Science and Literature. Elementary courses of Instruction have already been given on the Mechanics of Action, Composition, Astronomy, and Belles Lettres.  It has been found that by the system pursued, a competent knowledge of the ordinary branches can be secured, while a taste for literature can be imparted, such as may in after life open up sources of pleasure, pure and inexhaustible.  While leading his pupils to engage in voluntary study, Mr. H. is anxious to avoid all stimulants but those which reason and religion justify.  He disapproves of Premiums, because they invariably fill the mind with false hopes, or vain fears,--with silly pride, or unfounded shame, and turn the attention to knowledge, not as a thing good in itself, but as a thing which we must be bribed to learn.

  June 26th, 1849.

Submitted by ajk
By permission of The British Library.

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